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Rats in the house what to do? If you are not into how to get rid of rats without killing them then you should take notice of the best rat killer India or to the best rat poison in India. 

Rats in the house what to do? If you are not into how to get rid of rats without killing them then you should take notice of the best rat killer India or to the best rat poison in India. 

Most of the time you will find more success with the rat poison (click) powder, rat killer biscuit and mouse trapper (click) (The one that kills).

You can try the ultrasonic rat repellent India (click) or also the natural rat repellents that are available online.

I have personally had more success with poison liquid, powder and traps (click). After all rats are really harmful to us, especially to small children.

Btw: How to know if you have rats in your house if you do not see them?

List of The Best Rat Killer India


Best Rat Killer India

Best Known as

Black Cat Rat Trap

Best Rat Killer

WRIGHTRACK Ultrasonic Pest Repeller to Repel Rats

Best rat repellent India

Bayer Rocumin Sure Bait (Cake)

Best rat poison in India

Ratol Rat Buster (Contain Poisonous Beans)

Rat poison powder

WRIGHTRACK Ultrasonic Pest Repeller to Repel Rats

Ultrasonic rat repellent India

Ratol Paste Rat Control Paste

Rat poison liquid

CARCAT – Ultrasound Rat Repellent for Automobiles

Rat repellent for car

Green Dragon’s Natural Mouse & Rat Repellent Spray

Natural rat repellent

WRIGHTRACK Ultrasonic Pest Repeller to Repel Rats

Best rat repellent machine India

HIT Rat/Mouse Glue Pad

Rat trap glue pad

SAH 1 pcs Big Size Rat trap

Rat trap India

Mortein PowerGard Rat Kill Cake

Rat kill cake

Tom CAT No Entry Rat Repellent Spray for Cars

Best rat repellent spray

Review of Best Rat Killer India

Black Cat Rat Trap

Black Cat Rat Killer Trap

Final Verdict: This is a great mouse trap to kill the rats of any size in India. Although it is made of plastic but kill rate is 100%. And this is very dangerous for other pets and children.

And also be very careful when setting up the trap. This is the best rat killer in India which is online.

This is one of the effective and best rat killer India, this is a spring loaded neck break trap. And with the right bait you are surely to get rid of those mouses in your house. One limitation though, it can attack on only one mouse at any given time.

After you remove the body then you can reuse it again.

Best would be to set the trap at night time and see what happened in the following morning.

I would also place it on paper incase of blood spills and also clean the area with bleach or other detergent so other mouses do not smell the blood.

Possible dangers of this mouse traps are – the snapping feature is very strong and if you are not careful then you might injure yourself. Everytime you are setting the trap you have to be very mindful of what you are doing. Otherwise your fingers, nails would be at risk.

Also if you have other pets or small children, make sure that this trap is out of their reach. They could get injured easily. 

Also never touch the bait area when the bait is in the trap.

So beware.

Top features:

This black car rat trap has an U shaped arm which has enough force to break a finger so any mouse of any size will get crushed.

Even though the build is mostly plastic, it is still very durable and has sturdy construction. 

This mouse trap in India kills mice very quickly without letting them suffer. At least some humane way to not have them suffering from long.

How to use:

There is a lever at the center of the trap, to make it work you have to place the food under the lever.

Pull the U shaped arm to the top.

And the mouse trap is live now.

Now if there are big rats, I mean really big then you can tie the trap to something else. 

And this trap should be placed on a flat firm surface and if you do not want the floor to be dirty by any chance then place it on a paper.


  • Durable multi use mouse traps.
  • Can kill any number and big size rats.
  • Strong snapping feature.
  • Cost is justified.


  • Potentially dangerous for children, grown men and other pets.

WRIGHTRACK Ultrasonic Pest Repeller to Repel Rats

WRIGHTRACK Ultrasonic Rat Replellent

Final Verdict:  My experience with ultrasonic rat repellents or insect repellents have been very bad.

For me it did not work. So far this is one of the budget ultrasonic rat repellent in India that you can try.

Unlike the other mouse traps or smell based repellent this is an ultrasonic based machine. It emits an ultrasonic machine which can repel rats, cockroach, mosquitoes and even spiders.

This is one of the safest for pets and children.

Also this is a multi use option unlike poison. But you will need electricity to run it.

It is recommended to plug it in above 7-16 inches away from the floor. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to take effect.

This is reportedly effective for 800 – 1200 sq feet. But ultrasonic sound will not penetrate walls so you might need more than one unit if you find this effective.

As per the manufacturer it has three levels of effect:

  1. The rats and insects run away from your home.
  2. Nervous system damage to the rats and insects.
  3. They go away from your house for good.


