Best Cockroach killer India – is safe and effective?

We should love all the life forms but some life forms like cockroaches do bring some harm to our life. Most of the time they  carry germs and can spread those on our furniture, foods …

We should love all the life forms but some life forms like cockroaches do bring some harm to our life. Most of the time they  carry germs and can spread those on our furniture, foods etc. I know if you are looking for the best cockroach killer in India then you have suffered enough at their legs and tentacles and want a solution.

And it is not a solution to kill a cockroach by stepping on it. Cockroaches can survive anything and that one you killed, that void will be quickly filled. These insects are here long before we came so killing all of them is not exactly viable.

But for a safe home for us and our kids you should prepare your living space not attractive to cockroaches. How to do it? Keep reading.

I have suffered too and every summer it seems new hoards of them visit our home. We have a garden and an old house so many insects to wreak havoc and cockroach is among them.

You can always get the best cockroach killer in India but mixing atta and baking soda you can make yours too. Youtube has many such videos.

Personally for me, hit cockroach spray and cockroach killing chalk like the famous laxmanrekha has worked for me.

You have few options when it comes to best cockroach killer in India, for example you can opt for these –

Best cockroach killer India

Cockroach Killer India Type Effectiveness Score
Godrej HIT Anti Roach Gel Best cockroach killer gel 4/5
HIT Spray Crawling Insect Killer Best cockroach killer spray in India 4/5
Pestrol Rodent Free Best cockroach killer machine 1/5
Unitedly’s ® Boric Acid Powder Best cockroach killer powder 4/5
Laxman Rekhaa Insecticide Chalk Best cockroach killer chalk 2.5/5
Get Out Cockroach Killer Gel Cockroach killer paste 3/5
Herbal Strategi Cockroach Repellent Spray Best herbal cockroach killer 2.5/5

How to/ Where to use this cockroach repellent or cockroach killers?

I am not fond of the ultrasonic machines; they claim that insects, rats will run away but most often that does not happen.

Cockroach killing gel or anti roach gel like the hit anti roach gel is a good option to kill hidden cockroaches. Most of them hide in cracks or places where sprays do not reach. The gel acts as a bait, they eat it, return to their nest. All the nest gets affected and they all die. Use it near the kitchen sink, near gas stove, drawers etc.

Cockroach sprays are best to kill roaches who are behind sofa or the huge almirah that you got. HIT cockroach spray is the best cockroach killer spray, gets the job done. I usually spray it on dustbin and kitchen corners and in other room corners. Keep it as much away from food items.

Now cockroach killer powder in India can be used with maida/atta to create bait or can be sprinkled in the kitchen cabinet, dining room, near fridge and anywhere you see cockroaches. This can kill cockroaches if they eat the bait otherwise they will not die but will not visit the places where the cockroach killer powder is. I am not fond of this, because with time this powder just becomes dust and requires additional dusting. And again spreading the powders for killing cockroaches. 

Now the best cockroach killer gel and cockroach killer paste means the same thing. The main ingredient is boric and it has some other edible items for the roaches and acts as bait. Most of then the cockroach killer paste is available in toothpaste style tube. And the cockroach killer gel is available in an injection type system.

Herbal cockroach killers are hit or miss products. These are made with natural oils such as neem. And I would use them near food items but caution: not on food items 🙂 May be these are herbal products but that does not meant that these are way less harmful than chemical versions. 

Best Cockroach Killer India Reviews

Pestrol Rodent Free – Australia

Pestrol Rodent Free Australias top Selling Plug in Rodent Repeller

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Final Verdict: This is one of the costliest cockroach control products. If you budget allows and you are willing to do some experiment to know if it is effective cockroach killer India, then try it out.

This is one of the costliest cockroach repellents using electronics. They are saying it can repel rats as well as cockroaches. It uses ultrasonic sound which is higher than our sound hearing capabilities but the cockroaches would feel it just fine and would run away from your home.

This device also comes with a 2 year warranty. This indicates to me that they are proud and sure about their item.

For rats it focuses on Electromagnetic features.


  • Safe for kids and other family members.
  • Uses minimum electric power.
  • 24 hour protection, can run for 10 years.



  • Way more costly.

Godrej HIT Anti Roach Gel

Godrej HIT Anti Roach Gel

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Final Verdict: In this cockroach killer paste review I would say that you can buy this without any doubt, works well for small houses or apartments. This is one of the best cockroach killer gel.

This is one of the best cockroach killer gel in India, hit anti roach gel would work great too. This Godrej HIT anti roach gel acts like a bait. Cockroaches will come and eat and return to their nest and also affect the rest of the colony. Ultimately all the cockroaches die.

