Best computer glasses India

Note the best computer glasses in India from me who is wearing a computer glass and spends time in front them for 8 hrs a day.

We at Amar Bari sit in front of the computer working or watching movies and we know a few things about eye strain. And I do wear power glasses and here are my thoughts on the best computer glasses in India.

The best computer glasses in India are mostly anti-reflective and or UV protection and with blue light cut feature. I would like to stick with these as my own glasses have these only.

If you want branded computer protection glasses then you can look online otherwise you can just go to your nearby eye care shop and order one there. 

Most of the time the local made computer protection glasses are cheaper. Especially in the case of previous history of myopia or hyperopia. For blessed people with no eye issues can just get ZERO powered glasses from an online store easily.

  • Myopia = Nearsighted
  • Hyperopia = Farsighted

Top 9 best computer glasses in india

Computer Glasses in India

Why should you care

J+S Vision Anti Blue Light Unisex Computer Glasses

Best anti glare computer glasses

Intellilens® featuring ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect Square Unisex

Best computer glasses India

Fastrack Wayfarer computer glass

Fastrack computer glasses

Crizal lens computer glasses

Crizal computer glasses

Titan Rectangle Unisex Anti-Glare PC

Titan computer glasses

Specsmakers Unisex Black Rectangular computer glasses

Computer glasses for men

Optify® Blue Cut Zero Power Spectacles with Anti-glare

Cheap computer glasses online

REYOONIK Blueray Block Uv Protected Bluecut Computer Glasses for 4-12 Years KIDS

Computer glasses for kids

Specsmakers Blue Zero Unisex

Computer glasses for women

Best computer glasses in India

Reviews of Computer Glasses in India

J+S Vision Anti Blue Light Low Colour Distortion Classic Matte Unisex Computer Glasses

J+S Vision Computer Glasses

Final Verdict: Import duty makes the cost of this blue light blocking glasses very high but this is a very good all in one computer glasses in India. It blocks both blue light and UV light.

But as far as eye protection goes these pair of lenses should help with working on the computer.

And you can get these online at best price easily.

Right off the bat, this is one of the costliest and the best computer protection glasses in India and abroad.

These are non powered and I do not know if you can get a powered version of this. If that is possible then this is a very good choice for those who have the dough.

And so far the size is universal like the design is unisex but I would request you to consult with the seller first. Eye glasses sizes are trickey.

Here are the sizes listed: Temple Length: 137mm, Lens Width: 51mm, Lens Height: 30mm.

Since this computer glass has amber color it can block 90% of the blue light. And this glass from J+S can also block 90% of UV rays.

The overall design of the frame is durable with spring loaded hinges and nothing fancy.

Intellilens® featuring ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect Square Unisex

Intellilens computer glasses

Final Verdict: Zeiss camera lenses have great quality and so does this spectacle for protecting your eyes. Get this if you can spend the cost. It is worth it.

This has many positive reviews when it comes to protecting your eyes from cell phones, LCD screen and all types of digital eye strain.

This is one of the most likable blue light blocking glasses in India.

A premium computer protection eye glass in India with unisex frame that features Zeiss glass. This is a blue cut spectacle with anti glare feature. Both of them are needed to make the best computer glasses in India.

Note that these are not amber colored so they do not provide maximum protection from blue light. But they also do not distort any color. I would prefer this more over the amber colored versions.

And another thing is that it comes with ZERO power. For powered glasses you can get to stores to get it and with prescription.

This Zeiss lenses has blue light protection, anti-glare coating which will save your eyes from all screen based electronic devices.

Fastrack Computer Glasses

Fastrack Computer Glasses

Final Verdict: On online sites fastrack mostly have frames but not much on computer glasses with anti glare.

But the stores are great and you can check out most of their frames there.

And you can also order power glasses with anti glare and UV protection spectacles for eye protection.

Fastrack has some amazing spectacles with anti glare glasses. But on other ecommerce websites they do not have much stock of computer glasses.

However, this will keep your eye safe when you are using mobile & laptop.

This particular frame is for women and the frame size is – 52mm,17mm,140mm.

These fastrack computer glasses have a full rim design which is made with durable plastic.

