Best Office Chair under 5000 in India – Ergonomic & Gaming

Here are the ergonomic best office chair under 5000 INR in India. These are suitable for long sitting hours to increase productivity a lot!

Hard to find Ergonomic Best Office chairs under 5000 INR?

Either as an office owner or as someone who sits a lot every day, you must have ergonomic chairs. Otherwise, you will have serious neck and back pain, which will lead to injury.

But it is hard to find the best office chair under 5000 INR in India. But if you are on a strict budget, then you have to make some adjustments.

And for that reason, I am here to help you find the best office chair online under 5k.

And if you are working sitting on a chair for at least 40 hours a week, then you must have a modern office chair with ergonomic features.

PS: Most of those chairs will not have headrest support and the seat width is decent around 19 inches for almost all of them. There are no wider chairs at this price point except this for cross-legged fans!

Top 10 Quality office chair under 5000 in India

  1. Green Soul® Seoul Mid Back Best Office chair
  2. CELLBELL® C103 Medium-Back Mesh best budget Office Chair
  3. Nilkamal Remus Mid Back Fabric Chair
  4. beAAtho JS-SJ Mid Back Mesh Office Chair
  5. AmazonBasics Mid Back Mesh Chair
  6. HOF Ergonomic Office Chair Computer Desk Chair
  7. MBTC Xcelo Mesh Office Chair 
  8. Seat Chacha® Ace Mid Back Office
  9. CELLBELL® C83 Mid Back Mesh Fabric Office Chair
  10. Savya Home APEX AM-5002 Apollo Medium Back best budget Office Chair

Reviews of the Best Office Chair under 5000 INR

Best office chair under 5000 in India

Green Soul® Seoul Mid Back Best Office chair

Why Should You Buy this?

I like vibrant colors and I liked the different back colors they are offering under 5k.

I would pick the maroon.

For the price it has all the basic ergonomic features and is easily one of the best office chair under 5000 INR.

What is the best chair for sitting at a computer all day?

I would go with Green soul models anyday. At under 5k range they are still offering good ergonomic office hairs that you should buy. They are one of the best office chair brands in india.

Top Features:

  • Spine shaped design.
  • Hydraulic seat adjustment system
  • Metal base
  • 50mm caster wheels
  • Breathable mesh back
  • 90 to 120 degree tilt, tension knob to adjust to recline
  • Height adjustment
  • Moulded foam seat
  • Comes in 4 unique colors.

Misuraa chair review

  • Made in India product with no link to animal cruelty.
  • Can also be considered as a comfortable, toned down directors’ office chair.
  • Can be used as one of the best study chair for students in India who also uses a table or computer.
  • The spine like arch is good for long time sitting. Comes with decent ergonomic design.
  • Tilt and tension knob to adjust the tilt is good.
  • Comes with hydraulic Pneumatic control to adjust the seat height, so your feet stays flat on the floor.
  • 360 degree swivels, makes it easy to move around in a small space.
  • 90 kg max weight suitable for many of us.
  • Metal base and caster wheels are very durable as well.
  • The mesh back feels good and allows air to pass, suitable for summer and warm areas and will provide you with maximum comfort.
  • Max weight is on the lower side.
  • If you require headrest or adjustable armrest, then you have to look at much higher priced models.

CELLBELL® C103 Medium-Back Mesh best budget Office Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

Under 5k INR this is one of the best office chairs you can get. You can use it in your office as guest chairs as well.

And if you are not happy with the cushion, you can simply change it.

Cellbell C103 is a medium back small size office chair under 5k. It comes with few decent formal color options as well.

Top  Features:

  • Breathable mesh back with strong fibre frame.
  • Height adjustment and 360 degree swivel.
  • Class 4 gas lift. BIFMA hydraulic system.
  • Heavy duty metal base.
  • Has decent ergonomic design.
  • BIFMA certified 50mm nylon casters.
  • Upto 120-degree tilt back.
  • Max weight capacity 100 kgs.
  • A small to medium-sized chair suitable for home and office as well.
  • The back is strong and have mesh back, so it is good for summer.
  • The BIFMA hydraulic system and caster wheels are good for regular usages.
  • Wheels are smooth.
  • The chair has good tilt and good max weight capacity.
  • The base is also made of metal which is great for chairs under 5k INR.
  • Looks stylish for the price.
  • Buyers have been called to give reviews.
  • Few users have reported not so good seat for long hours.

