How to get rid of house flies India

Tips and useful products to get rid of house flies in India. And also a real life horror story on why you should always repel/kill house flies 🙁

Best mosquito killer spray in India

I am going to discuss the easy to use and best mosquito killer spray in India. If you are really into spraying strong chemicals to …

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Best mosquito killer for bedroom in India

Was going to sleep peacefully or do something … like workout in the bedroom but mosquitoes are not leaving you alone? Then this collection of …

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Best mosquito repellent India [Top 6]

The best mosquito repellent in India is something that you are not expecting. This is a strong chemical based mosquito repellent which works. Rather than …

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How to control termites at home in India

I know a thing or two about how to control termites at home in India.  Every year in summer I prepare with termite killers, termite …

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