Best Executive Chairs in India for your home Office!

Best Executive chairs in India are a great addition for any office or for your home office also. These are usually ergonomic chairs for long work sessions.

Long work sessions are tiring, and executive chairs are good for those long hours, and they look royal.

Apart from the looks, these are also very comfortable and provide good neck and back support as well. By these features you can sit in a proper posture and with adjustable features you can make the ergonomic design work for your body.

9 Best Executive Chairs in India for You

  1. DZYN Furnitures Presidency Office Executive Chair
  2. Rose Designer Chairs SpaceX Chair
  3. Green Soul ® Crystal High-Back Mesh Office Executive Ergonomic Chair
  4. CELLBELL® C102 High Back Office Chair
  5. Casa Copenhagen Executive Chair
  6. MISURAA Aluminium High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
  7. Casa Copenhagen High Back Leatherette Executive Office chair
  8. Finch Fox High Back Faux Leather Executive Office chair
  9. AmazonBasics Full Back Executive Chair

Check these executive chairs without wheels on amazon.

And note that for all those chairs that have leather like material on top, those will get hot in summer. Depending on the summer temperature in your area. For the best bet for money you can settle for mesh back executive chairs but they do lack the royal look.

But if you are sitting in an AC room then it would not matter.

And per my data, 80% of buyers in India would prefer comfort to looks of a leather chair.

Reviews of the best executive chairs

Best executive chairs in India

DZYN Furnitures Presidency Office Executive Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

This is a perfect boss chair if you are looking to buy executive chairs in India.

Although costly but this chair should survive years of usages easily. And the comfort is top-notch.

If you are after luxury executive chairs then this is the best choice.

This one of those executive office chairs that provides maximum comfort and features.

As far as executive chairs prices go, this is one of the costliest but very comfortable.

Top Features:

  • Comes with a headrest.
  • Thick cushions.
  • Ergonomic features with lumbar support.
  • Waterfall seat design with good seat depth.
  • Full Metal frame.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Premium leatherette used all over this chair.
  • Metal base with castor wheels.
  • Has title support and tilt tension control.
  • The carbon steel frame and metal base is durable and can support a lot of weight.
  • The headrest and overall posture support features are great. It will help you to be upright in a seated position with the natural curve of your spine.
  • The leatherette used is very soft and premium.
  • It is very easy to clean the chair.
  • The waterfall seat design allows good blood flow into your feet promoting good health.
  • The tilt support is great too.
  • Perfect as a premium executive chair where you can work for hours without any pain.
  • Comes in rich brown and black colors.
  • Although bulky, this chair comes in semi assembled condition.
  • This is one of the expensive executive chairs in India.
  • Arm rests are not adjustable.

Rose Designer Chairs SpaceX Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

These are made by Indian executive chairs manufacturers and are of good quality and comfortable also.

There is some lumbar support can be used for long hours of time easily.

Rose designer chairs are another very comfortable leather like material covered chair with cushions all over it.

Top Features:

  • Can support 100kgs – 130kgs.
  • Heavily cushioned headrest, arm rest and seat.
  • Has a nylon base with castor wheels.
  • Comes in wide range of color styles.

Chair pillow for back pain

  • Suitable for big and tall users.
  • Padded headrest and arm rests are comfortable.
  • Seat height adjustable and comes with a waterfall design seat for better blood flow.
  • Nylon castor wheels are of good quality.
  • Comes with additional shoulder/back support.
  • Have good lumbar spine support, so you can work for longer hours of work easily.
  • Assembling requires no tools.
  • Overall, the chair is quite big.
  • Armrest are not adjustable.
  • Would have been better if the base was made out of metal.

Green Soul ® Crystal High-Back Mesh Office Executive Ergonomic Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a computer chair which is a high back executive chair with good weight capacity, head rest, adjustable arm rest then get this one.

With 3 years warranty, you can not get wrong with this breathable executive chair in India.

The Green soul mesh chair with headrest is one of the best high back chairs in India.

This is also being considered as one of the best computer chairs in India as well.

