Best mosquito killer spray in India

I am going to discuss the easy to use and best mosquito killer spray in India. If you are really into spraying strong chemicals to kill mosquitoes, then visit here.

And you will also be able to find some of the best mosquito killer spray for the yard.

The items in this list are mostly categorized as mosquito killer spray indoor.

Best mosquito killer spray in India

Bayer Solfac chemical mosquito killer spray

Kills adult mosquitoes from home

HIT Mosquito and Fly Killer Spray

Knocks Down mosquitoes

DND Nanosol Mosquito killer Spray

Might kill mosquitoes

Mortein 2-in-1 mosquito killer spray

Knocks Down mosquitoes

Baygon Mosquito Killer Spray

Knocks Down mosquitoes

Odomos Narurals Mosquito Repellant Spray

Herbal mosquito repellent

Mosquito Repellent Natural Spray by mamaearth

Especially made for babies

Herbal Strategi Justspray Herbal Mosquito Repellent Room Spray

Strong Smell herbal mosquito killer

Yes, not considering any best homemade mosquito killer since as per my experience those do not work much.

And no homemade mosquito spray for yard would survive the wild mosquitoes 🙂

best mosquito killer spray in India

Reviews Best mosquito killer spray in India

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Here are the best mosquito killer spray in India that do not require mixing the chemical. And neither needs any mosquito killer spray machine. 

Since this is for the average home user I have also skipped the professional mosquito control products. For those you can go here.

HIT Mosquito and Fly Killer Spray

Why Should You Buy this?

If you live in closed off apartments with a very few mosquitoes to deal with then this HIT spray might help.

HIT spray will most likely repel the mosquitoes and not kill them.

And also note that this will not work for outdoor and open room use cases.

HIT is the most common and well used mosquito killer spray in India.

In my experience this spray does the repelling better than killing.

  • Fresh lime smell.
  • Works great for a closed room.
  • Regular spray will help reduce mosquitoes in your house.
  • Although it might not kill but might knock them down.
  • The chemical might work differently for various mosquito species.
  • Not a quick relief spray.
  • Regular sprays will empty the can faster.
  • Might not work for a large group of mosquitoes

DND Nanosol Flying Insect Killer Mosquito Repellent Spray

Why Should You Buy this?

Effective against mosquitoes and can be used indoors.

This spray does kills mosquitoes but you have to spray everyday like every other spray.

And the small bottle will get empty pretty fast.

DND Nanosol is probably the best mosquito killer spray indoor.

It has effective mosquito killer chemicals in India that you can spray easily.

  • The mosquito killer spray chemical works well for the price.
  • Works for indoor use only and might be the best option for small home or closed apartments.
  • Promises 12 hour relief.
  • Comes with vaporizer refills.
  • Safe for humans.
  • Metered dose so not wasting chemicals.
  • Does not last long.

Mortein 2-in-1 Mosquito and Cockroach killer Spray

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a handy mosquito killer spray then get this. It works the same as HIT.

That this is most probably to knock down the mosquitoes and not kill them quickly.

Mortein coils are well known mosquito repellent and the spray is good as well. 

  • Kills mosquitoes and cockroaches.
  • Comes with a nozzle to spray into the corners, nooks and corners.
  • Comes at 660ml size as well.
  • Might not kill but will surely knock the mosquitoes.
  • Might not work against all mosquitoes and not suitable for every home.

Baygon Mosquito & Fly Killer Spray

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are just after an alternative to HIT and Mortein then you can check this one out.

But the mortein also kills cockroaches where the Baygon only kills mosquitoes and flies.

Baygon is another popular mosquito and fly killer spray in India that is for indoor use.

  • Kills mosquito on contact.
  • Might help you kill hidden mosquitoes.
  • Can kill dengue spreading mosquitoes.
  • Will also kill flies.
  • No long term effect.
  • Not for outdoor and open rooms.

Odomos Narurals Mosquito Repellant Spray

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking to get a good herbal mosquito repellent to use without any chemical and which is also skin friendly then get this one.

I personally use it.

But it will not work with an excess amount of mosquitoes.

Odomos is a good mosquito repellent product that I use from time to time.

But I also do use some other products like coil, pesticides, and vaporizers with it for best results.

  • Skin friendly mosquito repellent.
  • Citronella helps to repel mosquitoes and the smell is good.
  • Does not uses any chemical.
  • Can work for 12 hours.
  • Ideal for kids.
  • Might not work with too much mosquitoes since you have to cover your body with this.

Mosquito Repellent Natural Spray by mamaearth

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a mosquito repellent that can be used by children just above 6 months age then you can get this one.

For the small bottle it does seem costly but the herbal ingredients of this, works to an extent and for that you can buy it.

Mamaearth is a known brand for making mosquito repellent for kids and this can be used by adults as well

  • Contains – Purified water, Cold pressed Soybean oil, Cold pressed Castor oil, Citronella oil, Cedar oil, Lemon eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil. The citronella, lemon eucalyptus oil are the mosquito repellent elements.
  • No chemicals that are bad to the skin especially for the young ones.
  • 100% natural.
  • Dematologically tested so almost 0 chances of any issues with skin.
  • Good to use on kids when they went out to play.
  • Good to be used on picnics or tours.

  • Do not apply over wounds or cuts.
  • Small container might get empty pretty quickly.

Herbal Strategi Herbal Mosquito Repellent Room Spray

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are in for a herbal solution to repel mosquitoes which also smells great than a room freshener then get this one.

Made from 100% herbal ingredients, this spray can help you keep your home free of mosquitoes.

  • Made from cedar, citronella, neem which keeps mosquitoes away and also spreads a refreshing smell.
  • Safe for pets and kids.
  • Need to be sprayed under furniture, behind curtains and in room corners.
  • Many say it will stay effective for about 4 hours.

  • Might work better for apartments.

How to effectively use the best mosquito killer spray in India


Always spray the chemical or herbal solution near evening when the mosquitoes are going to enter your room. The smell will keep them away and of course close the doors and windows after closing.

For chemical based spray killers you can spray during day time also, the effect will last for 2-3 days at least.


Spray these near bed, behind curtains, under bed or other furniture. These are the spots where mosquitoes hide and these will repel them or kill them.

For best effect?

For the best possible effect use another repellent/vaporizer in the room after spraying the killer spray. The highest that spray can have effect is around 4-6 hours. So you have to keep a backup. 

And I have got good results if I burn a citronella incense stick/coil or vaporizer in the room.

You can burn a camphor light too.

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