If you want to buy computer glasses online then more variants are available in their website. Just go to pick from wide range of computer glasses.

Crizal Computer Glasses

Crizal Computer Glasses

Final Verdict: Crizal is known for their quality glasses and frames especially in the anti glare department. Since this is not amber colored so you should get powered glasses if you need it.

Crizel is a very popular brand in eye care glasses and their glasses are pretty scratch proof also. Almost all 2k+ glasses are very much scratch resistant if you are a little careful.

This will prevent all the harmful light coming from digital screen and will prove you with eye protection.

For now, I only see the square frames, but if you enquire, I think they will provide you with different shapes of eyeglasses as well.

This anti glare crizel glass is unisex design and is not of amber colored.

Still, it will curb your exposure to blue light.

Meaning that it will not block most of the blue lights. So if you are looking for blue cut glass that blocks most of the blue light then you better not go for this.

But other than that, it is a great anti glare glass with moderate blue cut glass which will suit the needs of most users.

The frame is of metal built with wayfarer design.

Titan Computer Glasses

Titan Computer Glasses

Final Verdict: If you come across a deal and like this titan computer glasses then go for it.

Otherwise, just visit their stores and check all other spectacle frames and pick the one that will keep your eyes safe.

This is a rectangle plastic frame with anti glare, it also have blue light cut feature but it does not cut off all the blue light.

This is a full rim frame design with sizes like – 54mm,15mm,140mm.

If you buy offline then you can choose from a wide range of frames as well.

I like titan glasses in general but the titan stores offer greater value than online sellers.

You can get access to more frames, power glasses and more!

For budget options when it comes to prevent digital eye strain, you can use Titan glasses brands.

Specsmakers Computer Glasses

Specsmakers Computer Glasses

Final Verdict: Looking for cool looking, budget anti glare spectacles then get these computer glasses.

If you are buying blue light computer glasses online, then this is a good anti-blue light spec for home office usages. 

Spacemakers computer glasses are available online and these are of very decent quality! And unlike other brands these do not burn a hole in your pocket.

You will find a good frame with ZERO power anti glare glasses for computer under 1k INR easily.

These nonprescription lenses are mostly having anti-reflective lenses whch are good for travellers as well.

Since it is pocket friendly yet durable and good quality many prefer this over other brands.

This particular frame in the image is made of plastic and have the classic rectangle shape. The size of these anti glare computer glasses are 48-15-130.

This spacemakers computer glasses will help you with reducing eye strain, eye fatigue and protect your eyes from reflection when you watch TV, use mobile or computer.

Optify® Blue Cut Zero Power Spectacles

Optify® Blue Cut Zero Power Spectacles

Final Verdict: A great budget friendly anti glare computer glass which is readily available online. 

This anti-glare glasses are one of the low cost anti glare glasses which are zero power. You can get one and use one quickly when you are using a computer.

This protective glass is a UV ray blocker and have blue light cut feature. This is good for outside use since it has UV light blocker. 

Even though it is a budget offering, it has the following features like the big brands : Blue Ray Cut + UV420 + Anti-Reflection.

So this glass is designed to provide comfort from harmful UV rays, block the blue light and provide relieve digital strain with computer.

After ordering you can also send message to seller to adjust the power. For eg: Diopter available: +0.5, +0.75, +1.0, +1.25, +1.5, +1.75, +2.0, +2.5, ++3.0, +3.5, +4.0, +4.5, +5.0, +5.5, +6.0.

And like all other brands you also get these – 

  • 1 * reading glasses
  • 1 * glasses bag
  • 1 * clean cloth
  • 1 * Glasses strap holder (Not available with many brands)

REYOONIK computer glasses for kids

REYOONIK computer glasses for kids

Final Verdict: This is a good childrens glass for computer use which is very lightweight. Since this is made of plastic it should be handled with care since children will be using it.

This is a great computer glasses at smaller sizes for children in between the age of 4-12 years.  The size of the frame are as follows: 51mm Lens Width, 17mm Bridge, 141mm Temple Length and 20g Weight.

This is good for children who use computers for study for a long time. 

It is also lightweight and available in many color options.

