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I have been using one Exide C20 150ah battery since the last 12 years and I am highly satisfied. Of course now it gives lower battery backup time but it still works. For me that would be the best inverter battery in India. But I am finally going to upgrade my whole battery inverter combo system and I’m looking for the best inverter battery in India

I have been using one Exide C20 150ah battery since the last 12 years and I am highly satisfied. Of course now it gives lower battery backup time but it still works. For me that would be the best inverter battery in India. But I am finally going to upgrade my whole battery inverter combo system and I’m looking for the best inverter battery in India and here is what I find – 

Best Inverter Battery India – Best for Home

Inverter Battery India Our Thoughts
LUMINOUS RC 25000 200AH Best inverter battery 200ah
EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150Ah Insta Brite Lowest Maintenance
LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Good tall tubular battery
V-Guard Vt200 200Ah Good alternative to other battery brands in India

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Final Verdict: Get this model if you are looking for long backups and want to use in areas where power cut is very frequent. There are no such cons to this inverter battery.

Luminous RC25000 200AH batteries are factory charged, you can use it right away. This is a rugged tubular battery suitable for frequent power cut areas. This 200Ah battery also provides high backup performance. And it has excellent overcharge protection with minimum maintenance. 

Battery dimensions are 50.2 x 19.1 x 44 cm and weight is 58 kg when full. This battery is a flooded cell battery.

The 200ah battery comes with a 36 months warranty. And for its backup capability this can also be used for small offices. 

This is the best inverter battery 200ah capacity and definitely deserves to be in the top 10 inverter batteries in India.

The battery is created using a High Pressure Die casting machine to create the structure. And the inner spine alloy is made of corrosion free material so the battery can work flawlessly for longer.

Top features:

  • 12V battery
  • 200AH capacity
  • 58 kg weight
  • 36 months backup
  • Can give long time backup
  • Fast charging
  • Life expectancy can be around 5 years or more easily.

EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150Ah Insta Brite Inverter Ups Battery


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Final Verdict: I like this battery for its low maintenance feature and it is a new model so it comes with a lot more features. Those features are anti spill, fume resistant, ventilated lid and more.

This Exide inverter battery is what my neighbour is using now and so far there are no complaints. And the maintenance is very low too. The exterior of the battery is very good and even comes with handles to hold on. The battery is heavy, around 60 kgs. 

The exterior of the battery is very tough and does not get effected by corrosion, abrasions, also it is splash proof. It has easy to see water level indicators so you can pour in distilled water when needed.

There is also a spark arrestor which floats and stops the battery from spilling acids from it. Thus there is no chance of leak and the battery is fume resistant.

This battery also comes charged from the factory.

Exide inverter batteries like this Instabrite has thick plate construction with a special paste formula. The special hybrid alloy system in this allows low water loss and that means you will spend less time maintaining it.

The top part has ventilated leads which stopes any fume build up, lets the gas escape if build any.

Exide Instabrite batteries has dual plate separation, PR= Gm that reduces the chances of battery failure. 

Exide inverter battery weighs around 41 kg, it has 36 months (18F + 18P) warranty.

To get the warranty you can register your battery on the exide website. The dimensions are  30.5 X 25.4 X 22.9 cm.

Top features:

  • Can tolerate high temperatures.
  • Anti splash guards
  • Spark arrestor to stop any acid leaks and fumes.
  • Resistance to internal short circuits.

LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

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Final Verdict: A very popular and reliable battery for inverters. Good for using in the areas where power cuts are frequent.

Luminous RC 18000 150 AH batteries are tall tubular batteries which provide great back up time and fast charging. It has around 1250 charge cycles at 80% depth of charge. It provides a total of 36 months of warranty, out of which 18 months is replacement and next 18 months are pro-rata.

This battery has unique patented alloy make and that protects the lead part of the battery protected from corrosion. The design of the battery structure allows it to be very durable and can withstand long power cuts. These batteries are made with corrosion-resistant spine alloy composition that keeps the battery life longer.

The battery is made with HADI, High Pressure Die Casting so the outside of the battery is very durable. 

Top Features:

  • 60 kg weight
  • 36 month warranty
  • Longer battery life
  • Flooded cell battery
  • Fast charge

V-Guard Vt200 200Ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

V-Guard Vt200 200Ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

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Final Verdict: V-guard is not Exide or Luminous but provides great battery back ups. And their batteries are also well built.

V Guard is another popular inverter battery brand in India, which makes batteries on capacities like 200 Ah, 135 Ah etc. These are compatible with Exide, luminous inverters and others.