  • Safe for humans, pets.
  • Non toxic.
  • Not killing.
  • Works for rats and for other insects also.


  • Does not have a wide range since the sound can not go through walls.
  • Will not work for everyone.

Bayer Rocumin Rat Bait – Best rat poison in India

Bayer Rat Bait

Final Verdict: If you want some effective position for the rats then this is one of the best thing you can get. You can also use it for garden or for home.

For safety measures keep it out of reach of your children and other pets

Bayer is a known manufacturer or brand who makes really effective chemicals to treat rat, termite and other insects.

There is no mixing required for this poison. It is available in biteable chunks which you need to place around the house where you suspect rat activity is the highest.

Bayer Rocumin bait is also used for commercial purposes as well as for houses.

The proportion of active ingredients is very low minimizing the risk of secondary poisoning. The active ingredient is Bromadiolone 0.005%. This causes disruption in the blood clotting mechanism and the rat dies.

This rat killer poison can be used indoor as well as outdoor.


  • Almost in a chocolate like shape where you can decide how much to use by just breaking it.
  • Very effective to kill rats.
  • Most of the time the rats do go out in the open to die so you get a clean house.
  • Works well under 3-5 days.
  • Get 6 cake/chocolate shaped pieces in one packet.


  • Sometimes rats will die inside of your house and it will be known when the body is de-composting.

Ratol Rat Buster (Contain Poisonous Beans)

Ratol rat Buster

Final Verdict: If you want to create your own baits and just want effective poisons then these 50 gram packs are for you.

If you need something strong and not in cake shape then you can get this Rator Rat buster. It has zinc phosphide which acts immediately upon eating. And you should not handle the baits with your bare hands.

A 50 gram pack of this can handle some big rats.

Make sure to place them where you have spotted the rats most. Best would be leave them near their nest or the holes you have seen earlier.

Better not use around food items and also keep all food items locked away so rats do not get their hands on anything other than the poison you are giving.

Best way to use would be to mix these grain with food items like atta, nuts, coconut etc. You need a little amount of this to kill a rat.


  • Very effective and immediate action.


  • Rats may die inside their nest / inside the home.

Ratol Rat Control Paste

Ratol Rat Control Paste

Final Verdict: This is one of the easy to apply rat poison in India. This poison also works on big rats and usually within a day you will see results.

Ratol paste style rat control chemical is one of the best rat killers in India. 

Like all other rat poisons it should be used at places which are not accessible to other pets and children. 

This paste comes in tubes like some rat glue tube in India there. Since it comes in a tube you can use it in corners, tree tops etc. This paste has a fruit base so it easily attracts the rats.

And the poison starts affecting them within 2-3 hours. And the rats go outside of your house to die so you do not have to clean much.

For max efficiency you can use the ratol paste on bread, biscuit and dry fruit and place them near the burrow, path or holes.


  • Comes in tubes, easy to apply.
  • Effective strong poison.


  • Dangerous for children and other pets.
  • Rats may die inside of your home sometime.

CARCAT – Ultrasonic Rat Repellent for Automobiles


Final Verdict:  A premium rat repeller machine for car, if you have the budget to experiment and have an expensive car to protect.

This is one of the best rat repellents for cars which is also one of the costliest. It does not kill, it emits ultrasonic sound (20kHz to 60kHz) which scares of the rats and even other small insects.


  • 24/7 protection
  • Easy installation
  • Low electric consumption
  • Machine is of very small size
  • Can be installed in modern vehicle (under the bonnet)


  • Like all other ultrasonic sound repellers it might not work for you.

HIT Rat/Mouse Glue Pad

Hit rat glue pad

Final Verdict: Glue pads best works when placed near holes and the paths of the rats. You can also try to place some foods to lure them into it.

I do not like glue pad as the death comes slowly and painfully.

I have seen people buy HIT glue pads but I am not in favor of them. This is kind of a painful death to the rats. And also not safe for small pet animals either.

When stuck, the rat will stay there for all the time and will die of hunger mostly. If you want to release the rat then just pour some vegetable oil and it will be okay.

But when poison and ultrasonic sound fails you can use it. To me it is not a humane way. And you might have to throw a live rat with the glue pad away to the dustbin.

How to use a glue pad?

This HIT pack comes with three large size pads. Just place them near the burrows or entry/exit points and you will be able to catch them. For better effect you can place some food in the center of the glue pad so it attracts the rats.

Always keep it away from children and other pets and do not use it under direct sunlight or in wet areas.

This will also work on home lizards, cockroaches and other small insects that will try to crawl over it.

And it is not reusable, one glue pad is usable only one time.


  • No poison.
  • No chemical.


  • Rats die a painful, slow death.
  • Does not work in direct sunlight or in a moist environment.