Top Features:

  • Mesh material used all over the chair.
  • Headrest available and height adjustable.
  • Arm rest are adjustable.
  • Seat height is also adjustable.
  • Lumbar spine support.
  • Breathable mesh back.
  • Coat hanger at the back of the chair.
  • 90 – 120-degree tilt.
  • 360 degree swivels.
  • Metal base and 50 mm castor wheels.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Made in India.
  • Definitely a great choice for computer users.
  • Also, great for writers due to the adjustable arm rest, you can get closer to the table without bending forward.
  • Good choice for warmer areas. The breathable mesh back does help with sweat and breathability.
  • The head rest is adjustable so you can set it up as per your height.
  • The tilt angles and tension knob works well for home and for office work purposes.
  • The metal base is strong and can support weight up to 110 kgs.
  • The seat height ,arm rest height and headrest is suitable for people from the height of 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 1 inches.
  • Seat width is decent.
  • Will help keep away spine, neck and shoulder pain.
  • The seat design is also helpful for maintaining blood flow to the lower body.
  • Overall, the seat is also comfortable for long work hours.
  • Nothing for the price.

CELLBELL® C102 High Back Office Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

These types of executive chairs in India do not break the bank but yet provide good experience as per executive chairs goes.

It is very comfortable for long hours of study and computer work. But it might get too hot in warmer area

Cellbell c102 is a mid-range high back office chair with faux leather outer layer.

Top Features:

  • Soft Cushion all over the chair with added shoulder and hip support.
  • Comfortable padded arm rest.
  • Metal base with 50 mm castor wheels.
  • 5 star wheelbase with 110 kg weight support.
  • Class 4 gas lift mechanism to adjust seat height.
  • Tilt mechanism with 90 -110-degree tilt adjustment.
  • Comes in three unique color combinations.
  • Pneumatic Hydraulic seat adjustment with 5 inch range, so your feet stays on the floor.
  • Suitable for varied heights of people.
  • 4 inch thick padded seat for extra comfort for long hours of work.
  • 5 start shaped metal bases is great.
  • The headrest is well padded and works great.
  • Easy push tilting option as you can adjust it as per your requirement.
  • Not good if you want to seat real close to your desk, can be a dealbreaker for some.
  • You might need to add a small cushion to support your lumbar spine more.

Casa Copenhagen Executive Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you live in areas where summer is the main season, and you do not have an AC then this chair is your best option. Works well for home office and for traditional office with long office hours.

This is one of those executive chairs models that I would buy for myself easily.

This is an amazing chair at this price point.

Comes with an headrest with durable base. Check all the features below!

Top Features:

  • Comes with an angle adjusting headrest.
  • Chrome plated steel base.
  • Front and back adjustable lumbar spine support.
  • Adjustable arm rest.
  • Durable castor wheels.
  • Mesh back.
  • Good cloth like material all over the chair
  • Breathable back and overall fabric used on this chair is a good one.
  • Seat cushion is comfortable but could be better.
  • Adjustable headrest and arm rests are great for more customizable fit as per your body.
  • Adjustable armrests allow you to get closer to the table.
  • Metal base can take a lot of weight and the castors are also durable.
  • Few buyers have complained about customer support.
  • Does not look like those executive business chairs.

MISURAA Xenon Aluminium High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

This is one of the few aluminum based white executive chairs in India.

It has good mid-back and lower back support that should be enough to get you through a hectic day of work.

This is definitely the best mesh back executive chair that you can buy.

This chair is definitely one of the most preferred perfect office chair.

A refreshing design when it comes to executive chairs.

Comes with a high back feature with ergonomic design.

Top Features:

  • Almost 86% of people who have bought this chair have liked this a lot.
  • White and gray color looks great.
  • Frame has both plastic and metal build.
  • The base is made out of metal and is very durable with castor wheels.
  • Can support weight up to 140 kgs.
  • Comes with adjustable headrest.
  • The lumbar support can be adjusted as well.
  • The arm rests are also adjustable.
  • There is also a good tilt mechanism, tilt lock and tension knob lever to control it.
  • The most of the fabric on this chair is mesh based. This will keep your body cool.
  • The entire back is made up with durable mesh fabric.
  • Really durable metal base and castor wheels which can support the heaviest person easily.
  • The mesh back is durable but allows ample amount of air to pass through.
  • The lumbar spine support, head rest, arm rests are adjustable, making it a great option for personalized adjustments.
  • Good for executives and for home office purposes.
  • Comfortable for long time usages in warm climates as well.
  • There is also another version of this same chair without the headrest at a lower price point.
  • Costly for the headrest version.