Nilkamal Remus Mid Back Fabric Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

This mid back chair comes from a company that is well reputed.

This chair is not as comfortable as mesh back chairs, but the base and armrests are durable also.

Nilkamal as a company can be considered one of the best plastic chair company in India. But they do make other furnitures and office chairs as well.

Top Features:

  • A mid back chair with fabric cover.
  • Class 4 BIFMA gas lift.
  • Push back mechanism.
  • Foam cushion with fabric cover.
  • Metal base with twin wheel castors.
  • The seat cushion provides extra comfort with soft arm rests.
  • The back title push back mechanism works as expected.
  • The metal base and seat height adjustment system is top-notch.
  • Good as a guest chair under 5000 INR in India.
  • There are other all-rounder high-priced models by Nilkamal that also earns them a place among the best office chair manufacturers in INDIA.
  • Lacks in ergonomic features.
  • Only mid back support.
  • No height-adjustable armrests.

beAAtho JS-SJ Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

The back support is decent and will work well for a few hours.

But for sitting a whole day, you would need something better.

beAAtho is a fairly new company with metal base, bright colors and under 5000 INR.

Top Features:

  • Metal chrome stand.
  • Dual castor wheels, heavy duty
  • Hydraulic seat height adjustment feature
  • Push back mechanism
  • Breathable mesh with durable structure.
  • Back rest has ergonomic feature.
  • Foam seat.
  • Multiple back color available.
  • Metal base is sturdy and the heavy-duty castor wheels will last for long time usages.
  • Seat height can be adjusted easily.
  • Chair has a push back mechanism and can be used easily.
  • The breathable mesh back is good and allows max air to flow so it will not get hot.
  • 360 degree swivels.
  • Suitable for tall people as well.
  • No information on max weight capacity.

AmazonBasics Mid Back Mesh Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

This chair is easy to assemble, and the mid back rest works well too.

This mesh is on the thinner side and will provide good airflow and some spine support.

This mid back chair is one of the mid back chairs that has good seat cushion.

Top features:

  • Nylon mesh back with well-supported structure.
  • The mesh back is great, which allows air to pass.
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment is easy to use and lock on.
  • Max weight capacity is 102 kgs.
  • 24 inch wide seat, which is great in this price range.
  • Dual-wheel casters are durable and will last for a long time.
  • Nylon made breathable mesh will structure back support.
  • The seat height adjustment works well so as the swivel.
  • The max weight capacity is good for most of us Indians.
  • The seat wide is great, many of us can sit cross-legged on this chair.
  • Seat foam is comfortable enough.
  • Metal based would have made this chair better.
  • Arm rests are too low for some.

HOF Ergonomic Office Chair Computer Desk Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a classic black coloured, mid back chair with mesh back then this is one to get.

This should serve for a few years at least.

HOF ergonomic chair is a great option as a computer chair or general desk chair.

Although at this price range you will not get headrest and adjustable armrests.

Top Features:

  • Classic black color and mid back design.
  • Mesh back.
  • Back has ergonomic structure.
  • There is a tilt and height adjustment feature.
  • Metal base with good quality wheels.
  • 360 degree swivel.
  • Well-built chair for the price.
  • Mesh back is breathable and suitable for warmer areas.
  • The metal base and wheels are strong enough.
  • Back design is ergonomic but like other chairs nothing is adjustable.
  • Could not find info on max weight capacity limit.

MBTC Xcelo Mesh Office Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after the best office chair under 5000 in India that can hold upto 120kgs of weight, which is a lot then you can take a look into it.

But note that the base is still nylon made, and metal base chairs are more durable.

MBTC Xcelo is one of the best cheap office chair in India under 5k INR.

Top Features:

  • 120kgs of weight capacity.
  • Heavy-duty Polypropylene Copolymer Frame
  • Nylon base with castor wheels.
  • 360 degree swivel.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Mesh back and upto 135 degree of tilt.
  • 120 kg weight capacity.
  • Good simple chair with mesh back and ergonomic back.
  • Mesh back is breathable is comfortable for long time usages.
  • Max user weight capacity is 120kgs which is good enough.
  • The height is adjustable, so you can place your feet flat on the ground.
  • And the tilt of 135 degrees is good too.
  • The base is nylon, metal base would have made it much better.