SAH 1 pcs Big Size Rat trap

 Big Size Rat trap

Final Verdict: This is a classic rat trap used in India for many generations.

It does not kills the rat but traps them, what you do afterwards depends on you.

Some of us are not into killing rats by any means so we want to catch them and release them far away from our house.

And for that you will need a rat cage.

At online store you will find many rat cages of various price ranges, to me this model makes more sense.

It is not heavy and has ample places to let wind pass inside.

The size of this cage is 27cm * 10cm * 10cm. It has rustic color which will fade away with regular usages.

How to use:

Inside this cage there is a hook where you can hang any food item. And with this hook the door is attached. When the rat enters the cage and tries to eat the food it activates the mechanism. And the door shuts close.

This cage is made of iron and is lightweight so you can carry it easily.

Mortein PowerGard Rat Kill Cake

Mortein PowerGard Rat Kill Cake

Final Verdict: Readily available at the local shop, you can buy anytime and see how it helps your home. Usually this works well for most households.

Mortein Rat kill cake is one of the low cost rat poison bait in India. It’s available in 25 gram and 100 gram packs.

To use you have to break it in smaller pieces and place near the nest, holes and burrows that the rats make.

Usually rats die outside and after 3-4 days the effects of the poison shows completely. 

Tom CAT No Entry Rat Repellent Spray for Cars


Final Verdict: It is a good smell based product for cars which is not pleasant to humans. So better use it only on the engine part.

And I believe you have to reapply it after 3 months to get the desired effect. But these may not work for you.

You have seen the carcat which is an ultrasonic rat repellent for cars. But alternatively you can use sprays to repel rats as well.

You are to spray this thoroughly into the car engine, under the bonnet and as per them it will keep the rats away for 3 months.

This Tom Cat rat repellent spray is also eco friendly and is non toxic. And comes with one disposable mask in the box.


Before first use, wash the engine.

Let the engine dry

Wear the mask given, spray it evenly on the engine making sure that the engine is wet.

Also spray the places where car wiring is.

200ml of this rat spray is sufficient for 1 year of usage with 3 months gap in between.

If the engine is washed again, then you should spray it again.


  • Non toxic
  • Uses smell to repel rats from the engine and wires.
  • Small time commitment.
  • Does not kills the rats.


  • One can run out of chemicals very fast.
  • May not work for everyone.

Green Dragon’s Natural Mouse & Rat Repellent Spray

Green Dragon Rat REPEllent

Final Verdict: There are some US brands who sell the same thing with thrice the price tag.

Compared to that you should get this Green Dragon and give it a try. But as always these will only repel the rats and may not work for everyone.

Some of us do not want to use any chemicals which are potentially toxic to us and to our loved ones. For them there are some natural herbal options and one of them is Green Dragon.

It comes in a 500ml spray bottle and is very easy to use. 

Since it is made from natural oil you can use it in the kitchen area and in the trailer, inside of a car, garage and more. This mix of herbal oils allows users to create some kind of smell boundaries so rats do not enter the area any more.

Actually this is also used by rangers to mis lead elephants, they use Tiger smell and poop for that.

In this case it could quite effective if the area is not washed, otherwise the smell will be gone.

For best results you can apply it on the entry points of the rats and on the paths of the rats. 

How to use:

Shake the ready mix to spray on the desired areas.

It can cover upto 60 feet of area.

It has oils like – 

  • Castor
  • Peppermint
  • Citronella
  • Cinnamon

Peppermint is well known to deter rats.

Buying Guide to the best rat killer in India

Goal: What is your end goal with rats attacking your house? Most of the answer will be to drive them away but it is not east. Especially with ultrasonic sounds and smell based products. As per my opinion traps and poison works the best.

  • If you do not want to kill a rat then use Ultrasonic gadgets and spray based rat repellents.
  • If you want to get rid of the rat quickly – then use rat kill cakes, poisonous baits. And also the mouse traps that kill them.
  • If you want to trap them and release them far away then get those cages.

Cost: Personally I would not go for the high cost equipment or poison. Unless I am protecting a very costly piece of equipment or property. 

How to Apply: Mouse traps need bait so the bait needs to be collected. Poison cakes need no preparation and work great. Ultrasonic sound models need electricity 🙁 although very low consumption. And sprays just need to be triggered. 

All in all sprays and cakes are most easy to apply.

Next would be the ultrasonic repellents.

Then at last would poisons which would need some food mixed in it.

Safety: herbal mixes are most safest but not works all the time and ultrasonic models are safe too. Poisons and snap mouse traps need to be handled with caution.

How can I get rid of rats at home in India?

