7 best computer chair for long hours in India

Want the best computer chair for long hours in India? Take it from me, I am someone who works around 12-14 hours /day using a computer and I know better!<

Best computer chair for long hours in India

Computer chair for office or home office should be comfortable for working long hours. All those work from home is killing our backs, ain’t it? But we have to do it anyway.

So you should make your chairs more comfortable. By either making cushions, lumbar support and add them to your chair or get the best computer chair for long hours in India.


The Best computer chair India [Editor’s Choice]

Misuraa Imported Xenon computer chair for long hours is my first choice. Although costly, but it justifies the cost. This is the best computer chair for long hour in India. There are few other chairs that I have recommended besides this one which are of low cost but have similar quality.

MISURAA Xenon Aluminium High Back Ergonomic Office Chair


7 best computer chair for home in India


Wooden chair for computers, often preferred, but with a pillow. But the best option will be the rolling chair for computers. These have better built if bought metal base and often much more comfortable.

Reviews of the best computer chair for long hours in India


Here are my reviews on the best chairs for long hours sitting and if you are wondering about what is the best office chair for sitting long hours… then you will like what comes below.

Why do office chairs have wheels?

best computer chair for long hours in india

Misuraa Imported Xenon computer chair for long hours

Why Should You Buy this?

Misuraa is our editor’s first choice when it comes too long work hours with his computer.

The adjustable arm rests are especially helpful to keep your arms on the top o the table for more comfortable writing/coding jobs.

Definitely a must-buy ergonomics computer chair in India.

Misuraa Xenon is the best computer chair for long hours.

This is a well built chair for the price.

This is an adjustable chair for home office or traditional office usages.

Top Features:

  • Ergonomic computer chair
  • Comes with aluminium body
  • Max weight supported 140 kg.
  • Breathable mesh back and cover material
  • Adjustable seat height, arm rest height is also adjustable
  • The headrest height and angle is also adjustable
  • The lumbar support is adjustable
  • Tilt tension is easily controllable.

  • 140kgs of weight support makes this chair suitable for tall and heavy people in India for long hours.
  • The aluminum body has good pain and looks premium.
  • The mesh covers all the chair and provides a good feel when touched and is breathable.
  • The seat height, angle, arm rests, headrest is adjustable making this chair completely adjustable to as per your height and size. the adjustable features are really great in this model.
  • The lumbar support works great to support your spine and is adjustable, so you can set as per your height.

  • Costly, unless you want the absolute best comfort while working, then get this.

JD9 High Back office computer chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a chair that is highly durable and comfortable for long desk job involving computer, then this is a good option for you.

This is definitely one of the top best chair to sit for long hours in India.

JD9 is also one of my favorite mesh based the best computer chair for long hours gaming or work.

Top Features:

  • Mesh back and mesh like clothing covering most of the chair.
  • The nylon mesh is also very durable and makes this a comfortable chair.
  • Headrest height and angle adjustment possible.
  • The seat is adjustable with height and angle.
  • Comes with Hydraulic gas lift.
  • The lumbar support height can be adjustable. And you can sit in a proper posture.
  • The armrest has 2D adjustment, meaning 2 dimensional adjustment of height and position.
  • Glass fiber frame with nylon chair base with 5 wheels.
  • Max weight capacity 120kgs.

  • The overall chair has a premium feel and durable build.
  • The 120kg weight supported is good for most of the people in India.
  • Armrests are adjustable so that you can maintain the angle and distance between your mouse/keyboard as well.
  • The seat height, seat depth and tilt is easily adjustable for maximum comfort in your computer work.
  • The overall frame is very durable, and the gas lift is good.

Misuraa chair review

  • Metal based would make it a great chair.

Norman Jr RAR Collection computer chair for long hours

Why Should You Buy this?

These office chairs are made from high quality materials and seems very durable.

This is a great computer chair for online work using a computer where you have sat for a longer period of time.

Norman JR RAR collection is a classy ergonomic computer chair.

This is a great option for home office as well.

Top Features:

  • Alloy steel body.
  • Base is made of steel as well.
  • Fixed arm rest and adjustable lumbar spine support.
  • Nylon mesh back and seat is also covered in the same material.

  • Durable steel body and base.
  • Lumber support is also good.
  • Easy to keep your body posture in correct position.
  • The seat height is adjustable, so you can place your feet on the floor.
  • The mesh material is durable and suitable for hot summer weather.
  • Easy to assemble.

  • Adjustable arm rest will be a good option.

Casa Copenhagen TT Collection Ergonomic Delux chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after the best computer chair for long hours in India, then you can choose this.

The chair is available in affordable prices and the looks are great, and the mesh cover is beautiful.