Seat Chacha® Ace Mid Back Office

Why Should You Buy this?

Very easy to assemble, good quality chair for the price.

And since the base design is very similar, the office chair spares will be easily available as well.

All in all, if you are looking for a budget mesh back chair, then get this one.

Seat chacha has a  unique sound to it, but this is not the end of them.

Top Features:

  • Breathable mesh back with some ergonomic feature.
  • Has comfortable armrests.
  • 105 degree of tilt.
  • Height adjustment, 360 degree swivel and tensions knob to control the reclined.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 5 star legged nylon base and hydraulic piston based seat height adjustment feature.
  • Mesh back has a nice curve to support the spine.
  • Comes with different color options as well.
  • 360 degree swivels and 105 degree tilt is nice.
  • Nylon base seems durable and probably the reason of low cost.
  • Good as a guest chair, study chair and computer chair.
  • The nylon base might need replacement in 5 years, but for the price this is a good chair to use.

CELLBELL® C83 Mid Back Mesh Fabric Office Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a comfortable and stylish ergonomic mid back chair then this model might help.

For students or office workers who are not fond of a high back or headrest can also look in this model

Cellbell C83 is an affordable office chair for work from home available well below 5k INR.

Cellbell has wide range of chairs in various prices as well.

Top Features:

  • 5 star metal base.
  • Push back tilt feature.
  • Class 4 gas lift for seat height adjustment.
  • Mesh back supported by metal frame.
  • 360 degree swivels.
  • 50 mm nylon casters.
  • Simple looking and not so large chair for office or for home office.
  • Ergonomic mesh back is decent.
  • Mesh back is breathable and helps during summer.
  • Metal base great for long term usages and can handle around 105kgs of weight.
  • Seat is soft enough and have a tear drop design.
  • None for the price.

Savya Home APEX AM-5002 Apollo Medium Back best budget Office Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want a basic mid back chair with mesh back and not into spending much money then this is it.

Otherwise, this chair specifically does not offer specific benefits than others.

This is one of the low cost mid back chair that you can buy for your home office or study work.

Top features:

  • Mesh back with durable outer structure.
  • Curved armrest.
  • Foam made seat cushion.
  • Nylon base with caster wheels.
  • Strong gas lift for seat height adjustment.
  • 360 degree swivels.
  • Their office chair prices are very affordable.
  • Low cost mesh back chair.
  • Mesh back is great for breathability and mesh looks durable.
  • Arm rest have a good curve in it.
  • Gas lift is not certfied but works for the price.
  • Not very durable build as per many users.
  • Could not find accurate max weight information.

What are the Types of Office Chairs You Can Buy?


Executive Chair

An executive chair is a high-end, tall-backed office chair that provides pleasant upper-body support. It’s a relic of a bygone period, when the height and quality of one’s chair were intimately tied to the seniority of one’s position. To put that another way, it’s the boss’s chair.

Ergonomic Chairs

These chairs are build to sit and work for many hours straight. These chairs offer the best comfort and ideal for long hours of work or study. These often come with good lumber spine support and adjustable seat, arm rest.

These will help you get into correct posture with ultimate comfort.

Guest Chairs

Guest chairs or visitor chairs are a very basic yet somewhat comfortable chair that you keep in the reception area. Or in your balcony. They might have soft cushions but they do not promote proper posture and often will hurt if you sit for long periods of time.

Conference Chairs

These are usually high back chairs with adjustable height features. Fairly comfortable to seat with thick foam cushion. They go well with office tables.

Stacking Chairs

These are the most common chairs, either made from plastic or metal. And usually there is no armrest. You can stack them on top of another easily. And these chairs are also low cost and very budget friendly but they lack visual appeal and will give you spine issues if you use it for 8-12 hours a day.

How Can We Select the Perfect Chair?

If you are wondering about a short guide on how do I choose a home office chair? then these next 5 steps are enough.

But if you need more info, then scroll a little bit to see the detailed guide!

How do I choose a chair for long sitting?

