7 best table lamp for study in India

Here are the 7 best table lamp for study in India if you are looking for the best table lamp for office work or study.

Best table lamp for study in India


This blog is all about the best table lamps for study in India that the readers highly rate.

These study table lamps in India can be used for work apart from the study as well.

I have tried to pick all that comes with a rechargeable LED light so that you can adjust the brightness to cut down on eye strain.

[LIST] 7 best table lamp for study in India

  1. Philips Air Desk Light
  2. Weird Wolf 3 Colour Mode LED Study Lamp
  3. Philips Sky 5W Rechargeable Touch Controlled LED Table Lamp
  4. Wipro Garnet 6W Led Table Lamp
  5. Philips Orbit 5W Colour Changing Desk Lamp
  6. AmazonBasics 9 watt lamp
  7. Opple 5 watt LED desk lamp

[Review] best table lamp for study in India

Philips Air Desk Light

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for cool, minimalist table lighting options in India, then this is a great choice.

The Philips Air Desk Light is a great desk light that you can buy online.

This is a good study lamp for people who are looking for a simple, clean and minimalistic desk light.

It is also a good desk light if you are looking for a desk light that works with all desktops.

Philips Air Desk Light brings a clean, minimalist design that offers a cool daytime glow to your desk.

  • This lamp gives enough light using 5 watts of power only.
  • The 5 watt LED lights are enough for reading and studying and working. This one comes with 20 LEDs and runs directly on power.
  • This Philips table lamp comes with adjustable arms.
  • Buyers say that there are no heating issues and the light is enough for reading and computer usage.

  • Many would love to see some built-in rechargeable battery feature at this price range.

Weird Wolf 3 Colour Mode LED Study Lamp

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for the best multipurpose lamp then this study light is a great option.

This is a must-buy for anyone who wants to use a desk lamp with light modes and a pen holder feature.

Buyers really like the light colour options and pen holder options in this on.

It is also 

Weird Wolf Desk lamp is very compact.

It’s slim and easy to carry around and use anywhere. With its innovative design and cool 3 different light modes, you will surely have the ideal study and workplaces for you.

  • With 3 levels of light adjustment, namely – White, Warm, Warm white you can adjust as your eyes need.
  • Comes with a frosted cover to stop the glare from your eyes.
  • This lamp features a pencil holder and a mobile holder. Really a great option for any work desk.
  • This lamp also can be charged and used while power cut is going on.
  • Comes with 1200mah battery.
  • All controls in this desk lamps are touch control, giving this one a modern futuristic design.
  • Has a flexible neck so you can point the light the way you want.

  • None at this price range.

Philips Sky 5W Rechargeable Touch Controlled LED Table Lamp

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a lamp that is perfect in terms of design and quality, then this is the one for you.

The Philips Sky 5W Rechargeable Touch Controlled LED Table Lamp is a great lamp that you can use for reading, studying, and working on the PC.

This is clearly one of the best rechargeable table lamps that you can buy online.

It is also 

A perfect combination of premium quality and elegant design, this lamp gives an illuminated workplace, at home or the office.

It has a high-power LED lamp which emits a pure white light, with no blurring or haze and thus is perfect for a number of activities.

  • This study lamp offers unique features that really help with reading or studying.
  • This Philips Sky 5 watt lamp comes with a sleek look.
  • Neck of the lamp is flexible and you can point the light anywhere you want.
  • The brightness of this study lamp can be controlled with touch control easily. You can dim the light, if you do not need any brightness.
  • The 2200 mah battery that comes with it is one of the highest in terms of capacity.
  • You can charge it with a USB port and it takes merely 4.5 hour to full charge. You should just keep the power cord attached and the battery should always be fully charged. The light can run for 3.5 hours per charge.
  • This lamp is absolutely beautiful looking and modern.

  • The light is only 6500k White light, you can not get warm light out of it. This might be a con for many.

Wipro Garnet 6W Led Table Lamp

Why Should You Buy this?

The Wipro Garnet 6W Led Table Lamp is a perfect LED table lamp for your home.

It is super bright and perfect for your bedroom.

This is an excellent choice for a bedroom lamp.

