Best mosquito bat brands in India

Monsoon or not in my home I have mosquitoes in all seasons except the winter. We do not have cogged water but from the garden they just come into our house. Now we have tried …

Monsoon or not in my home I have mosquitoes in all seasons except the winter. We do not have cogged water but from the garden they just come into our house.

Now we have tried many mosquito bats over the past few years and here are my best mosquito bat brands in India along with the best mosquito bat in India that they offer. 

Only using the best mosquito bat in India you can instantly kill away mosquitos and you control all aspects of it.

That just does not happen with coils, amts, repellants etc. Those have their usages off course but mosquito bats in India take the top tier.

Note: Mosquito bats in India can provide immediate effect and can create a feeling of satisfaction but these are temporary.

Mosquitoes will keep on coming and replace those who just died. It is always better to implement other tactics like cleaning house, sprays etc as mosquito repellent. These will also help with bites.

Best Mosquito Bat Brands in India and their mosquito bats

Mosquito Killing Bat Name Bat Brand Battery Capacity
Viola Mosquito Killer Bat with Powerful Battery Voila (Made in India) 1500 and 1300 mAh
Nippo Terminator Mini Rechargeable Mosquito Bat Nippo (Made in India) 1200 mAh
HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet Godrej 400 mAh
Hunter Mosquito Bat (AA batteries) Hunter (Made in India) 2 AA batteries
AKSHARA-VICTORY Powerful Mosquito bat AKSHARA-VICTORY (Made in India) Unknown
OBIT Powerful, Super Quality Mosquito bat Trimmz Unknown
Pick Ur Needs® Rocklight Mosquito Racket Pick Ur Needs Unknown
Mr. Right MR-i5615 Electric Mosquito Bat Unknown Unknown


best mosquito bat brands in India

Viola Mosquito Killer Bat with Powerful Battery

Viola Mosquito Killer Bat with Powerful Battery

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Final Verdict: A must buy Indian product that will help with keeping the number of mosquitoes in check.

The main feature is the battery which will enable you to swing the bat for longer.

  • Mosquito Bat Brand: Voila
  • Made in India
  • Battery: 1500 and 1300 mAh

If you want to buy Make in India products and that too to be the best one. Then you should consider the Voila mosquito killer bat. It has an enormous battery of 1500 mAh that will last really long. The charging port is the usual micro usb port so your phone charger and USB cable can be used to charge this.

Almost 4 hours will be required to fully charge this battery, the stand by time of this mosquito bat in India could be around 30 days.

Battery is completely removable and you can charge it separately too, if you have adequate charger.

You also get a full 1 year warranty.

The mosquito bat body is made of aircraft grade ABS plastic, it is highly durable incase you accidentally hit it on the wall or furniture. The zap button is really big and it is ergonomically placed so you do not need to put much effort. 

This device has a bright white LED which you can turn on to lure in insects and zap them at the same time.

It has an easy switch to turn the led and the electric at the same time.

Overall a good anti mosquito racquet rechargeable insect killer bat.

Nippo Terminator Mini Rechargeable Mosquito Rackets

Nippo Terminator Mini Rechargeable Mosquito Bat

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Final Verdict: Good battery life, nice design and durable and made in India. This is a good choice for people who want a sturdy but small sized racket. If you wish you can check the larger racket also.

  • Mosquito Bat Brand: Nippo
  • Made in India
  • Battery: 1200 mAh

Nippo is widely popular for their AA and AAA batteries and in their mosquito bat in India they are offering a huge 1200 mAh Li-ion battery. The racket is really light and and easy to swing. Nippo provides a 6 months warranty, which less than our no 1 rank mosquito bat in India.

But Nippo is a much older and reputed brand.

The battery can be charged for 500 times, it has inbuilt over charge and discharge protection. You can use it indoors as well as outdoors and the shock proof mesh is provided.

Note: The battery is not replaceable meaning you have to have some knowledge of electric circuits to do it.

Full charge may take 4-5 hours and after that you are ready to rage war against the invading mosquito. 

