Best ceiling fan under 1000

Here are the best ceiling fans under 1000 for those who just need them for their core features. Which is proving air circulation. Now for small areas you can get those small ceiling fan under 1000 but there are few 12000mm sweep ceiling fans also under 1000 INR.

For a buying guide for the ceiling fan under 1000, you should check for copper motor, RPM

[LIST ]best ceiling fan under 1000

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[Reviews]best ceiling fan under 1000

MinMax 24″ Classic 4 Blade Hi-Speed Ceiling Fan

small ceiling fan under 1000

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Final Verdict: If you need a low cost high speed fan for a small area where you do not intend to run the fan for long hours…then this could be a good choice for you.

This fan has high RPM thus it will make some sound while running and have moderate electric usages.

This is a 600mm ceiling fan under 1000 INR India. This is one of the budget 600mm ceiling fans in India

Since this is a very small sweep area fan, this can only provide airflow to an area below 40 sq feet. As a bedroom fan, this should be installed right above the bed. Otherwise this is good for a reception area, bathroom or kitchen etc.

This fan also has some decorative designs on the head and fan blade and those make this fan beautiful to look at.

Also the fan has an aluminum body so it is naturally rust free and is lightweight. 

This fan has a copper motor which has 850 RPM and consumes around 85 watts.


  • Copper wired motor
  • 600m sweep area with 4 blades
  • 850 RPM


Will make some noise due to high RPM

ACTIVA 1200 MM HIGH SPEED Ceiling fan

Ceiling fan under 1000

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Final Verdict: If you do not mind the sound then get this fan for your bedroom or living room area.

The high speed fan will serve it purpose with its copper motor unless there is some major fault.

This Activa 1200mm fan has one of the most popular choices when selecting a ceiling fan under 1000 INR.

This fan is being chosen for the following reasons below:

1200mm sweep area: This is the average sweep area needed for room under 120 sq feet. It ensures that the air will reach the entire room.

High RPM: This fan has a good RPM of 390, this allows the fan to throw air much faster. Although sometimes it does makes the air felt in a smaller area.

Copper Motor: This fan comes with a copper motor which ensures a long life span of this fan indoors.

Warranty: Comes with a 2 year warranty so if any issues occur with the fan, you can repair it for no cost.

Also this ceiling fan under 1000 INR is BEE 5 star rated thus it consumes low power and can be used on an inverter. But it does not mention exactly what electric consumption it has.


  • 390 RPM
  • 2 year warranty
  • Anti Rust color coated


Not reliable as reviewed by many people also the ceiling fan makes some noises while running at medium to high speed.

Lifelong Glide 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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Final Verdict: It is a budget ceiling fan with good sweep for Indian houses and average power consumption.

For the fans being under 1000 INR, this is a good deal.

Lifelong glide is a 380 RPM high speed fan with 1200mm sweep area. It has a 2 years warranty and has ISI certification.

This fan has a copper motor with double ball bearing which is required due to the high speed RPM.

And also comes with a 2 year warranty.

This fan consumes around 75 watts which is average considering it is not a BLDC motor fan.


  • 380 RPM
  • 75 watts power consumption
  • 2 years warranty
  • Copper motor


  • Not a premium finished look.
  • Also makes some noise 

LONGWAY® Star Anti Dust 1200 MM HIGH Speed Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan price below 1000

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Final Verdict: If you do not mind the sound made by 400 RPM then get this fan for its copper motor and high air flow.

Unless you get a faulty product, this should be good for you.

This is one of the highest RPM ceiling fans under 1000, it has 400 RPM and is a heavy duty motor. The blade is made from ABS plastic which is strong. Also the motor is 14 pole motor for longer life and durability.

The specified power consumption is 50 watts only.

The paint is glossy and may attract dust.


  • Double ball bearings
  • 100%COpper motor
  • 400 RPM
  • Xflow technology for more air
  • 50 watts


  • To me 50 watts seems to be too low for a fan with 400 RPM.
  • Many received incomplete packages without fan blades.

Digismart 390 RPM High Speed ceiling fan

ceiling fan price in india under 1000

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Final Verdict: This is a good budget ceiling fan in India under 1000 INR.

It will make some noise and may feel too lightweight but still it will work for most of the generic purposes of a ceiling fan.

Digismart 1200mm fan is just shy off 1000 INR but packs a punch with 390 RPM motor and 2 year warranty.

It has heavy CRC stamping to enhance the fan lifespan.

Also the fan is BEE certified to keep the electricity consumption low. And the X Flow technology and aerodynamically designed blades helps in better airflow.


  • 390 RPM for better airflow and air delivery
  • Copper motor
  • BEE 5star rated


  • Makes some noise
  • Lightweight body

Why buy a ceiling fan under 1000

I would buy from this price range if I do not have the budget. Or if the room where I am going to put the ceiling fan has no major usages.

These fans will make some noise, especially the smaller ones. Thus installing them in the bedroom is not a good idea. If you are like me who is a light sleeper then do not.

Low cost also means that there has been some cost cutting, where?

We can not really tell but due to these longevity of the fan could be affected or regular functions. However all electric appliances fail sometimes or last way longer than expected. Maybe it depends on luck 🙂