Best air cooler for kitchen

It is tricky to use any fans in the kitchen. Ceiling fans are out of the question, and If you use the pedestal fan then the spread area is also very wide.

Thus here I will show you the best air cooler for kitchen in India.

The wind from these best air coolers for the kitchen will not disturb the gas oven but will provide relief to the cook.

Also these will help to move the kitchen air outside or away.

[List] Best air cooler for kitchen

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan

No 1 choice to be used as horizontally as well

USHA Plastic Fiber Tower Fans

Another Best air cooler for kitchen

Deco Air Tower Popular Indoor Fan

Good for kitchen and study table

Deco Air Tower Trendy – Mini Indoor Fan

20 watt power consumption only and smallest.

[Review] Best air cooler for kitchen

| Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan

Why Should You Buy this?

If you require a soft air solution for your kitchen then this could be for you.

This kitchen air cooler is versatile at the scope of work it does and does well.

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan is a great air cooler for kitchen which does not disturb the gas cooking flame.

Moreover it can be placed horizontally and vertically making it versatile for many other applications.

Top Features:

  • Slim tower design.
  • Focused airflow does not disturb the gas flame.
  • Can be used horizontally.
  • Has vertical and horizontal louvers
  • Has speed control knob and swing control buttons
  • Portable
  • Removable filters.
  • 2600 RPM
  • 700 MCH air delivery
  • 38 watts power consumption


  • Slim design allows it to be placed on the kitchen top and squeeze in small spaces as well.
  • Since it can be used horizontally and vertically, it adds up to the versatility of the tower fan for the kitchen.
  • Crompton air buddy has a focused airflow which does not disturb the gas flame while cooking.
  • Wind can be controlled by the vertical and horizontal louvers and the control knobs.
  • Can be useful for soft air on the study table for some extra airflow.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Low noise.


Not useful for other purposes since the air throw distance is just around 2 feet.

| USHA Plastic Fiber Tower Fans

usha tower fan

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after eliminating the discomfort in the kitchen then this kitchen cooler is a great option.

This will not harm the gas flames but will help with sweating, discomfort of being near the gas stove.

Usha plastic fiber tower fan is costly but gets the job done as one of the best air cooler for kitchen in India.

Top Features:

  • 35 watts power consumption
  • Copper coil
  • Thermal protection
  • 3 speed settings
  • 2 hour timer
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Consumes 35 watts only, suitable for kitchen use.
  • Comes with a copper motor which will last longer.
  • Comes with thermal protection to avoid any damage.
  • 2 hour timer setting is also unique at this range.
  • Due to the small fan and size, the noise level is very low.


Not great air delivery or air throw, only suitable for kitchen or for similarly small space.

| Deco Air Tower Popular Indoor Fan

Deco Air Tower fan

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a stylish yet slim tower fan for the kitchen then this model will suit you.

This deco air cooler for the kitchen is reliable and consumes less power and produces less noise.

Deco is a popular brand when it comes to tower fans. And this small model is good to be used in the kitchen.

Top Feature:

  • 40 watts power consumption.
  • Motor driven oscillation
  • 100% Copper motor


  • Enough powerful motors for small places like the kitchen.
  • Consumes only 40 watts which is great for short term usages like in the kitchen or also for long timer usages like to be on the study table.
  • Low noise level.
  • Copper motor provides better reliability than other models.


  • Not powerful air throw distance to cover a large area.
  • Suitable for very small spaces only.

| Deco Air Tower Trendy – Mini Indoor Fan

Deco Air Tower Trendy

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking to get the smallest or smallest yet the best air cooler for the kitchen this Deco trendy model will suit you.

Note that, this model is small so wind speed and air throw distance is also small. Best use case in the kitchen or on the study table.

20 watt wonder this is. This Deco tower trendy is a small version of their other models and this one costumes only 20 watts.

Top Features:

  • Very small in size, 4.5 inches width and 13 inches height. Looks like a bluetooth speaker.
  • Consumes 20 watts only.
  • 2 speed level and swing facility


  • Very silent operation.
  • Consumes only 20 watts so no raise in electric bills.
  • Looks stylish and trendy.


If more speed levels were included..

Why use a kitchen air cooler?

best air cooler for kitchen

Indian kitchen will always be oily and full of smoke. And will certainly be hot. Due to the open flame cooking in most of the houses you can not use the air conditioner.

The AC will suck in the oil and smoke and the cooking will get slow due to the cold. And also the electric bill of the ac will get higher due to extra effort made by it.

Pedestal and ceiling fans are not a great choice either. These will provide air to the cook but also cool down the cooking area drastically.

Thus we are left with the kitchen air coolers. These are small air coolers that can throw focused air to a space in the kitchen without disturbing the rest of the room.

Buying Guide for the best air cooler for kitchen

Power Consumption: For cooking duration you neither need too much power or bigger size so be mindful of the power consumption. Lower the better. You would get around 40 watts of power consumption.

Air flow: Air flow should not be too high if the air cooler is only meant to be used in the kitchen. Too much air flow will disturb the cooking. 

Size: Smaller will be better. Most of the time it will be best to keep the air cooler diagonally on the cooking table top. And with all the utensils already present a smaller air cooler for the kitchen makes more sense.

Price: Since you do not need much power, the cost of the best air cooler for the kitchen should be low. But few models are much higher priced.

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