The mini version is quite smaller than the usual terminator version. The mini version can easily be carried though. Both have a very sturdy built

HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet

HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet

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Final Verdict:  If you are in for a branded product but with small battery backup then you can consider HIT mosquito bat.

Godrej is a known company and the bat should last for some time.

  • Mosquito Bat Brand: Hit by Godrej
  • Not Made in India
  • Battery: 400 mAh

HIT mosquito bat or Godrej mosquito bat is made from aircraft grade ABS plastic for long and strong life. Just one button and you can deliver 3500v DC voltage discharge to kill mosquitoes.

The battery is quite small though, it is only 400 mAh compared to our no 1 spot. You may get a day of battery backup only.

It has a useful LED light to kill mosquitoes in dark and the racket shape has slight corners. Which can be used to reach dark corners to kill mosquitoes.

You also get a 6 months warranty that you can get by after registering your product on the website.

Godrej HIt provides some combo buying options like racquet and spray.

Which is good as per my opinion. You can not always carry this bat and zap mosquitoes, you will need a way to repel mosquitoes as well.

You might get better customer care services here.

Hunter Mosquito Bat (AA batteries)

Hunter Mosquito Bat

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Final Verdict:  Due to usages of AA batteries many may feel the output is lower. Due to usage of 2 AA batteries you need to change the battery when they run out, that can be a hassle. You may use rechargeable batteries and use a different charger.

  • Mosquito Bat Brand: hunter
  • Made in India
  • Battery: N/A

Unlike the other mosquito bats this Hunter mosquito bat runs on 2 AA batteries. It is compact and durable to use and you can use any 2 AA batteries to run it.

It has 6.3 layers of net to protect from accidental shock.

Hunter bats are popular for these external layers of protection. And probably the only electric mosquito racket that comes with protective electric mesh wires.

It can be used both outdoors and indoors. The body is made of ABS plastic and the grip is quite good. 

Hunter mosquito bat comes in two sizes, one is mini which is for cars and other is the usual size. Both run on AA batteries.

A 100% safe and environmentally friendly way of removing pests from your house.

Although killing annoying mosquitoes is fun but it does cost a lot of batteries.

AKSHARA-VICTORY Powerful Mosquito bat

AKSHARA-VICTORY Powerful Mosquito bat

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Final Verdict:  Due to usages of AA batteries many may feel the output is lower. Due to usage of 2 AA batteries you need to change the battery when they run out, that can be a hassle. You may use rechargeable batteries and use a different charger.

  • Mosquito Bat Brand: Akshara imported Heavy-Duty Mosquito racket
  • Made in India
  • Battery:  Unknown mAh

Although unknown, the battery is lithium polymer and this bat is made in India. The brand gives a 1 year warranty on all spare parts and battery. They claim that their battery will give stand by time of 60 days and back up of 30 days when using.

They have 2 different models also that you can directly whatsapp the brand to know more about.

The mosquito bat has 3 mesh layers to avoid accidental shocks to humans.

Akshara Heavy-Duty Mosquito bat also has a bright japanese LED to kill mosquitoes in the dark. Part from mosquitoes you can also kill small insects like fruit flies etc.

The battery can not be easily removable. Despite that I believe you will not need to replace it, many do say that the charge stays for a week or more even in use. Also the body is made of ABS plastic, it is really durable.

It is powered by replaceable battery and you have to do battery management depending on how you are using the electronic mosquito killer bat.

This Japanese technology based mosquito killer bat is great to have.

OBIT Powerful, Super Quality Mosquito bat

OBIT Powerful Super Quality Mosquito bat

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Final Verdict:  A budget recommended bat for killing mosquitoes.

This electric mosquito killer also comes with an inbuilt LED light that is a bonus as well.

  • Mosquito Bat Brand: Trimmz
  • Battery:  Unknown mAh

This is a budget mosquito bat brand in India which comes with a LED light and rechargeable battery. Battery is not removable though. You get a warranty of 1 year, battery charge lasts for at least 2 days.

This has a plastic body which is not so light so it may feel good when you swing it.

Also the build is quite good at this price point.