This is great for any work done with a computer where you have to sit for long hours.

This Casa Copenhagen chair is a beautiful and durable chair for work from home purposes.

 Top Features:

  • Alloy steel build with strong base.
  • Lumbar spine is adjustable.
  • The seat height is easily adjustable.
  • The arm rests are wide and strong, but not adjustable.
  • Most of the chair has a mesh clothing cover.
  • Available in beautiful colors.

  • The mesh cover is good for the skin and is breathable.
  • The steel base is strong, and the wheels attached are great as well.
  • The seat height can be adjusted easily.
  • Seat is wider.
  • Comes in various colors suitable for well decorated rooms and office environment.
  • Good as office study chair.

  • Armrests are not adjustable.

Green Soul® Jupiter High-Back Mesh for home office

Why Should You Buy this?

This green soul office chair is a great budget task chair for work from home workers.

It checks out all the items in the buying guide.

Breathable material, adjustable headrest, arm rest, seat height, metal base and good max weight capacity.

Go for it.

Green Soul Jupiter is a high back mesh chair that is a great budget option for us sad, lonely home office workers using computers.

Green Soul has several other wide range of expensive office chairs as well.

Top Features:

  • Adjustable Lumbar support.
  • Dense foam seat.
  • Breathable mesh material.
  • Seat height adjustable and tilt are adjustable with 360 degree swivel.
  • Class 4 Gas lift seat height adjustment.
  • Max weight 125 kgs.
  • Heavy duty metal base.
  • 2D adjustable armrest.
  • 3-year warranty.

  • A made in India chair with mesh back for maximum breathability.
  • The foam seat is good for long hours as well.
  • The gas lift and seat height is easily adjustable.
  • The base is made of metal and can support a lot of user weight.
  • The nylon castors wheels are durable as well.
  • You can adjust the headrest as well.
  • You can adjust the armrest as per your needs, even move it forward or backward.
  • Adjustable lumber support is great for people of various heights. But the height supported is 5 feet to 5 feet 10 inch.

  • None at this price point.

INNOWIN® Jazz chair with head rest

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a good quality yet cheap enough work from home chair, then use this one.

this is an ideal office chair for this task.

It has good breathable mesh and overall features all the items that you will need for your long computer work sessions.

It is an all black high back chair for batman fans and this works well with any color or designed room for computer based work.

 Top Features:

  • Breathable mesh covered chair.
  • Comes with headrest
  • Can support a max weight of 120 kgs.
  • Suitable for people having height below 5 feet 8 inches.
  • Glass filled nylon structure.
  • Class 3 pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Nylon base with 60 mm castor wheels.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Easy to stay in a correct body posture.

  • Seat height adjustment and headrest is somewhat adjustable as well.
  • Adjustable armrests are 2D.
  • The lumbar spine is not adjustable, but it works as required.
  • The nylon base is also durable and can support 120 kgs of user weight.
  • The back of the chair is semi transparent with mesh fabric, so it is very breathable.
  • The seat is wide enough and is comfortable.
  • One of the best fabric computer chair.

  • Metal base would have made this a way better choice.

FURNCASA mesh chair for home office

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a modern boss chair with which you can work for long hours with your computer, then this is a good option to try.

Definitely one of the best office desk chair for long hours in India.

The ergonomic features will not let you sit in a bad posture.

This is one of the costliest chairs with lumbar support, ergonomic features that are being used for long study or computer work.

 Top Features:

  • Ergonomic chair with proper lumbar support makes this one of the comfortable office chairs.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Has adjustable armrests.
  • There is a seat lock and tilt function with swivel.
  • The headrest can be slightly adjusted as well.
  • The base is made of metal.
  • Definitely suitable as executive chair.

  • Very durable build with very aesthetic design and colors.
  • The seat height is adjustable to suit your height.
  • There is also the basic swivel and tilt function.
  • And the headrest is also good for a long day of work.

  • Costly.

Buying Guide Of The Best Ergonomic Computer Chairs In India


Different Specifications

Each chair in this list or recommendations have slightly different specifications. Some have adjustable headrest, some have wider seat, but most of these are one of the best mesh office chair for long hours.

So when comparing ergonomic office chairs, you might want to look for specifications like max weight, height supported and seat width.

Special Features

Few desk chairs have special features. It can be gas lift seat height adjustment or can be the aluminum body. These determine the price of the chair, thus you should see if you need these features at all or not.

Lumbar support

This is the top feature that you should look when you are looking for the best type of chair for long hours. And if you compare computer chair price in India, then you should have seen these chairs are costlier as well. But adjustable lumbar support is needed for your back pain and long working hours in India.

Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable Armrests are a great feature if you work on a desk and want to be close to it. This also helps with keeping the arms at required length as per your shoulder.

Seat height & other adjustments 

Seat height is must have needed feature that will help you not to have low back pain and leg pain. And with the seat comes tilt function as well. Tilt lock and angle adjustment is a great option to have as well.


 Some people require a much larger area to sit comfortably. But many sellers do not mention the dimensions openly. But most of the chairs are around 19 inches wide, but you might wish for bigger width to seat with folded leg.

Fabric & cushioning

Fabric clad chairs are good to for the skin and feel. And molded foam is great for comfortable long time sitting.

And a large mesh back is also good for breathability and suitable for those who sit like me for longer hours.

Swivel base

360 degree swivel base is common but with time with a good computer chair the motion will stay smooth for years to come.

Castor wheels

Castor wheels are generally 50 mm and these are the common standards. But you will find wheels that are 60 mm. Strong wheels and base will help you seat without any worries and will handle your weight just fine.


Usually all chairs will come with 1 year of warranty, but some will provide around 2 years of warranty. More warranty is always better.


Before making your final decision, always check for other reviews from different users. This will help you determine the if the chair is suitable or not.


Features of best computer chair for long hours India

These are the common features of the best computer chairs for long hours that you should look for. Ideally, along with the buying guide mentioned above you should try to opt for all of these features or at least get the 2nd and 3rd option for comfortable long time work sessions.

Headrest: Headrest is one of the best features of computer chairs. In some models it is adjustable, and in some it is not. This helps with maintaining the posture.

Adjustable Arm rest: Adjustable arm rest is good for maintaining your shoulder posture and helps with sitting close to the desk. 

Lumbar Support: Lumbar support is the key feature of the best computer chairs. This helps with low back pain and keeps your posture all right while you sit.

Foam seat: Molded seat is good for long time sitting and if combined with wide seat this will help with comfortable sitting for long hours.

Metal body and base: Metal body and base is always recommended when buying a chair. This ensures reliable usages and weight handling of yourself.


Best computer chair brands in India

  • Misuraa
  • GreenSoul
  • JD 9
  • Cellbell

All these brands make executive office chair and office ergonomic chair. These office chair brands in India do provide one of the best ergonomically designed office chair that you can buy.


Benefits of using computer chair for long hours in India

 There are benefits of ergonomic computer chair in India, but the best ergonomic computer chair for long hours have some more benefits as well.

Namely, these are more durability, more comfortable work hours. And most of us will need a revolving chair for computer work as well.

Improved Productivity

Long painful hours are bad for productivity. But good computer chairs have good support with low back, arms and shoulders. This will help with improving productive work with your computer. And if you choose the best executive office chair with lumbar support, then your productivity will reach the sky.

 NO Neck Pain

Oh, we hunch back a lot while working with a computer table. And a good office ergonomic chair for computer usages will help minimize that. You can lower down the armrests, use the headrests and shoulder supports for a pain free office work experience.

 Maintains Energy level

Since you do not get anybody pain, thus it will help your energy level, and you will be happy to do other works after your office job. Even the best budget computer chairs will be much more comfortable.

And if you are opting for those computer gaming chairs, then those bright colors and sporty designs will also leave a good physiological effect on you.

What will be the price of a good quality office chair?

While there is no upper limit of the price of a good quality office chair, but you should expect decent quality from a 10k chair. Wooden office chairs are also popular to some people, but for long hours of computer work you should choose office ergonomic chair.

 What is the best chair for sitting all day?

 Any chair with adjustable arm rest and more importantly adjustable lumbar spine support is good for sitting all day. And a headrest with the chair will also be very good for sitting all day doing office work. Usually the best ergonomic computer chair India are the best choice for sitting all day.

 What is lumbar support?

 Lumber support is a cushion or another foam or plastic made material that is placed between you and the seat. This helps with providing you all the support that you will need for your lower back so you do not feel any pain. This is a must-have feature for any ergonomic computer chair India.

 What is the most comfortable office chair for long hours?

 Foam made, breathable mesh covered chairs with lumbar support chairs are the best executive chair to have. And if you notice, not all office chairs are ergonomic office chairs. But more executive chairs are comfortable for long hours. Gaming chairs are also comfortable, but the PU leather might feel hotter than mesh fabric materials.

 What chairs are best for back pain?

Any chair with lumbar spine support is good for back pain. These chairs have good features to keep your postures perfect, so these are good for back pain. Even if your chair does not have lumbar support built in, then you should use a lumber pillow instead.


Hopefully this article on best computer chair for long hours in India was helpful to you. I hope with this guide you will be able to buy the best computer chair for long hours India and will do your work with computer easily without anybody pain.

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