Best anti dust ceiling fans in India

Why would anyone look for the best anti dust ceiling fans in India ? Firstly If you are lazy like me or just busy cleaning up the ceiling fans every week then you should get these.

This does not mean that you dump your old working ceiling fans but if you are considering buying a new one.. Then buying one of the best anti dust ceiling fans in India makes more sense.

Note: Anti dust ceiling fans do not say that they will stay clean forever. But they might reduce dust collection on the blades by 50%.

For you I have created a Top 10 list of anti dust ceiling fans in India along with a Buying Guide

Best anti dust ceiling fans in India


The best anti dust ceiling fans in India


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Reviews of the best anti dust ceiling fans in India

Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm 80-watt Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Usha Anti Dust ceiling fan India

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Why should you buy it?

A great stylish looking anti dust fan for modern Indian homes. And in all good USHA fans this also has a copper motor and the air flow is also good.

Usha striker Galaxy is a 1200mm fans with 80 watt power consumption with anti dust coating. They call it the Goodbye Dust ceiling fan.

With the reliable brand name this fan comes with good color and design choices for any home. In my opinion this would be good for bedrooms and living rooms.

And apart from the anti dust ceiling fan feature the fan blades are wide, aerodynamically designed. The angle on these fans also helps with more airflow.

And all motors are 100% copper thus they run longer for years to come. And repairing costs are low also.

Top Features:

  • 380 RPM
  • 240 CMM
  • 80 watt power consumption
  • Performs well at low voltage
  • 100% copper motor
  • V2 grade ball bearing


  • The star of the features, the fan blade coatings are resistant to oil, dust accumulation and for this stays clean for longer.
  • A 100% copper motor is most durable and efficient.
  • Consumes 80 watts, not too good but enough at this price range.


  • May produce some noise at highest speed.
  • Some may find the anti dust feature not so great.

Crompton Aura Prime Anti-Dust 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

Crompton anti dust ceiling fans in India

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Why should you buy it?

If you have to choose between multiple color options then this series of anti dust fans will work great for you. And also the power consumption is on the lower side.

Crompton Aura Prime anti-dust ceiling fan has 10+ color options. And all color options and the overall design of this anti-dust fan is very modern.

This anti dust ceiling fan consumes around 75 watts which is lower than the Usha striker galaxy. And air delivery is also slightly lower than the galaxy fan model.

This anti dust fan has a colored ring around the base which looks pretty good.

And like all other anti dust coated fans, this fan is very easy to clean. And stays cleaner for a long time.

And the fan blade is made from aluminium and is lightweight, and overall this fan is very durable and will provider you with cool air for a long time.

Top Features:

  • 75 watts power consumption.
  • 230 CMM air delivery
  • 380 RPM


  • Lower power consumption with this anti dust coated fan.
  • The air delivery is enough for a medium sized room.
  • The fan body and motor is durable and comes in many color choices.


May make some noise.

Candes Star 1200mm Anti-dust Decorative 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan

Candes anti dusr ceiling fans in India

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Why should you buy it?

This ceiling fan promises a lot with a high RPM motor and 68 watts or power usages but many users have complained about low air delivery beyond 5-6 feet of radius under the fan.

This candes star anti dust fan is great for home decor. The black color with aerodynamically designed fan blades look really good.

The main design that you will notice is the star like shape in the head of the ceiling fan.

And you will notice the additional designs on the fan blades.

Apart from the looks this fan has a 400 RPM capable copper motor! And this delivers 230 CMM air.

And this fan surprisingly takes only 68 watts of power to run.

This copper motor and well designed fan blades will serve you for a very long time.

Apart from this another feature is really great that it has carbon steel ball bearings. This ensures that your anti dust fan works longer without any issues.

Top Features:

  • Unique design
  • 100%  copper motor
  • 400 RPM
  • 230 CMM


  • Good air delivery and high RPM in this price segment.
  • The unique design will look in any room of your house.
  • Copper motors should stay problem free and be fully operational for a long time.
  • Low power consumption.


High RPM may produce some noise.

Usha Bloom Magnolia 1250mm 85-Watt Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Best anti dust ceiling fans in India

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Why should you buy it?

Go for the beautiful design that this anti dust fan in India has! Apart from this the reliability of the brand USHA comes into play as well. Also apart from anti dust coating this has 100% copper motor and good air delivery.

Usha bloom series anti dust fans have a very unique design and definitely a conversation starter!

The fans have a sweep area of 1250mm and consume 85 watts. There are multiple color choices available and you can easily match the color of the fan with wall or ceiling color.

And the anti duet coating is good too, these fans will get less dirty and won’t need to be cleaned often.

The fan blades have flower petal shape and this fan with the powerful motor inside delivers 235CMM air and the RPM is 380 RPM.

The color is around 78 watts and which is quite normal. And like all USHA fans it comes with 100% copper motor.

Top Features:

  • Flower petal like designs with anti dust coating.
  •  ‘Novel Silane Paint Technology from PPG Asian Paints’
  • Dual color attractive design.


  • 100% copper motor
  • Very nice looking design with specialized anti dust coating from Asian Paints.
  • Available in many color variations
  • Easy to clean with oil and dust resistant coat.
  • Suits any type of room and is a good conversation starter.
  • Good air delivery with moderate RPM



LONGWAY® BREZZA 1200MM Anti DUST 5 Star Ceiling Fan

LONGWAY anti dust ceiling fans in India

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Why should you buy it?

The power consumption and high RPM are its top selling point. But if you are not comfortable with the ABS fan blades and the no information on air delivery in CMM then you may consider other models.

