Best Office Chair Accessories to Improve Comfort and Productivity

Get the best office chair accessories to improve comfort and productivity. Choose a set that includes a cover, seat, and armrest.

Best Office Chair Accessories to Improve Comfort and Productivity

Most of the time, all the chair accessories or most of them do come included with your ergonomic chair. But still some chairs do not come with them and you might want to add these to your chair to make your productivity high and help your lower back.

Here are the most sought after office chair accessories to improve your comfort and productivity.

Best office chair accessories

Backrest Lumbar Pillow

A backrest lumbar pillow is a type of office chair accessory that helps improve comfort and productivity. The backrest lumbar pillow usually attaches to the seat of an office chair, providing support for the lower back. 

By supporting the lower back, the backrest lumbar pillow can help relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome or other chronic neck and spinal cord injuries.

Grin Health Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair and Car

Backrest lumbar pillows are a popular office chair accessory because they can help improve comfort and productivity. By supporting the lower back, this type of pillow can reduce pain from carpal tunnel syndrome or other chronic neck and spinal cord injuries. 

In addition, by attaching to the seat of an office chair, a backrest lumbar pillow is easy to install and remove.

Check these best lumbar pillow options here!

Anti-slip pads for armrests

Armrest anti-slip pads are a great way to prevent slippage and improve comfort while working in an office chair. They can also help to keep your arms from getting tired from reaching for the keyboard or mouse.

Slipping and sliding around in an office chair can be really frustrating, especially when you’re trying to focus on your work.

Armrest anti-slip pads can help reduce the chance of this happening by keeping the armrests grippy and preventing them from moving around.

Plus, they make it easier to reach your computer without having to worry about losing your balance.

Wakefit chair review

Green Soul Zodiac Chair


These pads come in different sizes and styles, so you can find one that suits both your needs and style preferences. And since they’re easy to install, you won’t have to spend a lot of time fussing with them afterwards.

However, as far as I can see, most arm rests of premium ergonomic chairs are non-slip with some kind of texture.

Under the desk footrest

A footrest is a small device that attaches to the underside of an office chair and helps people stay more comfortable for hours at a time. 

I like footrests for resting as well.

They come in different shapes and sizes and some gaming chairs do have pre-installed footrest as well.

X Volsport gaming chair India under 10000

However, a foot rest pillow works for me as well.

Footrests are a great way to improve your comfort while working at your desk. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. 

Polycarbonate floor mat

A polycarbonate floor mat is a type of floor mat made from a durable and lightweight plastic. It is typically used in offices to protect floors from scratches and other damage.

A polycarbonate floor mat is a great option for people who work in an office setting. It is typically made from a durable and lightweight plastic, which makes it perfect for protecting floors from scratches and other damage. Additionally, the mat can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Will a rolling chair damage your floors?

Green Soul Zodiac Pro Office Chair

Cover for office chair

A cover for an office chair is a piece of furniture that sits on top of the chair, and it helps to keep the user’s clothes clean. It can also help to protect the chair from dirt and dust.

In India, it is kind of always dusty unless you are living on top of a mountain or in a remote village with lots of greenery.

And many people often forget or feel lazy to clean their office chairs. 

This can lead to them being stained or dirty. 

A cover for a chair can help to keep everything clean and organized, which in turn will make it easier for the user to focus on their work. 

Additionally, a cover for an office chair can protect the chair from dirt and dust, which will prevent any allergies, skin issues from happening while sitting in the same seat over and over again.

Cup holder for desk and chair

A cup holder for a desk or chair is an accessory that helps people stay hydrated while they work. By putting a water bottle in the holder, people can avoid having to take breaks to drink throughout the day.

Many people find it difficult to take breaks during the day to drink water. A cup holder on a desk or chair can help solve this problem by providing a place for people to put their water bottle. 

This way, they don’t have to leave their workstation to get a drink. Additionally, having access to fresh water throughout the day can help improve productivity and concentration.

However if you are not careful you might spill it all over.


A headrest is a device that attaches to a chair and provides support for the back of the user’s head.

A headrest can improve comfort and productivity by providing support for the back of the user’s head. This support allows users to stay seated longer, reduce pain in the neck and shoulders, and increase focus and concentration. Additionally, a good headrest will help reduce fatigue over time.

Do ergonomic chairs need a headrest?

What are some of the best office chair accessories to improve comfort and productivity for specific needs?

Some of the best office chair accessories to improve comfort and productivity for specific needs are lumbar support, backrests, headrests, and armrests.

There are a variety of different office chair accessories that can be used to improve comfort and productivity. Lumbar support is useful for people who sit at a desk all day long, as it helps support their lower back. 

If you are short on budget and can only get one accessory then get the lumbar back support.

Backrests are great for people who spend a lot of time in their chairs – they help reduce tension in the neck and shoulders. 

Choose the right office chair accessory for your needs – some will work better than others depending on what you need them for. Some of the best options include lumbar supports, back supports, head rests, and arm rests.”

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How to pick the Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Work From Home?

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support systems come in different forms – from traditional springs to more advanced Gel-Cushion technology. It’s important to choose a chair that matches your individual needs and preferences.

A lumbar support system is a mechanism that helps to distribute the weight of a person’s back evenly, which can reduce pain and inflammation.

Lumbar support should be soft and should be movable up and down at least.

Chairs that lack lumbar support may cause pressure on the lower back, which can lead to discomfort, inflammation, and even pain during prolonged use. By choosing an office chair with lumbar support, you can reduce your risk of experiencing these problems.

Overall Adjustability

Adjustability is the ability to customize a chair to fit your needs. Without adjustability no chair is good.

When you buy an office chair, you’re probably not going to be able to adjust it perfectly to fit your body. However, there are usually multiple adjustments that you can make to help improve your comfort and ergonomics.

Some common adjustments include changing the height, tilt, and angle of the chair. Additionally, some chairs have built-in lumbar support which can help reduce lower back pain.

By adjusting your chair properly, you can make working from home more comfortable and productive.


Reclinability is the ability of a chair to adjust its height, back, and seat depth to ensure that it’s comfortable for the user.

The reclinability of a chair can make a big difference in how comfortable someone feels while working from home. A high reclinability chair allows you to adjust its height so that your spine is at an angle that’s most comfortable for you. 

This prevents your neck and spine from being strained, which can help improve productivity.

I often use the recline feature to get relieve from the back pain from sitting for hours.

Some chairs have adjustable footrests that let you change the angle at which your feet are resting. This helps reduce discomfort throughout the entire leg and foot area.

Fabric Used

Synthetic fabrics are made from materials that are not derived from plants or animals. They are often more durable than natural fabrics and can be more colorful and patternsome. They also tend to wrinkle less than natural fabrics do.

But these PU like materials might make you feel hot as well.

Other synthetic fabrics like mesh are a better choice for office chairs. This will be great for airflow and it will not make you feel hot at all.

Chair base

The chair base should be made from metal for best stability and maximum weight support. A durable meta chair based can easily support 150 kgs of user weight.

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