Are there any benefits of sitting cross-legged on the chair? Yep!

Wondering about the benefits of sitting cross-legged on the chair? Then get yourself a wide chair and do it. It is so good no wonder, we Indians prefer it while sitting on the floor 🙂

Benefits of sitting cross-legged on a chair?

Well, the top benefits of sitting cross-legged on the chair is that it may help you reduce your knee pain and comfortableness.

Sitting with your leg down to the floor is often said good by experts, but more often you will feel very uncomfortable.

Then just switch to a cross-legged position and your unease feeling will be gone.

Just sit like you are doing meditation, and it works like magic.

I often do it while working at home on my ergonomic office chair

benefits of sitting cross-legged on the chair

Improve blood flow

Sitting in one position might give you tingly feet and hamper blood flow. This might lead to muscle pain in your legs. But by sitting cross-legged, you can change up your leg position and improve blood flow. Although, the best way to improve blood flow is by getting up from the chair and walking around.

Take a break, it is okay 🙂

Changing leg position feels good

From the usual and recommended 90-degree leg position, if you change your leg position to cross-legged then you will surely feel good. Changing position will ease up your joints as well.

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Better for the lower back

Switching to cross-legged is a great way to give relief to your lower back from the faulty lumbar support of your chair. Most often by changing leg positions you will feel relieved.

What does sitting ‘Indian style’ mean?

Sitting Indian style means sitting cross-legged on floors. And you can, and you should, do sit in that way on your chair.

Is it bad to sit Indian style in a chair?

Sitting Indian style on an office chair will give some release to your legs. Your joints will be well mobilised, and it will reduce the chances of joint pain, muscle soreness by sitting in the same position. I often find it more comfortable than sitting the usual way.

Is there such a thing as a crossed-legged office chair?

There is no cross-legged office chair, but just buy a large-sized office chair, and it should work. I use an office chair bought from the local market, and I can sit comfortably cross-legged on it. But if you are tall like 6 feet then you should consider something like Green Soul Monster chairs.

Why is my office chair sinking?


In this blog post, I have outlined some of the benefits of sitting cross-legged on a chair. It is said being a mindful and not busy person is mainly about becoming more aware and taking time for yoga.

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Why does my office chair Squeak?

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