Casa Copenhagen High Back Leatherette Executive Office chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you sit in an AC room for all day, then this comfortable chair is your best buy when it comes to setting up a home office and buying an executive chair.

Casa Copenhagen is a popular chair brand and this leatherette chair is really comfortable as the boss chair in the office.

Top Features:

  • Aluminum frame chair with 120kgs max weight supported.
  • Pneumatic Hydraulic seat height adjustment system.
  • Ergonomically designed back and arms.
  • Wide and soft seat cushion.
  • Comes in many color variations.
  • 24 months warranty.
  • Very good quality, premium feeling outer chair material.
  • This is also a good chair with a highly durable base.
  • Can be used in home office as an executive chair.
  • Seat is wide enough with soft cushion.
  • Revolving feature is also good.
  • The boss chair also has some cushion made headrest, but not adjustable.
  • This is one of the executive chairs for sale in India if you do not mind the non-adjustable arm and headrest.
  • Armrests are not adjustable.
  • Also not a breathable material.

Finch Fox High Back Faux Leather Executive Office chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want a simple looking office chair for home or for your office, then this can solve your problem.

The grey/silver color design is easy to blend and looks cool.

This is a great option when considering a executive office guest chairs for your office.

You can however use it for your home office also.

Top Features:

  • High back design.
  • Decent colored model.
  • Metal base with strong castor wheels.
  • Max weight support 110kgs.
  • Tilt mechanism.
  • Swivel also works great.
  • Height adjustable to 2 inches.
  • Ribbed back feels good.
  • Has decent lumbar spine support.
  • High back design which can support your entire back.
  • The ribbed design and foam feels good and soft on your back side.
  • The overall build feel strong and durable.
  • The swivel and height adjustment works with ease.
  • The tilt is good and there is a locking system too.
  • Affordable options when it comes to modern looking executive chair.
  • At this price range, many executive chairs do come with covered arm rests, adjustable headrests also.

AmazonBasics Full Back Executive Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a low to moderate cost chair with good comfort, then you can look into this model.

But this has limited ergonomic features than the rest.

This is a beautiful, comfortable chair with soft padded armrest and back rest.

This executive chair looks great and works as expected.

Top Features:

  • Comfortable sitting arrangement with soft bonded leather and pvc material.
  • Padded seat and arm rest for long day of work.
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment feature
  • 360 degree swivels
  • Strong base which can support around 124 kg of weight.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Provides good back and shoulder support for a long day of work.
  • Seat height is adjustable so you can sit comfortably.
  • Chair base is durable with nylon castor wheels.
  • Can support a lot of weight, so good for long day of sitting and good for heavy person.
  • Many feel the faux leather used is not a good one and might go bad within a year or less.
  • Not really good for extended period of time.

Buying Guide Of The Best Executive Chairs In India

If you want to buy executive chairs then here are the top tips that you should consider while buying executive chairs.

While shopping for them, you will find designer executive office chairs as well, but those will be very costly. Unless you want to spend a lot after premium executive office chairs, then you should look for discounted executive office chairs.


Lumbar Spine Support

Best office chairs brands in India offer good lumbar spine support. This helps with long office hours less painful. Since we are not designed to seat all day, thus the ergonomic executive chairs are great.

Many on the other hand likes wooden executive office chairs, even if those have straight back. But usually luxury executive office chairs provide good support with soft cushions.

Ergonomic desk chair and task chairs often has adjustable backrests so these are the ideal office chair for all of us.

Seat height adjustments

This is the most common feature of all the best office chairs in India. Ideally, your feet should touch the floor at 90 degrees for best posture. You should see BIFMA certified gas lift hydraulic systems and those are very reliable.

Height-adjustable seats with durable design are most preferred over any leather office chair.

Arm rest Adjustments

Arm rest adjustments are hard to find, especially in the vintage executive office chairs. But modern office executive chairs offer the feature, and most gaming chairs in India also offer the same.

It is a very useful feature to keep your arm well rested and reduce shoulder strain.

Without height-adjustable armrests the level of comfort will drop. And you will not be able to sit in a correct position. To achieve ergonomic position and optimum comfort level your adjustable functions of the chair should work.