By the way you can also get much more premium priced glasses for your child also.

Specsmakers Blue Zero

Specsmakers Blue Zero

Final Verdict: Customer service could be a issue but this is a good computer glasses for men and women in India.

This is a unisex frame design but will look great on women. Either way like other specsmakers computer glass this is a great spectacle. It is oval shaped computer glass which can block blue light from digital devices.

The glasses are also scratch resistant and have anti- glare feature.

The size of the spectacles are as follows – Lens Width=50 mm, Nose Bridge=14 mm, Temple Length=130 mm

Buying guide to the best computer glasses in India

Now set your priorities right.

  1. Want to block blue light only then get those blue cut lenses or glasses. 
  2. Want to block way more blue light? Then get a,ber colored glasses.
  3. Want to reduce glare and reduce eye strain and definitely do not want a yellow glass? Then get anti glare glasses which also comes with some blue light reduction properties.
  4. Want to shy away from UV lights and glares? Then get eye glasses with AR coating and UV filter.


If you want prescription lenses which are also anti-reflective lenses and also prevent eye fatigue from digital screens, eye protection from harmful lights then you might want to visit local shops first.

Different types of Computer Glasses in India

Anti Glare: Anti glare or anti-reflective coating is something that you will need any glasses be it for computer protection glasses or not. This AR coating eliminates the reflection that is coming from the screen. And this helps greatly in reducing eye strain.

UV Protection: UV protection is an added bonus but not so useful when it comes to computer screens as they do not emit UV rays. But when you are outside in the sun then it will protect your eyes. 

Blue Cut lenses: These glasses cut the blue light that comes from the mobile screen, laptop etc. Blue cut lenses absorb some 10% – 90% of blue light. And some blue cut lenses allow some blue light to pass through so no color distortion happens.

And apart from the glass materials used – 

  • Bifocal
  • Monofocal
  • Trifocal

These above three are based on eye issues and all can be made into anti glare, UV protection or blue cut lenses.

Benefits of computer Glasses

Eye Strain: Artificial light from computer screen, bulbs etc put eyes to more strain and tiredness. With the best computer glasses India you can reduce and protect your eye strain.

Dry Eyes: Less blinking results in dry eyes. Less blinking leads to less moisture and you get irritated eyes. A good computer glass can help with dry eyes but you can take help of artificial tears and of course more blinking.

Sleep Issue: This happens specifically to those who use mobile phones before bedtime. With computer glasses things can improve, but a change of habit is much more beneficial. You will improve your sleep quality and with a good sleep cycle you will reduce your health risks.

Less headaches: one of the early signs of eye issues are headaches, and good computer protection glasses will definitely reduce the eye strain. But a quick doctor check up is recommended.

Ref: Eye protection (Wiki)

To protect eyes from the harmful lights and protect your eyes from the harmful light, you should stay away from screens most of the time.

But I know this is not possible!

So to protect your vision while working you should rely on screen protection, and always wear glasses.

How to clean eyeglasses with anti reflective coating

  1. If you have some alcohol based cleaner then you can use it or if you do not then just skip it. 
  2. Firstly clean your hands with any hand wash.
  3. Use mild soap or shampoo to clean the glasses under running water.
  4. I would also use the same soap to clean the frame also.
  5. Then use a microfiber cloth (always) to clean the rest of the water.


Do computer glasses really work?

Yes, computer glasses really do work as they help in reducing the strain of the eyes by long hours of staring into the screen. Usually if you do not have any eye power then you can take it off while not using any computer. But if you have power then you can just combine them and wear them every day.

Which lens is best for computer screen?

Anti glare with blue cut works the best as computer protection glasses.

Are computer glasses harmful?

There are no such reports of computer glasses harming the eyes. All they do is block harmful blue eyes, UV lights and reflection.

Do computer glasses need a prescription?

If you have farsightedness or nearsightedness then you would need a prescription to get a computer glasses otherwise you can get a ZERO power glass online.

Do eye doctors recommend computer glasses?

If you have farsightedness or nearsightedness and if you tell them that you spend 8 horus a day in front of a computer then he or she will prescribe a computer glass.

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