10-20 drops would do the work, I would place them old plates or paper, it is easier to clean later then. 

HIT anti roach gel claims that the first cockroach dies within 4 hours and the rest of the nest dies in 2-3 days.

You will need to apply this after 45 days, again. This is one of the most recommended cockroach control products in India.


  • Not harmful as sprays.
  • Cleaning up is easy afterwards.
  • Kitchen safe (still keep away from food)
  • Can be applied quickly.
  • One of the best cockroach killer gel in India


  • Not exactly a permanent solution.
  • Tube is small if you have a large home.

HIT Spray Crawling Insect Killer

HIT Spray Crawling Insect Killer

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Final Verdict:Most famous and used for a lot of time, this spray works. But not enough to keep them away from your house for a long time. Cleaning the house along with spray and cockroach killing gel works best

These chemical cockroach killing sprays always to kill cockroaches quickly. That red hit cockroach spray that we are all familiar with works but can not keep cockroaches away. This is one of the cockroach control products that kills almost instantly.

I used to spray it near the cracks and drains and if I ever see any roaches.

There are some other herbal cockroach pest control which are in spray but not close to the best chemical for cockroaches in India.


  • Easy to use.
  • Can kill cockroaches.
  • One of the best cockroach spray for indoor use.


Not good for pets, small children.

Unitedly’s ® Boric Acid Powder

Unitedlys Boric Acid Powder

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Final Verdict: Fairly easy to use and works most of the time. You can also create your own insect killing home remedies with this.

Simple and plain boric acid can do wonders for cockroaches and multiple other things. Boric acid powder is the best cockroach killer powder in India. Also in your journey of how to get rid of cockroaches in Indian homes you can use it in home remedies.

Boric acid powder is non toxic and apart from cockroaches you can use it for fungus, termites, silverfish, beetles, fleas and more.


  • Non toxic.
  • Easy to use.
  • Apart from cockroaches works on ants, fleas, termites and other insects.
  • This type of cockroach killer might help with the entire colony of cockroaches.
  • You could make the best cockroach killer paste in India with borax.
  • Safer than most roach killer insecticides on the market.


Could get messy with all the powder around.

Laxman Rekhaa Insecticide Chalk

Laxman Rekhaa Insecticide Chalk

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Final Verdict: If you know where to use this chalk then it is a best buy. Circle around fridge, tables, around kitchen sink and more

I used to buy laxmanrekha and used it for cockroaches and for ants. If the chalk lines are not wiped off then it will work for almost 6 weeks. It is not recommended to touch the chalk on bare hands.


  • Those who have issues with aerosol this chalk works best.
  • Easy to easy.
  • Very low cost.
  • Can be used to keep ants away too.


Not to be used for a huge area.

Get Out Cockroach Killer Gel

Get Out Cockroach Killer Gel

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Final Verdict: Kills cockroaches but somewhat lower quantity in tubes but it is easy to use.

Get out cockroach killer gel is a popular and effective cockroach control product. It comes in a pack of 4 and is similar to a toothpaste looking tube. It is non toxic, pet and child friendly and dermatologically safe.

As per instructions you can apply it in a shape of pea and apply below Kitchen Sink, Around Furniture, Gas Cylinders,Toilet, Kitchen Trolleys and more place you can think of where cockroaches are frequent visitors.

But never use it on a wet surface, this can be easily washed by water.


  • NO harm to pet or children.
  • Easily washable.


  • Too thin to make pea shape.
  • Sometimes some users have received less weight in those tubes.

Herbal Strategi Cockroach Repellent Spray

Herbal Strategi Cockroach Repellent Spray

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Final Verdict: If you are not into killing and only want to repel cockroaches away this herbal product will do the job.

Completely herbal and safe product made of neem, lemongrass. Neem and lemongrass are both known to repellent insects thus works on cockroaches as well.

They recommend spraying every day once for 10 day straight. Then spray once a week, this may keep cockroaches away for 6 months.

But this does not kill cockroaches, this is a repellent. 

Fill composition:

  • Cymbopogon Citriatus (Lemon grass Oil) 6ml
  • Cedrus deodara (Cedar wood Oil) 6ml
  • Azardirachta Indica (Neem Oil) 15ml
  • Exciepients (Water) Q.S
  • Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine


  • Worth herbal product for kitchen. 
  • Works on repelling cockroaches and with the recommended usages cockroaches will not come again.


  • Effects will vary from person to person, same here also. Great product otherwise.

Why should we not let cockroaches near us?