Head Rest

Many high back executive office chairs in India offer good headrest which is also adjustable. This is great for tall people, but since these premium executive chairs can be adjusted in every way, others can also use them.

High back head rest equipped executive chairs are costly, but worth it. This is a key ergonomic options that you should look for to get proper ergonomic seating experience and avoid neck pain.

Overall Dimensions

If you are buying executive office chairs online, then do look for the dimensions. Usually, most executive chairs online will have a seat width around 19 inches. But for many like me that will not be enough.

If you see no seat dimensions mentioned, then ask the seller first.

Also, if you are a tall or short person then check the seat back rest, distance from seat to floor and arm rest length as well.


Mesh executive office chairs are ideal for hot weather and feels really nice also. But leather chairs in India have their own bossy look that you can not ignore. But those leather chairs in India might turn hot if you are not in an AC room.

And if the arm rests does not have cushion on them, then the top material should feel smooth to the skin as well.



The executive office furniture chairs should have some good quality cushions. Otherwise, long sitting hours will be painful. Good chairs manufacturer in India will make their chairs as comfortable as possible and might use memory foam on the seat and arm rest.

Most cushion also has a mesh design to make it a comfortable seat. 

Strong Base

If you look into detail on executive office chairs specifications, then you will see many chairs offer nylon base. And many offer metal aluminum base. Metal base is stronger and better since it can support way more weight than nylon bases.

Also, swivel is another feature that is related to chair bases. You should get smooth swivel no matter what chair you select.


Tilt Feature

Many chairs provide excellent tilt upto 105 degrees, this is great to adjust as you need and also very useful if you want to rest.

Ergonomic computer chairs will be come an uncomfortable chair if it does not have excellent lumbar with tilt functions.

Castor wheels

A strong chair base is s as strong as the castor wheels it has. The castor wheels are generally of 50 mm, and they should work well, be durable.

Top Reasons to chose Executive office chairs!



While cheap executive chairs fail to provide you soft cushion, wide arm rest and wide seat for maximum comfort, their premium executive chairs provide you those.

More comfort sitting arrangement means more productivity and no pain.


Posture Support

High back executive chairs have good posture support, this helps in reducing back pain and neck pain. Good posture is needed since you will be sitting for 6-7 hours or more in that chair. High-end executive chairs provide all the posture support which are likely to be adjustable, so you are set for a healthy office work day.


Minimal Neck Pain

High back executive chairs and neck support makes it possible to rest your neck/head easily. That is why you will have less neck pain. And there will be less pain in your upper back as well. But the more you lean forward, the more pain you will get, so an adjustable arm rest is also a must-have feature.

Since using that, you can lower it or increase the height to support your shoulders.

Also, it helps to sit closer to the desk so you do not have to lean forward.


Improves Energy Level and Mood

Executive chairs offer good posture and maximum comfort so without any pain, thus it will improve your energy level and mood.



Since there is nobody pain, and you have high energy levels, your productivity should raise up naturally.



Which chair is best for long hours of sitting?

Premium executive chairs are better for long hours of sitting than cheap executive office chairs. These chair should have cushion, lumbar support and head support.


Which type of chair is best for long sitting in India?

Fabric executive office chairs are good for long sitting in India. They allow air to pass through and if they have proper lumbar support, then these chairs are the best investment that you can make for your home office.


What chair is best for posture?

Executive chairs with lumbar support are good for postures. And the chair becomes better if it comes with adjustable arm rest and head rest as well.


How should you sit when working from home?

If you have a posture friendly chair then sitting straight would do just fine. Otherwise, you have to buy those posture pillows and use them. They work great for those wooden chairs. If you are sitting on your bed with laptop then use a laptop table. Choose a table height where you can stretch your legs.


Who makes the best quality office chairs?

Godrej interio executive chairs, nilkamal executive chairs or the chairs by Green soul are of good quality.


How do I make myself more comfortable when sitting?

Make sure to have air circulation, ample amount of light and air conditioner/air cooler etc on. And for chair you should choose a chair which offers lumbar support, if not then get those lumbar pillows. This way you can make yourself more comfortable while working from home. For more, you should check my home setup guide here.

What are ergonomic chairs made of?

Ergonomic chairs are made with mesh like material, steel/aluminum, foam cushions and leather like materials.

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