Use this device with mosquito repellents and you will get annoying mosquito free house.

This is an excellent solution to use electric current to kill mosquitoes with a small budget.

Pick Ur Needs® Rocklight Mosquito Racket

Pick Ur Needs® Rocklight Mosquito Racket

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Final Verdict:  This bat is a mid range product which offers decent output voltage discharge. But you do have some top of the line options which can offer more with more warranty.

This Rockilght mosquito bat has good design but battery capacity and making country is not known. But still it is a good product which gives almost 3 days backup after once fully charged.

You can keep on using it for 4.5 hours after charging. And the rechargeable feature is also a great option to use.

This mosquito bat in India can deliver 2500 voltage DC discharge and offers a wide bat area. The mesh layer is strong and the body is made of ABS plastic so it is very durable.

And this mosquito killer bat also have some sort of compact design as well.

Mr. Right MR-i5615 Electric Mosquito Bat

Mr. Right MR i5615 Electric Mosquito Bat

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Final Verdict:  If you are in for the most DC discharge power then buy this mosquito bat in India.

This mosquito bat provides the highest power shocks and you should be very careful.

The Led torch is bight enough.

It has a bigger zap area with 7 levels of safety for accidental shocks. It is made of aircraft grade ABS material. Also have a bright LED light torch. The torch enables you to use it in dark. As for pricing it is a mid tier racket.

Mr. Right also provides a 6 months warranty.

The highest voltage dc discharge is claimed by Mr.Right which is 4500 V DC. Which is tops every other mosquito killing bats in India.

This is a high product quality bat with rechargeable feature and high electric voltage output vie wire mesh.

As per the product label with that much power this will get rid of the mosquitoes.

I am not sure about the battery capacity or the origin of the manufacturer. I am afraid this is not a made in India product.

Otherwise many claim that it’s been a month and they have not recharged the bat, so it seems the battery capacity is high.

Mosquito killer bat in India buying guide

Removable Battery: If the battery is li polymer and it is easily removable then you can swap it when it is not working. Or you can even keep a secondary battery all charged up as back up!

Long battery Life: Long battery life is required so that you can keep on using the mosquito killing bat for a long period of time.

Durable body: Accidentally I once slapped my local made mosquito bat on a furniture, the mesh got a little messed up. So you should take care of your surroundings and take care of your bat. With a ABS made durable body your mosquito bat will last longer. Check our list of best mosquito bat brands in India.

Torch: Torch can be fixed or removable. In case of removable you can use it as a separate item. That is a nice feature to have but at that time you will not be able to use the racket. Otherwise a LED on the bat can help when operating in the dark.

So far non offers detachable LED torch.

Warranty: Usually they give 6 months of warranty but many mosquito bat brands in India offer 1 year warranty on all parts.

These are the points you should consider when buying a mosquito bat for your home. Also you should consider all the Mosquito bat Brands in India :

Voila: Voila is a fairly new brand in this list of best mosquito bat brands and their product first came online in this 2020 year only. The main features of voila mosquito killer bats are their battery, their base model comes 1300mAh and the high end model comes with 1500mAh battery. That are also removable meaning you can change a much higher capacity battery in it or replace the battery when it dies.

AKSHARA-VICTORY: This mosquito killer bat brand is a made in India product and offers a full 1 year warranty. Their mosquito killer bat first came online in 2017. It has a LED and well built body with ABS plastic.

HIT: HIT is a brand by Godrej who is a leader in many other segments itself. HIT is their brand in the segment of insect repellent. HIT mosquito bat first came only in May 2019. Apart from the bat they have many sprays most famous will be the cockroach killer and then the flying insect killer spray. The HIT mosquito bat has high quality plastic make with a dense net area so mosquitoes can not escape. It has a 400mAh battery and can be charged 200 times, once charged the battery will keep the charge for around 30 days max. This means HIT provides month of standby time.

Nippo: Whenever you would go out to buy AAA batteries you will get Nippo. Here they have come up with a well designed mosquito racket that has Li-ion battery which have 1200 MAh battery capacity. You also get a 6 months warranty. Full charge can happen in 4 hours and have a hard plastic body.