Cockroaches carry bacteria that can spread some diseases and easily can cause typhoid and food poisoning. Cockroaches can also scratch you and since they have bacteria they can transmit diseases though that small wound as well. Cockroach poop can also cause some allergies.

What attracts cockroaches to our homes?

Cockroaches are attracted to our home for food, water and shelter. Food for them can be from leftovers from plates, uncleaned dishes, open lid garbage cans and more. They kind of like dark places so you will see them near the bathroom drainage system, under the kitchen sink, behind appliances and more.

Cockroach killer home remedies in India

Boric acid powder is great for making home remedies for cockroaches. Sugar, flour and boric acid powder of similar quantities will do. Also neem oil and lavender will do help to repel cockroaches as well as other insects.

Difference between different cockroach killer in India

Cockroach killer machine

Machines send ultrasonic sound to scare away cockroaches, this sound is not hearable to human ears but rats, roaches and mosquitoes can hear it. These are not always effective.

Effectiveness score: 1/5

Cockroach killer gel and Cockroach killer paste

These are made with insecticide or boric/borax in a gel or paste type material that you can use as a bait for the cockroaches. Preferably you should use them in places where you know the roaches move too frequently. Place a paper and put the gel on it, you can also use old/unused bottle or jar caps. This can also affect the entire nest of cockroaches also.

Effectiveness score: 4/5

Cockroach killer spray in India

Cockroach killer spray in India can give you immediate effect if you know where the cockroach is in real time. Almost instant death but soon their army gets filled by another roach. It is not effective as keeping them away much but can kill. I would spray the cockroach killer uner sink, behind fridge and other places where is no food.

Effectiveness score: 3.5/5

Cockroach killer powder

Cockroach killer powder helps to keep them at bay but does not kills them. And ultimately you will have to clean up the powder dust also. But you can use this powder which is usually borax or boric to create your own bait. You will need to mix it with sugar, atta to create your bait.

Effectiveness score: 3/5

Cockroach killer chalk

It is one of my personal favorite, if you draw the line with this Cockroach killer chalk in India the roaches do not cross the line. If they do, most of the time they die. I used draw the lines around drain holes, fridge, gas stove, gas cylinder at night and the results were good. And the cost is really low too.
Effectiveness score: 3/5


Most chemical spray is unhealthy for humans, the gel is not so bad. The herbal spray or cockroach killers pose less threat to us also less threat to the cockroaches. And all items which have boric acid are toxic for your pet. Many cockroach killing gels have boric so if you have a pet dog or cat, maybe you can switch to something else. Or use it in such a way that your pets do not have access to it.

Which is the best cockroach killer?

Use cockroach killer gel or pastes for Indian homes and you can also try making them. But be careful as these are also poisonous to your pets as well. Borax made homemade roach killers will work great too.

How do you get rid of cockroaches in India?

First of all if you have a house which is mostly damp like me, then they will keep coming. To get rid of the cockroaches from Indian houses keep your house clean. No food on the floor or kitchen table. No dirty dishes on the floor or in the sink, no pet food lying around and unsealed gardages. Then your house is less inevitable to them as there are no food or water source. Also keep spraying and placing killing gels near the sink, drains etc.

What kills roaches permanently?

Cockroach killing sprays and boric acid is effective at killing them instantly, but most of the time you will not be able to find their nest.

What is the best thing to kill roaches?

Clean house. Cockroach killing gels as bait. Coverup open areas where cockroaches can hide in your home. If they can not stay and can not eat they will die or at least not come into your house.

What kills roaches and their eggs?

Many cockroach killer items are available in INdian market but eggs can not be killed. You can push them away down the drain and out of your house.

What do roaches hate?

Cockroaches are probably the most hated insects on Earth. Cockroaches usually hate lemon, garlic, boric, mint oil and clean house.

Does lemon kill cockroaches?

Lemon juice can keep items clean but not kill cockroaches but the anti-pathogenic properties can keep the roaches away.

What smells keep roaches away?

Lavender and lemon and garlic smell can keep a cockroach away.

What causes roaches in a clean house?

Cockroaches surely have found a damp place or cracks to stay and even if your house appears clean to you they might be getting foods and keep coming back.

What are cockroaches most attracted to?

Garbage, food parts, damp places, cracks on wall etc.

How to prevent cockroaches in the bedroom?

Do not eat in the bedroom, keep food items or cardboards and clean that room or any room if that matters regularly.

Do ultrasonic pest repellers work roaches?

Yes, in theory so do not invest much it might work or not work for you.


Only a clean house with no food lying around, no open garbage can help and the cockroach killing gel and cockroach killing spray can mostly help you.

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