Gorilla fan review – 1+ year Personal Use

I am a first hand user of a gorilla ceiling fan 1400mm and I would like to tell you my experience from the past 1 year or so in this gorilla fan review.

Lifepo4 battery India

I first came to know about lifepo4 batteries while looking for the best inverter battery in India but soon I realised that the lifepo4 battery India does not have the capacity like the tubular batteries. And on top of that the lifepo4 battery in India are really really costly!

Best computer glasses India

Note the best computer glasses in India from me who is wearing a computer glass and spends time in front them for 8 hrs a day.

Top 9 Best Inverter in India

I have been using inverters for 12 years and here are my best inverter in India. Also check the best inverter and battery combination for home.

Best Inverter Battery India

I have been using one Exide C20 150ah battery since the last 12 years and I am highly satisfied. Of course now it gives lower battery backup time but it still works. For me that would be the best inverter battery in India. But I am finally going to upgrade my whole battery inverter combo system and I’m looking for the best inverter battery in India

Best termite killer in India

At my home in West Bengal, I have termites that are creating mud tunnel and tiny nests on walls and ceiling. And I also have …

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Best mosquito bat brands in India

Monsoon or not in my home I have mosquitoes in all seasons except the winter. We do not have cogged water but from the garden …

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