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Can we use laptop while charging – with the battery or without? Is it okay or harmful – know before you start your WFH today!

Can we use Laptop While Charging? – is it bad?

I use my HP and ASUS laptop while charging even use them for gaming while they are charging, and they are with me for the last 2-5 years. So you can use your laptop while charging, and it is not bad at all.

But there are few shortcomings and a loophole in this system of using laptop while charging.

Can we use laptop while charging India

Using laptop while charging is harmful?

Using laptop while it is charging is not harmful, but you should do it when you have the chane. For example, when working from your home, you should use the main power and not the battery of your laptop.

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Also, if you are using a budget laptop which is under 40k in India, then you have noticed that the battery does not give good backup at all. At the start it would have given you around 4-5 hours of backup but after a year or few months the backup will go down to approx 2-3 hours only.

Can we use Laptop While Charging?

And when you are using your laptop plugged in, the power from the outlet drives the laptop and not charge the battery. So you are doing nothing wrong, and it is not harmful to use laptop while charging.

And if you are battery charge is at lower % then your battery gets charged as well when you are using your laptop while charging. These are called micro charge cycles, you have around 800-2000 micro charge cycles to get.

And for deep charge you batter, that is when your battery is under 50%.

The more you go through the charging cycles, the more your battery life is degraded.

But since you have more of the micro charge cycles, your battery life does not get degraded quickly.

So if you are wondering if is it ok to use laptop without battery – then yes it is okay to use the laptop without the battery.

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Should a Laptop Stay Unplugged for as Long as Possible?


Your laptop should not stay unplugged for as long as possible, as that does not improve your laptop of battery life at all. Laptops are designed to be used via power from the main source if available. They do not charge the battery then unless the batter has lower than 95% charge left. So your battery health stays okay as well.

But if you are working with your laptop unplugged, and you see the batter level dropping to 50% or lower, than you should consider charging it.

Do not let drain completely, or charge the battery often when above 50% charge.

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Is it cheaper to leave laptop plugged in?


Laptop consumes very less electricity, so can leave your laptop plugged in, and it will not matter. But the battery goes through small micro charging cycles and over time of a year or more the battery will degrade.


Does laptop use battery when plugged in?


Laptop does not use battery when plugged in. It runs completely from the main power and if the battery is at a lower % then it will get charged by the main power.

Ways to improve a Laptop’s Battery Life?


Shutting Down Background Apps

Apps are power hungry and if you are not using one, then close them. Also, if you are using power hungry apps like photoshop then attach the power cord and turn the switch on. These applications run better with a power source than a battery.

When is the Best Time to Charge a Laptop?

You should charge the lithium-ion battery when you see the battery indicator has dropped below 50% or lower. This way you will be charging the battery though a full cycle and ideally your battery should last a much longer.

Using Laptop While Charging Without Battery

If you really never use the laptop without leaving the house and keep the power on, then you can use the laptop without the battery. There will be no problem if you do so and ideally you might be able to improve the battery life as well.

Disadvantages of using laptop without battery

There is only one main disadvantages of using a laptop without the battery. That is, if your power sources go out, your laptop will shut down immediately. Unless you have a UPS or home inverter attached.



How to save battery on laptop while playing games?

Gaming requires a lot of power, and you should not play games on battery power as well. If you have not tweaked the OS then on battery the OS will not use all the resources. So always game on your laptop when you are plugged in.

How to Use a Laptop Without the Battery?

If you are at home or if you have a power source, then you can use the laptop without the lithium ion battery. All you need to do is remove the battery, but keep the power brick in. This way, you will be able to use the laptop without the battery and might be able to prolong the battery life as well.

Is it okay to watch movie in laptop while charging?

Absolutely fine, watching a movie will not damage your laptop even if it’s charging.

Can I use my laptop while charging a new battery for the first time?

Yes, I have used my laptop right out-of-the-box while plugged in. And it worked fine for 4-5 years. So you can simply use your new laptop with a new battery for the first time while it is plugged in to a power source.

Can we charge the laptop while working on it?

Yes, you can charge the laptop without having to stop working. During your work from home, you will not need to stop at all. Laptops are designed such a way that it the battery falls under 95% it will charge it right back.

Can we use dell laptop while charging?

Yes, you can use any model of dell laptop while charging. There should not be any issues at all.

Can i use my laptop while charging it even when it is fully charged?

The laptop system is intelligent, and it will not charge the battery anymore if the lithium battery is fully charged already.

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