Longway Breeza is an anti dust ceiling fan with 100% copper motor with 400 RPM with good air delivery!

The reported watt power consumption is only 50 watts.

Another thing to note that unlike other fan companies the fan blades are not made from aluminum. These are made from ABS and then finish with PU paint.

The bearing is a ZZ sleeve type ball bearing with high speed motor.

Top Features:

  • Low power consumption of 50 watt
  • High RPM
  • Copper motor


  • Good motor with low power usages thus can run longer when using power from inverter
  • 100% Copper motor.


  • High RPM motor may make some noise.
  • There is no clean anwer to air delivery in CMM number.

Crompton Steel Aura 48-Inch 3D Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

Crompton 3D anti dust ceiling fans in India

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Why should you buy it?

This is a must buy if you are looking for a sturdy and stylish product. I personally liked the color and the 2 piece construction.

Cromton is giving a 5 year warranty on their anti dust ceiling fan! Apart from this this anti dust ceiling fan has only a 2 piece construction, which is not famous in India.

And the power consumption is around 74 watts only.

The fan color is golden and kind of feels royal with all those motifs on the fan blade. 

These aerodynamically designed wide blades give around 230 CMM air delivery with 1200mm sweep.

Top Features:

  • 2 piece construction
  • Copper motor
  • 5 year warranty
  • 74 watts power consumption


  • Unlike 3 piece construction these fans are 2 piece construction thus there is low noise and vibrations.
  • High grade ball bearings for long operations and low noise.


Some complain that the fan has less airflow.

Havells 1250 mm stealth air decorative ceiling fan (dust resistant)

Havells 1250mm anti dust ceiling fans

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Why should you buy it?

If you like the design and want a stylish decorative fan for your home then get this one!

This fan style has a futuristic touch with 80 watts of power consumption. This anti dust ceiling fan also delivers 280 CMM of air with 280 RPM.

This stylish fan comes with two canopies which will hide the wires. 

And like the name suggests this fan is mostly silent, perfect for the study or peaceful bedroom.

Top Features:

  • Very good fan design
  • 280 CMM of air delivery
  • Silence


  • Good design suitable for modern homes and showrooms
  • Slower RPM and design makes the fan operation mostly silent


Lower air delivery is felt despite of the reported CMM value.

Halonix Helion Plus Anti Rust-Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

Halonix anti dust ceiling fan

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Why should you buy it?

It is a great low cost fan with anti dust features. And apart from that it has a powerful motor with full copper wiring also.

Halonix makes budget oriented anti dust ceiling fans with high RPM. This Helion plus model has a RPM of 400 and is made from aluminum. 

And this fan has a power consumption of 75 watts which is average in this price segment.

Along with that it has double ball bearings for smooth motion and copper wire motor. Copper wire motors are good for long term and are easy to repair.

The fan design is simple and very basic and will suit any style of room decor.

Top features:

  • Anti dust coating
  • 400 RPM
  • Copper motor


  • Very good value for money product if you have not much to spend on ceiling fans.
  • Powerful motor with high RPM ensures good air delivery.


Few users have received defective fans but got a better replacement later.

Havells Stealth Cruise 1320 MM Fan

Havells Stealth

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Why should you buy it?

If you want the looks and the high air flow to match then this is the fan you should buy. And with less hassle of cleaning this is a best choice for a living room or even a bedroom.

This is one of the most noise free ceiling fans in India with anti dust coating. Moreover the air delivery is 320CMM which is superior to any fans in this list of best anti dust ceiling fans in India.

And this fan does it all with 82 watts power consumption.

And the sweep area is larger than other fans, where other fans offer 1200mm sweep this fan offers 1320mm sweep.

The blades are made from ABS with aerofoil profile which helps in better air delivery.

Top Features:

  • ABS blades with anti rust and anti dust features
  • High air flow of 320 CMM
  • Strong 18 pole motor


  • Highest air delivery in the price range in India
  • NO need to worry about rust damage on the blades.
  • Good anti dust coating/
  • Good fan blade design for more airflow.


  • Too pricey
  • Someone reported that it makes more noise than other fans

Buying Guide for the best anti dust ceiling fans in India

Anti Dust Feature: Since you are on this web page of best anti dust ceiling fans, you want one. But note that this does not mean that you do not have to clean the fans ever. But these fans will accumulate less dust.

Airflow: High airflow is always desirable, no matter what other feature a fan has it have to relieve you from the heat. This should be on top of your checklist no matter what fan you choose.

Motor: Copper motors are less prone to repairs and are easy to repair. Also the copper motors are more efficient and durable in the long run. Copper motor fans are costlier than other motors.

Price: More beautiful and higher capable the motor is the prices are higher in this anti dust ceiling fan segment.

Sweep Area: Sweep area determines how far the air is going to go from the fan. For large fan areas you should get large sweep area fans. In this category the most fans you would get are 1200mm.

Warranty: Established brands like USHA give 2 years warranty which is pretty standard but some other well known fan brands like crompton gives 5 year warranty. More warranty means more reliability. Also check for specilized service centers and return policies for these fans.

How does Anti Dust coating works?

Anti dust coating can avoid dust collection by at least 50%. It is a nano technology enabled paint which repels oils and water. Thus the dust never sticks to the fan blade and you get a seemingly clean fan.

But this does not mean that you do not have to clean the fan. You have to but the dirt that gets collected over the blade that will be way less.

Usually these anti dust coating fans are of higher cost than the usual ones.