It is also 

This Garnet Table lamp from Wipro are a perfect way to add light to your bedroom or study. The garnet lamps with an adjustable base and dimmer switch allow you to create the perfect environment for relaxing.

  • This lamp can be used on a desk easily. It has 3 touch dimming control to suit your needs.
  • Default light temperature is 6500k. The three modes are Cool Day Light, Neutral White, Warm White.
  • The LED light is glare free.
  • The lamp is flexible so you can put the light where you most need it.

  • Many would expect this to be a rechargeable lap but it is not.

Philips Orbit 5W Colour Changing Desk Lamp

Why Should You Buy this?

The Orbit 5W Colour Changing Desk Lamp is a perfect desk lamp for the home or office. This is a great desk lamp that can transform your space into a more modern and stylish one.

If you are looking for a desk lamp which is not only stylish but is also easy to use and can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, then this is the best desk lamp for you.

It is also 

An ideal replacement for standard table lamps, Orbit 5W Rechargeable Desk Lamp is a perfect blend of design and LED technology. The rechargeable desk light has a modern and sleek look and has a flexible and foldable neck to adjust height and direction.

  • This is a modern-looking desk suitable for home offices and study desks.
  • Orbit lamp has a rechargeable lithium battery of 1800 mah. With 3 hours of charging you can get light for 2.5 hours. The sleek-looking lamp comes with a USB port to charge it.
  • The orbit desk lamp has a brightness of 400 lumens with 3 modes of Warm White, Natural White, and Cool Daylight.
  • The adjustable neck of Orbit can be used to focus the light at your desired place.

  • If you want longer battery backup then Philips Sky 5W Rechargeable Touch Controlled LED Table Lamp comes with 2200 mah battery backup.

AmazonBasics 9W, Dimming Halo Rechargeable Table Lamp

Why Should You Buy this?

This is a really nice LED lamp for the price that has gone under 34 tests including 12 electrical safety and 4 performance-related tests.

And with those 40 LEDs it can go pretty bright real quick.

It is also 

Halo provides 360 degree lighting. Its super bright as well.

It comes with a dimmer switch which offers you three adjustable modes of brightness: Bright, Medium and Dim.

The Light can last up to 3.5 hours if used under the strong light setting, 84 hours under the weak light setting.

  • You can tell that this lamp uses 9 watts instead of the standard 5 watts, so it is much brighter with the 40 LED light than other models.
  • This is a halo-designed lamp for study or work. It gives 360 degrees of light.
  • The lamp can be adjusted for brightness, you can dim or brighten just fine.
  • There are three cloror modes, warm white, cool white and golden yellow light.
  • The in-built rechargeable battery can last for 3.5 hours at full brightness, and if you dim the light, then it can last for 84 hours.
  • The battery capacity in this rechargeable light is 1800 mah. This one is also BIS certified. It takes 8 hours to charge the battery completely to 100%.

  • Few buyers do not like the light brightness.
  • Few complain that the light gets dimmer with time.

OPPLE 5W Led Desk Lamp, Flicker Table Lamp

Why Should You Buy this?

OPPLE 5W desk lamp is ideal for people who want to read, study or work for a long time. The desk lamp is a good value for money and comes from a trusted brand.

It is also 

OPPLE 5W desk lamp is ideal for a reading, studying or working for a long time.

With an eye-friendly LED panel, you can enjoy a flicker-free light beam, no dizzy light, no eye strain, no eye fatigue and low-temperature light which will not damage your eyes or make you feel dizzy.

  • This OPPLE 5w LED desk lap has a unique design and looks really cool on a table.
  • You can adjust the angle of the light head to focus on the areas that you need.
  • This 5-watt LED light is flicker-free and reduces eye strain. This is great for people who work long hours.
  • With the touch-sensitive control, you can adjust the brightness. The highest it can go is 4000k which is similar to the color of sunlight.
  • The light is supposed to work for 50k hours, that is almost 25 years.
  • The bulb comes with 2 year replacement warranty.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery and it can run the light at full brightness for 3 hours.
  • This once can work using power banks, USB power.

  • None.

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