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At my home in West Bengal, I have termites that are creating mud tunnel and tiny nests on walls and ceiling. And I also have termites that are destroying 50 year old wooden window and …

At my home in West Bengal, I have termites that are creating mud tunnel and tiny nests on walls and ceiling.

And I also have termites that are destroying 50 year old wooden window and door frames.

Actually I had to replace an old wooden door completely due to termite 🙁

So I was on a mission to find what works against these pests, the termites first.

And note that there are no real best termite killer in India, as until you destroy the infestation, the nest they will keep coming back. I know these from personal experiences. And the main things that worked for me is

1 ) Cleaning house with kerosine mixed water or using finyle

2) Applying chemical termite killers (pesticides) once in 2 weeks near windows, wooden frames, drain pipes and the places where I know mud walls/ tubes were.

3) Avoid pilling up cardboard delivery boxes and storing them far away from my home walls.

And since we have a small garden many other insects also crawl inside. See here for best cockroach killer in India.

I have mostly used the same chemical as termite killer spray for home wall and also used it as best anti termite chemical for wood.

Best termite killer in India

Termite Killer Name Best As Effectiveness
Primefit Solutions Termite Killer Spray Concentrate – 2000 Ml Best Termite killer liquid 4/5
Herbal Strategi Termite Repellent Spray Herbal Termite Killer 2.5/5
Pidilite Terminator Wood Preservative Termite killer for Wood 4/5
DELUXE PEST CONTROL-Bayer Premise SC Best Termite Control Chemical 5/5
AllOut India- Bayer Agenda 500ml Termite Control Chemical 5/5
MMR Termite Powder Termite Control Powder 3/5
Decke DIY Termite Elimination Outdoor Kit Termite Control Outdoor 3/5


What attracts termites to invade our home?

The termites that invade my home is the type is called Subterranean termites.

They like moisture and wet places and wet soil and unfortunately we have it all. We have damp or wet walls on some areas so this is just perfect for termites 🙁 bi- weekly maintenance have proven to be effective, especially in monsoon.

Another would be wood, they eat wood as their food source and make their home in it. So you should take care of wooden items carefully and do not let them touch the ground.

Place them on some other material. Carpenter costs are not cheap.

Open wounds on exterior walls for interior walls. Termites/termite colonies do not like the sun so they find those cracks and start living there.

Reviews of best termite killer in India

Primefit Solutions Termite Killer Spray Concentrate – 2000 Ml

Primefit Solutions Termite Killer Spray Concentrate - 2000 Ml

Check Latest Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Verdict: Easy to use and effective mix for termite control spray for wood.

With this you can protect your home from destructive termite.

Primefit solutions termite killer spray comes as semi thick liquid which needs to be shaken well before use. Now it is not exactly 500ml bottles.

You get 100 ml concentrate in 4 bottles and you mix it with water. And then you can use it on wood, wall both indoor and outdoor for killing termites.

This can not be used outdoors as a termite killer for gardens. This can be effective for termite killer for wood.

Ingredients: Borax, Diatomaceous Earth, Vinegar, Oregano Oil, Colour and Water.

You have to mix this with water and shake for use.


  • Effectively kills ants and termites.
  • Just need to mix water and it is easy to use.


  • Odour is strong. Wear a mix.

Herbal Strategi Termite Repellent Spray

Herbal Strategi Termite Repellent Spray

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Final Verdict: If you want to use an herbal and non toxic way to save your house form termites then you can try this.

Best termite control chemicals in India all have strong smell and are poisonous for human, especially for pets and children. So you can take a look at some herbal alternatives. 

The key ingredients are – Neem oil, cedarwood oil and lemongrass oil. This termite killer in India claims that it will stop the eggs from hatching and there will be no termite after some time.

You will need to spread on the tunnels, doors, walls, and furniture for consecutive 7 days.

There is no chemical, it is 100% herbal and is environment friendly.


  • A good alternative to strong chemical based termite repellers.
  • 100% herbal and non toxic termite killer.
  • One of the most available best termite killer spray in India (herbal)


  • More spraying needed than chemical termite spray India.

Pidilite Terminator Wood Preservative

Pidilite Terminator Wood Preservative

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Final Verdict: Use it on woods and on wall, spraying mechanism makes it easier than liquid chemicals.

You might need to repeat for sometimes.

Works well as for termite extermination.

From the maker of fevicol you get another termite control spray in India. Like other termite control spray it has a strong odour and I would recommend that you wear a mask and gloves before using it.

The spraying head is to be fixed by you on the bottle, which is easy to do. You might need to make a hole on the plastic cap and insert the long nozzle in.

This is mainly for termites that ruin woden furnitures but you can also on walls as well.

This is one of the best termite killer products in India but at online stores the costs can be higher due to delivery charge. So you can look for it at local hardware stores.


  • Can be called as the best termite killer for wood in India but results will vary.


  • Needs little assembling and there is a strong chemical smell.