I would straight get for a mesh back first since I sweat a lot, and it will provide continuous air circulation. Then I will look for height, arm rest and head rest adjustments. And lastly metal base, that’s it. This is the shortest way to choose a chair for long sitting.

Also look for comfortable seat, Adjustable Seat Height, Primary material used and maximum weight capacity for sure.

Buying Guide for Office Chair under 5000 INR

Purpose: Either you are looking for an ergonomic chair under 5k for home office or studying long hours. If you are buying for these purpose then you have to follow these points below for best possible buy.

For short periods, like 30 minutes to 1 hour of sitting, you would not need an ergonomic chair. However, the mid-back office chairs that you get will suit your purpose.

Material used: Ideally in India mesh back chairs are best since they are breathable and most useful in our hot summer days. For AC room or colder climates, you can go with leather based material easily. These look more premium too.

For other chair body parts, high quality foam, good ABS plastic and metal base are more appreciated.

But all these under 5k budget? May be not.

But low quality materials will make it an uncomfortable chair. And good ergonomic chair prices are really high.

Total weight capacity : usually you should get a chair which can hold way over your body weight. And best would be to get metal base office chairs. Metal base with good caster wheels are durable and suitable for long term use.

Seat Cushion : Office chair designers do a real well job when using leather based seat cushions. They look real nice. But either way foam based seat cushion is favorable for long work sessions.

Fabric, Vinyl, Mesh & Leather : Finally fabric is obviously more comfortable than all the materials. Even many would place a towel on a leather chair to make it more comfortable.

And the next comfortable chair material is mesh. Which is really breathable.

Vinyl and leather look premium and is more durable and might make you feel warmer and make you sweat. High-quality material is often is durable material and check all the aspects of comfort.

Adjustable Armrest : Adjustable armrests allow you to set it up as per your height. This allows you to rest your shoulder easily. And also this works great if you sit closer to the table to write or draw.

You should always consider all the adjustable features that you can get.

Best Gaming Chair under 10000 in India

Ergonomic Lumbar support : Perhaps this is the most sought after feature in an office chair under 5k. You might not find a headrest, but a chair back might have a curve or a pillow like lumbar support. This will help you with back pain due to long time sitting on a chair.

Adjustable height : The feel should reach the floor and depending on your height there should be the mechanism to adjust the height. Otherwise, you will feel pain around your hip, knees etc.

Seat width : Sitting cross-legged on a chair – if your answer is yes, then you must look for wider seat width. Usually chairs have 19 inches of width, but you can search and look for wider seats.

Tilt lock mechanism : I often tilt back to rest a bit thus a good degree of back tilt is important to me. And so is the tilt lock. Otherwise you would always have to force back to tilt. The tilt is also good to adjust the back rest as per someone’s own choice.

Metal or plastic legs : Nylon based chair bases are good, but not durable like the metal bases. Metal bases are well sought after since they can support much higher user weight capacity.

At this range wide rang of variety is too much to ask but check for metal legs, if possible.

Caster : 50mm caster wheels are great, and they roll great on the floor. And without a durable caster, the base of the chair will not be able to hold that weight at all.

Budget: Since you are here, you will look for chairs under 5k but if you extend your budget around 10k then you will get much better ergonomic office chair options to buy. Under affordable price these chairs are the best to get for your home.


What are the types of ergonomic chairs?

The types of ergonomic chairs are a factor to consider when purchasing an office chair. The two main types are the upholstered and mesh variety. These different materials provide varying levels of comfort, so it is important to know what you want before making a purchase. Upholstered chairs come in various fabrics such as fabric or leather and will be more comfortable than mesh chairs but may wear down over time due to the material being softer and easier for dirt and hair to accumulate on them. Mesh seats are usually made out of steel frames with nylon straps that can be adjusted for height, which makes them very durable although they may not offer as much back support as an upholstered chair would provide. If you’re looking for something

What are the top-selling brands for ergonomic chairs?

In India, I would suggest you to buy office chairs from the brands like Greensoul, cellbell, nilkamal etc.

Why office chair is expensive?

One of the main reasons for why office chair is expensive is because it helps to reduce the risk of back pain. It also helps in preventing neck and shoulder pain. Office chairs are designed to give

Most comfort for those long work hours, be it at home or at office.

Why is a chair so important?