Best Rat Killer IndiaHow to get rid of rats in India is a tricky question. There can be many answers to this for instance if the mouse or rats are living in your house means your house gives them food and shelter. Basically that means your home is their home too. To avoid it you have to clean your house every now and then and remove all the junk.

Here are the steps to take to get rid of rats at home in India – 

Clean your house

No leftover food on the floor or uncovered. No old junk in the house and the rats will not have food or shelter so they will not come and stay. Indian homes generally have lots of open places to get good airflow and sometimes these places end up dirty with old furniture, dust and more so a good cleaning regime will solve a lot of rat problems right away.

Mouse traps: Get different rat traps, From cages to glue pads. As not all rat trap types work on works all the mouses. You have to try a couple of mouse traps.

The right bait:

In cartoons you will always see cheese as bait but in India you can even use a leftover roti. Or experiment with other food items to see what they eat the most. If you have more than one mice or suspect there are more then you have to have more traps and more baits. You can even poison the baits but many do not like an animal. So you can trap them and release them far away from your house.

Placement of the mouse traps:

If you see any whole in the ground or wall then be assured that it could be one of the entrances of the rat world. You can place the traps there to see what happens.

Rat repellent Devices:

Rat repellent devices are something that helps you by emitting noise which is only heard by the rats and they get scared and run away. Personally it did not work for me.

Search for the entrance or nest:

Look under the cupboard, bathroom and in the kitchen to identify if there are any holes which the rats are using to get in and out. Or are there any places in your house where they are staying. Either plug the holes orp lace baits and traps there. And you must clean up the kitchen corners everyday.


So poison has been the best effective medium to get rid of rats from houses in India but you can not use poison mixed food baits if you have other pets and children. Poison is poison to everybody and can lead to an unfortunate event.

Get a Cat:

Cats are natural hunters of small rodents like rats. But not all cats are all claws, some are just cuddly. So you might need to rely on the best rat killer in India after all.

How to avoid rats at home naturally

A clean house is the first thing to do when you want to avoid rats at home naturally. No leftover food, clean kitchen and you are one step closer to avoiding rats naturally.

Get the natural enemy of rats. A cat. The scent of cat is enough to scare the rats. And cat also hunt rats. But keeping a cat is also tough.

How to get rid of rats in house home remedies

  • Block the holes: First of all use cement or plaster of paris to block the holes. There should not be any 
  • Baking Soda: Put baking soda is small boxes where you notice rat passing by or notice dirt caused by them.
  • Peppermint Oil: Rats find peppermint smell very bad and not refreshing. You can use cotton or old cloth parts to soak it in peppermint oil and place near the most rat prone zone of your house. This is less dangerous to us also.
  • Onions: Like peppermint, garlic rats also dislike the strong smell of onions so you can cut onions and place them on paper near the holes or kitchen corners.
  • Pepper Flakes: Like garlic pepper flakes have some effect on rats as they emit strong odour. But you can not use it in the places where you or your pets would go also. You do not want pepper to get into your nose or eyes.
  • Garlic: rats dislike strong smell and thus Garlic can work but you will be able to smell that also. But if you find the trail of rats then you can place pieces of garlic there to disrupt their journey.
  • Cloves: Like pepper and garlic cloves also have a strong smell which is disliked by rats so you can place cloves.

Not all home remedies will work for everyone. 

If none works then take resort to rat traps like cage, glue pad or even poison. But be careful if you have children and other pets like dogs,

How to get rid of rats without killing them

You can try with garlic, pepper, peppermint oil. Spread them near their holes and paths and corners that you suspect. But most of the time the rats will come back but still works for many.

You can also use ultrasonic rat repellent in India, these also work for some.

Or you can get a cat, rats will naturally be afraid of their natural predator and leave your house alone.

Rats have attacked your home – How to know!

Smell: Rats have a weird smell and you will smell it strongly where they visit. Especially places like the kitchen area.

Scratching noises: roaming rats scratch a lot of stuff and make a lot of noises.

Droppings: Rats leave dark dirt everywhere they go and with smell.

Bite marks: Rats have strong teeth and they bite a lot of furniture, plastic etc. Bite marks will be everywhere where rats go.

Nests: Rats usually make nests with clothes and paper and you will be able to see them in hidden, warm places.

Burrows: these rodents make holes in the ground or in the garden.

Ripped packages: Food items in packet, oil packet etc are very common with a rat infested house.

Rat control services

If there are too many rats or you have a large home then you can take help from professional help. There are many companies like rentokil, urbancompany that can do that for you.

Their expats will inspect your house first. They will check for the paths that the rat can enter, spot for possible nests and more.

This is a surefire way to get rid of rats from your house in India.

Ref: Way to repel rats

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