Depending upon the load the battery can provide backup from 3 hour 30 minutes to 54 hours.

These V-guard batteries are suitable for high power outage areas. They are reliable and sturdy.

Batter dimensions –


Weight 69 kg, perhaps the heaviest battery in this list.

Total warranty is 36 months, out of which 18 months is Pro rated.

Top features:

  • 69 kg weight
  • Good areas with long power cuts
  • 36 month warranty

Best battery brand in India

My top inverter battery brands are Exide and Luminous.

I have been using Exide for 12 years now and the batter still runs and gives some backups. I will be updating to a solar or hybrid inverter and then I will get a solar battery by Exide as well.

My second choice would be Luminous, Luminous offers good value for money inverter batteries in India. And they have pan India support system.

Inverter battery Buying Guide

Inverter Compatibility: Since you are looking for an inverter battery in India thus what you should check first the inverter limit. Many inverted support 1 12v battery, some support a 24v system with two 2 12v batteries. Generally there are no capacity limit on batteries as per inverters. You can use 100ah, 150ah, 220ah etc. But there is something called VA rating. VA rating says how much load your inverter can support.

For example if your electric consumption in watts is 900 watts then power factor will be 900/0.7 = 1285 VA. so you should look for inverters with at least 1285VA capacity.

Battery Capacity:

More the Ah, more battery backup you will get. So if you live in the areas where electric cut offs are very frequent then you must get the largest battery size that you can afford. Presently in the market the 220Ah is the highest capacity inverter battery.

But you can also do this – Battery Capacity = Watts needed * Backup hours / Battery voltage

So to run 900 watts for 5 hours you will need battery capacity of 375Ah.

You can determine battery capacity needed like this way and buy your inverter battery.

Backup time:

Now you know the VA and can get an appropriate inverter and battery but how many hours can you run that load?

The formula you saw above, you can just change things there if you want to know the backup time of a 150Ah battery on 900 watts load. This is effective if you have budget for only a particular Ah size battery.

In our example, the formula would look like this

Backup hours = Battery capacity * Battery Voltage / Watts required

So a 150Ah battery can run 900 watts of load for 2 hours.

Buy as per power requirement:

You can also buy as per your load. In this case you may use this formula – 

Battery Capacity = Watts needed * Backup hours / Battery voltage

If some huge number appears as required battery capacity then you want to go for double battery inverter systems. Here you can add 1 150ah 12 v batteries or 2 200ah batteries and so on.

This will definitely increase the cost of the total system.

Battery Type:

As I have been using a tubular battery for the last 12 years, I can say maintenance is a chore. It is really tough to get your mind on cleaning the battery and replenish the distilled water.

Inverter batteries are 4 types

Flat Plate Battery:

These types of batteries were used for inverters before but now the majority of batteries are tubular. A Flat plate battery has a life around 3 years with 500- 800 charge cycles.

These are also bulky in size and require maintenance like cleaning and distilled water level maintenance.

These are only good for low powered electric devices.

Tubular Battery:

For now the most common and versatile inverter battery in India. This battery is good for running heavy loads and has charging cycles of 1000+. These are also bulky depending on the model so you will need good space with ventilation, cleaning, distilled water. If maintenance is done properly it will last a long time. Usually you will get 58 – 60 months warranty dispensing on the brand.

Sealed Lead Acid Battery:

These batteries have very low capacity and no maintenance. These are mostly used in the UPS system and can not give backup for more than 30 minutes. Usually not to be used for inverters.

LiFePO4 Battery:

Lifepo4 batteries are the newest, the best and costliest inverter battery so far. This is a lithium iron battery,similar to the lithium ion batteries. There are no maintenance needed for these type of batteries and they will last for at least 7 years or more at your home.These are also very low weight if compared to tubular batteries.

In our country LifePo4 batteries with big storage capacity are still rare due to demand and cost of those batteries are really high.

Material Quality:

Check for the manual to find out what is inside the battery. What type of standard it is maintaining. Also outside should be rugged and thick. It will better then as the battery will not be affected by external heat.


Good battery brands like Exide, Luminous offer great quality batteries. Also depending on the brand you get extended warranty or replacement warranty. Also there is after sales support, your battery may face some issues after being in use for some time. And to fix it you have to have excellent support from the brand. Also battery brands must have easy helpline numbers to book service, complaints etc.


48 months, 60 months warranty are common nowadays. Many offer complete replacement if the battery has any issues, it is known as FOC. 