Due to our work pressure, Indian work culture, we are being glued to a chair for more than 8 hours a day. And with a hunched forward position we are making it bad for our entire back and neck. And believe it or not, this bad body posture that we stay all day in is killing us slowly. Thus, a value for money ergonomic office chair under 5k is so much important.

Which chair is best for work from home?

Chairs with hand rest, gas lift seat height adjustments, arm rest adjustable and proper lumber support are best for working for home. These chairs range from 5k INR to 20k INR or above easily.

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

Greensoul and cooler master gaming chairs are the best office chair for sitting long hours. These are wide, have good lumber spine support with adjustable arm and seat height adjustment features. Also, with metal base these can hold up around 100kgs weight.

What is the best office chair for the money?

In Indian markets, Green soul newyark type chairs are best for the money. the material does not heat up, provides proper support and is a great candidate for to be the ideal office chair. And since Indian work culture is highly depended on spending more time showing that you are working, you should invest in a good ergonomic office chair.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

Expensive chairs worth every rupee as they save you a lot of medical issue related bills. Sitting long hours on a wrong chair with no lumber support is slowly damaging your neck and back. And once those injuries are done you are in for a lengthy, costly treatment process. And the pain is a hindrance too

Why are office chairs so expensive?

Office chairs like Neelkamal office chair are built at much higher quality than other types of chairs. An ergonomic office chair often includes pneumatic gas lift technology, can support lots of weight, tension knob and tilt tension control. And moreover, all of these office chairs provide excellent lumbar spine support which helps with keeping your back and neck healthy. This also helps with improving your productivity at work as well.

Are mesh office chairs better?

For Indian weather the right office chair should have a mesh back. Mesh office chairs are better for this hot and humid weather since they allow air to pass. This helps with comfortable long work hours without any sweat.

Should I get a gaming chair or office chair?

Gaming chair and office chair both offer similar features which care to strong chromium base, adjustable height and arm rest, thick cushion seat and more. But gaming chairs usually has leather like cover which makes back and butt sweaty but not with mesh based office chairs. So if you prefer comfort to style then always pick ergonomic office chairs.

How much should I spend on an office chair?

Better ergonomic office chairs costs around 8k INR in India. With that price you will get thick cushion seat, mesh back, hydraulic gas lift feature, head rest, arm rest with around 12 month warranty at least.

Where is the best place to buy an office chair?

Chair manufacturers sell their products online and also on popular general stores as well. These are great options to buy variety office chairs. But check where you are getting the most discount and buy!

Which chair is better for computer work?

Any ergonomic chair with metal base, adjustable arm rest and seat height is better for computer work. If possible, get a chair with head rest and mesh back, and you will be feeling no back pain due to those long computer work sessions.

What type of office chair is best for lower back pain?

Office chairs with office chair cushions for lumbar spine are great for lower back pain. This lumber cushion keeps the proper back structure and saves you a lot of back pain. Usually in local office chair shops you will not find them unless you live in metro city.

Should an office chair have arms?

These are called armrest for a reason. To rest your arms, so your shoulders get some rest as well. So you will need office chairs with arms.

Do I need a headrest on my office chair?

Not every office chairs has headrest. But most common gaming chair under 5000 rupees have headrest. With a headrest, you can rest your neck better and save yourself from neck and spinal problems.

Why are office chairs so bad?

Low cost office chairs are just chairs with no ergonomic features. Thus, sitting long enough on them will take a toll on your posture, thighs and hips. Thus, these are awful for your health.

Is it worth buying an ergonomic chair?

Forget about the stylish office chair looks what you should look for is ergonomic features. These will save your health and a lot of cost in the long run. Overall, ergonomics office chair will save you a lot of pain and money.

Should I get a leather or mesh office chair?

Leather based office chairs are more durable and give off a premium look, but those are not breathable. If you are sitting in an AC room all day then there will not be any issues, but if no then it can get hot and sweaty very quick.

For that reason, mesh back office chairs are favourite of many. Although not as durable as faux leather chairs, it will still last a long time. And will allow air to pass which will not get you hot and sweaty.

Do mesh office chairs last?

Mesh chairs will last for fewer numbers of years than a leather chair, But still an ergonomic mesh chair from a reputable brand will last at least 7-10 years.

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Ref: Sitting Posture Effects research paper

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