Amar Bari [আমার বাড়ি] is a Bangla word which means My House

Know how to create a perfect home office in India with no pests, no shortage of electricity, ample amount of food and peace.

Amar Bari

Amar Bari or your home should be the safest and most dearest place to your heart. And with time and location we all face issues likes damp, termites, other insects, electricity issues etc.

We also come in face with upgrades that may require tools or we just want uplift our daily life with the new refrigerator in the market.

And then comes the question how to chose the best for myself and for my family?

Not many of use are into researching and blindly follow what our neighbour says but some of us are into knowing and dissecting the tiny details.

For example, energy rating for the AC, will it help cool better or reduce electricity. How to keep using electricity while Govt is not supplying you or even what is the safest sanitiser around..

And moreover since we are all switching to the Work From Home mode thus I will also share my experience with a creating a home office in India and overcoming the difficulties.

We would like to do all the research for you and present you with the info that we get so that you can live with happiness at your home.

Amar Bari aims to do just that.

Amar bari compromises a team (mostly family members) who did their part while buying home, shifting home, dealing with hazards, buying new equipment.

Amarbari is headed by Samarjit, an Indian who lives in a garden house for now. And while he was facing the daily challenges of damp walls, termites, summer and rain he decided to share his knowledge and experience here.

About the clumsy Author

The author Mr.Sinha operates from an old house with a garden and have faced many issues throughout the years. And finally decided to log the products, tips and all other information in a blog that resulted in

The author is experienced with electrical appliances, solar system set up, gardening, insecticides and work from home setup.