DELUXE PEST CONTROL-Bayer Premise SC 250ml

DELUXE PEST CONTROL Bayer Premise SC 250ml

Check Latest Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Verdict: Buy with confidence, small homes to big office buildings many uses this same product have got results, removed all termites.

Many pest control company uses this since bayer makes professional pest control chemicals.

Bayer premise and agenda are well known termite killer chemicals since 2004, it is also one of the best termite killer liquids in India.

This can be used for termite protection on new construction and for old construction as well. Bayer agenda and premise both can be used in the soil before building up the house.

And can be later used for maintenance, bayer is proud of their 5 year promise of no termites and for most of the houses that work.

Bayer termite killer liquid in India has no smell and it is non repellent in nature.

Meaning termites will not know if there is the chemical applied or not. They will carry the toxic chemical with them to their nest and soon the whole nest will die.

These are famous for pre construction usages but if you can drill around your house or know the nest or even can just mix the chemical with water with spray, that will work.

Direction to mix: 2ml to 1 liter of water. You can use oils to apply on woods.

I would spread this chemical on mud tubes and on the holes that the termite makes. You may buy common medical syringe to do that.


  • Very good performing product.
  • Can be used before constructing the house.
  • Can mix with water as well as with oil.
  • Can help eliminate the entire termite nest.
  • Can be used against drywood termite.


  • Little bit costly.
  • For Maintenance many would drill around the house, but you can just use normal sprays.

AllOut India- Bayer Agenda

AllOut India- Bayer Agenda

Check Latest Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Verdict: Multi purpose termite killer that can be used for wood, wall and for pre construction.

Also considered as the best pest control.

A good termite inspection and spray of this will surely keep the termites away.

The bayer agenda is mostly used by professionals when build a nwe house.

It gives your 5 years no termite guaranty.

This chemical mixes with the solid and stays there. Termites have no way of knowing that and when they come in contact with this chemical, they take it to their nest.

Your local pest control probably uses this.

They do not immediately die but spread this chemical over the other members by touch, food, grooming.

Soon all the nest gets affected and dies.

Good for colony management and long term protection and termite treatments.

It is not recommended to use near water supply as it will get washed out. I do not use it in my home as I always have clogged water in the garden. You can perfectly use it indoors too using a spray.

Need to mix it with water and you are good to go.

You can mix it with kerosine to use on wood furniture.


  • Good product to kill an entire termite colony.
  • No smell.
  • Good Commercial pest control for termite infestaion.


  • Costly.

MMR Making Termite Powder

MMR Making Termite Powder

Check Latest Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Verdict: Good alternative to chemical termite killers out there in India.

This is mostly an undetected pest control solutions.

Now without chemical liquid and sprays there are some termite killing powders in India, along with termites it will kill the bedbugs also.

Works moderately for bed bug treatment.

This has no toxic smell/odour, this is toxic though and there is no stain.

Since this is a powder you can not spread it on walls but on the floor it will work fine. 

Now they give 4 packs and recommend that you mix one packet with 2 liter water.

It is recommended to use it at night and for a 15 days interval.


  • Great alternative to chemical liquid termite and bed bug killers.
  • Many have got results after 2 weeks of spraying after mixing with water.
  • No smell can be used near the kitchen and bed.


  • Just not as per with bayer products.

Decke DIY Termite Elimination Outdoor Kit

Decke DIY Termite Elimination Outdoor Kit

Check Latest Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Verdict: I have some doubt about the functionality and I would use bayer products more.

This is something offbeat and can be used for termite killer for garden and termite killer for plants! It is an outdoor product that is meant to create a boundary around your house and keep termites away.

Termites get attracted to this pole which you will stick in the ground. When the termites eat from the sticks then they get a fungus attack. Their whole nest gets affected and the queen termite gets killed too.

A queen can produce 50000 termites per day for 60 years so it is better to get the best termite killer in India which can kill the entire nest too.


  • Off beat item.
  • Can take care of a 70 feet lawn.
  • Odor less termite control. Also works against flying termite.


  • Costly.

Home remedy for termites in wall

Borax powder: Borax powder is an excellent all in one solution for a lot of things. You can use it for cockroaches, ants and for termites. I am used to mix it up with water and spray over the mud tubes at my home. Can also be used as termite killer for wood.

Vinegar: Vinegar and lemon juice kills termites somehow. It is one of the best natural way and you do not need to use any termite control chemicals in India. The acid in lemon and vinegar kills termites.

Salt water: Equal parts of salt and water can also repel and kill termites.

Bleach: This can kill many insects and termites as well.

Cardboard technique: Wet cupboards are good food for termites you can try to use it as a bait to lure in them. And when you see them on the cardboard you can burn them. But there will always be termites left.

Soil: Too much mud or water clogging in the garden? Then you should do something about it, termites love water, leaves and wood. Some even replace soil around a house with sand.

Cleaning: In general a clean house with some finyl or other chemical will work too.


That’s pretty much it. These  are all that I would use and use today to keep termites away. I usually do spent 1-2 hours almost twice a month to spray insecticide for termites.

Ref: Get rid of termite

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