About AmarBari

Home office set up India

We are all About setting up Home office and making it comfortable!

Amarbar is a Bengali word meaning my house.

Our focus for this blog is to help you with making a home office so you do not have to physically go to office anymore.

That is the trend now.

And work from home is becoming more popular.

We aim to solve at least few challenges of work from home and make your home office more comfortable.

This website is created to help and guide house owners with making choices when it comes to repelling insects, buying cooling appliances, making smart choices when building a home office, saving electricity or when going off the grid with solar power.

This is a personal blog by the me where I share my deep experiences of living and repairing an old house, making a home office and living happily.

Amarbari Author

Our Workspace Details!

We are two people who do their work from home from the same room. This is a large room of around 150 sq feet. We have two workstation side by side.

We have plenty of windows but we still prefer to switch on the LED tube light.
Our computer specs are minimalistic. We do not plat games, so we do not have costly graphics card.

But we do have two work focused monitors.

One is an ultrawide monitor, great for office work and watching movie.

This is LG 29-inch monitor.

Another one is for design work so that monitor is 100% SRGB color accurate monitor from BenQ.

For now the design work is being done from an Asus laptop but we will soon build a workstation to replace it.

The office workstation now which powers the LG ultrawide has decent specs for office work.

And ps: Both of the laptop and desktop has SSD in them.

We like our sound to be better than the rest, thus we have two Studio headphones for consuming all forms of media. We also use our Edifier r1850db bookshelf speaker as well.

And to keep ourselves comfortable while working we use pedestal fans, lights, ergonomic chairs and many more small items that I will share with you in this blog.

Oh! Since we live in a garden house, we regularly deal with ants, insects, frogs and sometimes even snakes. Good thing that we have a couple of mongoose and cats in our garden.

I will also share how we manage to repel and eliminate insects and other pests to keep our home + office clean and healthy.

About the clumsy Author

I work from an old house with a garden.

I had to make a few adjustments and buy a few items to make myself comfortable while I do work from home.

And also managing an old house with damp walls, insects and other issues is not easy. And if you are in a same situation like me then my words will help you a lot.

I have tried to write on all the things needed to make a Work from Home office in India and a safe home and that resulted in amarbari.in

I am experienced with electrical appliances, solar system set up, gardening, insecticides and work from home setup.