Usually do not pay much attention to the voltage discharge power, it usually does not matter. Mosquitoes do not need much power to die.

How to repel mosquitos?

For a small scale, odomos works. For a room you can spray hit or use other repellent chemicals. Or if you are in the mood then use mosquito killer bats to actively kill them.

Either way a combination of mosquito repellents and chemicals and other mosquito killing devices should work. Only usages of mosquito bats are not a perfect choice.

You can also take some swing at your backyard also to kill some there. And sine you are in the backyard you should drain any standing water there, if any.

Best mosquito bat in India alternatives?

Actually you will not be able to charge and carry the bat with you every time. You might even be busy with work or daily chores and I do not expect you do swing the mosquito killer racket every time. To kill mosquitoes with bats you need to be alert and have to do the killing by yourself with full focus. And they can not really give coverage for corners also.

And none of the bats provide shockproof mesh so without the electric shock proof mesh around it is not good to use around children.

Best alternative to these bats will be electric mosquito killers and weekly/daily spraying of insecticides/Pesticides. These are like poison to them and will stop mosquito growth quickly.

Using Citronella-oil, Citronella/lemongrass candles, Oil of lemon eucalyptus, peppermint, essential oils will also keep mosquitoes at bat. These natural oils are good mosquito repellants which are good for 5-6 hours at least.

You can also use repellent lotion. These lotions might also help with the irritation on your skin caused by mosquito bites.

To effectively use the lotion, rub them on the areas like elbow, ankle etc.

Or you can just spray mosquito repellents instead of other bug repellent which are aerosol based.

And hopefully you are not allergic to other solutions. But those chemicals are great at disease control and some will also kill the larvae of mosquitoes in stagnant water.

Due to the nature of the bats, there is not mach customer service since these are available in affordable price.

How mosquito bat works

The electric stored in the battery and a circuit controls it. It controls and sends the electric to the net and electrifies it. It has two mesh layers and when the mosquito or any other objects touches the both layers the circuit gets completed and it gets the shock.

And since mosquitoes do get attracted to us by carbon-dioxide thus having a zapper at hand is great.

This may also seem better than bug spray which may or might not work. Where was you can effectively doing mosquito control without any insecticides.

None of these mosquito bats are eco-friendly product due to the way these are being made and electric consumption.


Are mosquito bats dangerous?

From an electrocution point of view it is not, the electric shock it gets is mere 5mA which is enough for mosquitoes to die but not for us. We will definitely feel some shock but not life threatening at all. And while disposing of old mosquito bats in India, the lead in the battery may pollute the earth.

What is the cost of mosquito bat?

Higher capacity battery and better build quality makes the cost high for an mosquito bat. In India the cost of zappers is in between 300 – 900 INR.

Which is the best mosquito killer in India?

Prevention is the best mosquito killer in India. A clean house, clean drainage system, no clogged water will stop this mosquito problem from the source. Insect killer spray, mosquito bats are all temporary but will keep these pesky creatures at bay.

What is a good homemade mosquito repellent?

Camphor, neem oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus (most known) and also citronella grass. You can dry the leaves or flowers and burn them and the smoke will repel mosquitoes. This will help you get away from the biting.

Can mosquito racket kill human?

The electric that is present in the mesh is too small to kill a human.

Is mosquito racket safe?

Definitely not for children but with adult hands it is safe. The batteries and the racket system does not produce that much electricity to harm a human. It will help you with keep away malaria, dengue and this solution is also odor less.

Which battery is used in mosquito bat?

Sealed Lead acid battery of 500mah or polymer battery of 1200 mAh. Higher the battery higher the function time will be.

How do you charge a mosquito bat?

If you have the bat where the plug is already in built then you just have to push it in and turn on the switch, the light will turn on and you will know that it is being charged.

Can we repair mosquito bat?

You can if you know about chip level repairing and have a soldering tool kit. But if the battery is okay and the circuit board is faulty i would recommend that you buy another new bat instead.

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