9 Best Colors for office walls in India

The best colors for office walls for your home office can be the colors that stand out and make a strong impression. And certain colors help set a personal statement apart from the others. It’s true that office paint color can make or break employee morale. For a home office, a bad color choice might …

The best colors for office walls for your home office can be the colors that stand out and make a strong impression. And certain colors help set a personal statement apart from the others.

It’s true that office paint color can make or break employee morale. For a home office, a bad color choice might demotivate you as well.

So picking the right office paint color isn’t something you want to wing. 

Choosing the right paint color scheme for your office is a key element of creating a productive and positive work environment. In this post I’ll show you how to choose the best office paint colors.

Best Colors for office walls

How to Choose the Best Colors for Office

There are actually four different “moods” associated with colors. When it comes to working remotely, do you want to inspire and energize your team? Or encourage everyone to stay focused and get their work done? Red makes you feel more energetic and focused.

For home, you stick to white and blue,

Gem-colored blues and greens are great for boosting energy. However, you want to make sure those colors don’t show up in your office.

You can keep your team energized while still allowing them to think by pairing these hues with white, gray or beige. Here’s an example of how the color green can help you focus. Emerald green is on the blue spectrum, which makes it very stimulating.

There’s a big difference between the colors red and orange. While orange is a warmer version of red, red is more intense than orange. So you might also want to use red with white as well.

TLDR: Pick the color that you like for one wall and for the other walls use a light color.


Effects of Colors on Mood – Best Colors for office walls

There are many effects that colors have on our emotions. Each color affects us differently so we must be careful when selecting the right color for the right situation. The best way to understand this is to understand what each color actually means and how it affects us.

Red is a color that is warm and energetic, so when we see red it makes us feel happy, energetic and active. It is also a color that is commonly used in advertising.

Blue is a cool color that makes people feel calm, relaxed and peaceful. Blue is often associated with wisdom and meditation.

Green is a color that calms us down and makes us feel relaxed. It has also been used as a symbol of wealth and fertility.

Yellow is a color that makes us feel positive and enthusiastic. Yellow is a color that makes us feel confident and strong.

Orange is a color that makes us feel cheerful, energetic, and strong. Orange is a color that is often used to represent excitement.

Purple is a color that calms us down, makes us feel peaceful and creative. Purple is also a color that is used to represent royalty.

Pink is a color that makes us feel feminine and sensual. Pink is a color that represents passion and sexuality.

You should pick a color you like and one color from the above which suits the mood you want in you home office.


Blue is a stimulating color. It’s thought that blue light helps push our body’s internal clock forward, which can improve sleep quality. The ideal color palette for a marketer looking to stand out in a competitive space is a range of blues, especially light blues. These colors have a calming effect and encourage focus, which is important for marketers in industries with lots of distractions (like social media). It’s no secret that working in a blue office can boost your productivity. And according to this article, using blue paint in your office can improve focus and reduce distractions.


Yellow is an emotional color, making it a good fit for industries that rely on human interaction, like marketing. Lavender is an uplifting scent that’s good for promoting positive feelings. It can also help to lift depressed or anxious moods.


“Green is the new black.” That’s what they say about green these days. And there’s some truth to that statement. Green is the color of nature, and a powerful, calming color. It helps us focus, concentrate, and promote deeper thinking. If you work in the financial services industry, choosing a green workspace color makes sense. Green is a calming color and helps prevent your employees from becoming distracted.

9 Colors That Work Best for Your Office

Office colors have been used for centuries to help boost workplace morale and productivity. This post will share the best colors for different types of workplaces.

This is the ultimate guide to choosing interior paint colors. You’ll learn about the science of color, the different types of paints available, and which colors work best in various types of rooms (like bedrooms, living rooms and garages). There are several different types of paint manufacturers, so it’s not necessarily true that “like” colors appear together in any particular brand. But it’s still fun to experiment with paint color combinations. These colour suggestions are a helpful starting point, but ultimately, you need to try the colour on your skin to get the true colour.

More home office set up ideas here!

1. Off-White

To give your walls a white wash without a massive color shift, choose a light-colored wall in your home and paint it with a high-quality, semi-translucent white. Lamps made from ceramic, resin, or wood are ideal for reading in bed because they don’t heat up your room. Also, because these materials are relatively thick, they keep out the light waves that can make it hard to sleep.

White is quickly becoming the new black. If you want a room to really stand out, go with 100% white — unless your furniture and other decor is white, in which case you might want to go with a lighter shade. This is a nice shade for adding a bright and intense accent color to your makeup collection.

2. Teal/Light Blue

Teal is a color that increases focus and improves memory. 

This is a classic color that looks great in a variety of home decorating schemes. The calm shade has a natural dignity that is not contrived or “in your face.” Teal’s understated elegance encourages a calm, reflective mood.

Make sure to have a mix of blues, greens, reds, and oranges in your brand palette. The intensity and brightness of the flash also play an important role in the desired effect.

3. Gray

Gray is often associated with neutral colors, like white and gray. But when used in a text, it can make for a more energized and professional feel. Use gray with other bright colors..

4. Light Blue

Peaceful vibes are the name of the game with this soft light blue wall color. It’s a nice pick for those that want a calming shade in their home office. This might also remind you of blue sky and help lower your stress.

5. Blue-Gray

Blues and grays are a classic color scheme. They can make your company/ home office seem professional and put a smile on customers’ faces. 

6. Brown

Brown is a color that often symbolizes security, dependability, safety, and even stability. You can have shades of brown with other matching colours for your office walls.

7. Purple

Inspirational space is important for the modern workplace. Employees want to work in inspiring environments. Purple is a color that will help you get into this flow state, so get ready to concentrate and work on your best ideas. In my home office I have some purple tint as well.

8. Green

Green color is soothing, it might remind you and give you a feel of grasslands. This definitely helps soothe the eyes and calm the mind. You might consider one wall of your home office to be of green color.

9. Orange

Orange is a color that gets people’s attention and makes them feel good about themselves. It can be fun, lively and energizing or just plain hard to work with. And that makes it one of the best colors for the home office, especially if you need some help from the room to get going in the morning.

Orange can be a motivating color as well.


Home offices tend to have less traffic, are more intimate, and require less prep work (traveling to the office, getting ready, organizing bag, etc)

For the home office, I would like my favorite color on the front wall or the wall just behind the computer. And the rest o the walls should be of light color. I would do that and recommend you do that for your home office as well.

The light color will reflect light and it will be easier for you to work.

And you have memories and reasons to be released with your favorite color in front of you all the time.

But do get up and walk around and look outside the window for better productivity and health.

This opinion is based solely on personal preference. 

And I would also ask you to hang up a motivational quote around your home office. We will need a dose of contact motivation all the time. 

Otherwise, our bosses will get us quickly :p

Many people work best in a space that’s completely separate from the living areas. No matter how clean your desk gets, if it’s in the same room as your living space, it’s not going to stay that way for long. So getting a separate room and then doing a color works for most.

Having a home office isn’t about having a fancy setup or spending a fortune on ergonomics. It’s about creating a space that’s conducive to work.

When painting a room, avoid using the same color for the trim and an accent wall. It will make the two different colors stand out more. 

Ref: Effects of colors on mind

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