And after FOC comes Pro-rata, in that time if the battery stops working then you will pay some little amount of money to get it repaired.

Inverter battery Maintenance Tips

Use Vaseline:

The socket connection that connects the battery to the inverter slowly gets some corrosion. And if you do not treat it then your batter will not perform better. To keep corrosion building up on the socket, I am used to putting vaseline there, and it works. You can use other electric friendly greasy material as well.

Well ventilated place: Excess heat will decrease the efficiency of the inverter battery, so it should be placed in a well ventilated space. If you are placing the battery against the wall then keep some space in between the battery and wall. 

Clean off Dust:

Inverter batteries often collect dust and you should clear the water indicators and the sockets. You may use dry clothes for the whole body of the inverter battery. For the socket I use something wooden and then apply vaseline.

Use distilled water:

If you are using a tubular battery then you must maintain the water level. Without the proper water level your battery will not hold much electricity and will not provide optimum backup. And make sure to use distilled water only, no other water would do the work.

Remove corrosion:

Overtime the sockets/ wire joints will develop a form of corrosion which may hamper the quality of battery’s backup power. You can use a toothbrush to clean it up.

Use 5 star electric devices:

Use highest star rated devices as they consume less electricity and you will be able to get backup for much longer amount of time. You can also look for BLDC fans.

All these maintenance tips will increase your batter life over 10 years.


Which is the best inverter battery in India for home use?

Exide and Luminous are the best battery for inverter in India.

Which inverter battery is best for home use?

150Ah battery from Exide or Luminous is great for an average household needs.

Which is best inverter in India?

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 is a good option not considering hybrid inverters.

Which acid is used in inverter battery?

Sulfuric acid is used in inverter batteries, I once burnt my hand with that acid.

When should we add water to the inverter battery?

Usually there is a red ring on the transparent caps. If you see the inner floating plastic indicator is under the red cap then you should add water to that particle cap.

How many Ah battery do I need for home?

Battery Capacity = Watts needed * Backup hours / Battery voltage. Use this formula to know the battery capacity you need.

How to increase lifespan of inverter battery?

Use BLDC fan, energy efficient devices so that there is less stress on the battery. And battery backup is also longer.
The socket connection will have some corrosion or rust, from time to time you should clean with a brush and apply grease/ vaseline.

Clean the outside of the battery with dry cloth.

Distilled water level management is the key of long lasting battery life. Usually once a month you will see water level below the recommended level.

How to know if the battery is fully charged?

Usually the inverter that you are using will have some indicator that will show battery charging level.

What type of battery is required for frequent power cuts?

Higher capacity batteries and tubular batteries are your best bet here, lifePo4 batteries are way more costly than what most homes could afford. Tubular battery can run multiple heavy loa electronic devices and are durable for any weather condition.

What does battery capacity mean?

Ah means Ampere hours, 1 ampere is 3600 coulombs of charge. Use the formulas in this blog to calculate your battery Ah requirement.

What is an inverter battery bank?

If you are using more than one battery with your inverter then it is called an inverter battery bank. You get long backup time with the high cost of the batteries.

Do all inverters come with Battery?

Only combos come with an inverter and battery. Sometimes you also get battery cover. Otherwise you can buy an inverter and battery separately.

Use the inverter battery for solar charging?

There are separate solar batteries available which you can use with hybrid or solar inverters to charge from solar. But You can use non solar inverter batteries also.

What is the best inverter and battery combination for home?

I would say get the UTL gamma+ hybrid inverter with one battery support. And depending on your needs get upto 220Ah battery. If you need more back up then pick up UTL gamma hybrid with 2 battery support. I am recommending this inverter as you can easily add up solar panel to it and charge batteries and run house electronics with solar power.

Best inverter battery price in India

Here are the average price range of batteries, but these will vary greatly when compared Online and Offline –

  • Luminous inverter battery price – Ranges from 5500 INR to 20,000 INR
  • Amaron inverter battery price: 60Ah battery costs around 6.5k INR and 165 Ah battery costs around 14500 INR. A bit costly than others.
  • Microtek inverter battery price: Inverter battery price ranges from 6,200 INR to 13,799 INR or more.
  • Inverter battery 180ah price: It could be around 23k INR.
  • Inverter battery under 10000 – There is one, Luminous 120AH RC15000. There are few more but mostly not available online.
  • Inverter battery under 6000 – Luminous 60 Ah battery
  • Inverter battery under 8000 – Luminous 60 Ah battery

All the prices mentioned above were noted from the manufacturer websites – these could change anytime.

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