Best bed bug spray in India

When we are sleeping and dreaming bed bugs attack us. Maybe just for a minute, but in that time they get a full meal from our blood. And once they have food they start working on increasing their numbers on the mattress or on carpets. Earlier in the bed bugs were controlled using DDT but …

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Best ant killer in India

Looking for the best ant killer in India? First thing to understand that you can not kill them all. But you can surely decrease their chances. For me the Borax/Boric acid works great and I can use it outdoors also.

Best termite killer in India

At my home in West Bengal, I have termites that are creating mud tunnel and tiny nests on walls and ceiling. And I also have termites that are destroying 50 year old wooden window and door frames. Actually I had to replace an old wooden door completely due to termite 🙁 So I was on …

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Best mosquito bat brands in India

Monsoon or not in my home I have mosquitoes in all seasons except the winter. We do not have cogged water but from the garden they just come into our house. Now we have tried many mosquito bats over the past few years and here are my best mosquito bat brands in India along with …

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Best Cockroach killer India – is safe and effective?

We should love all the life forms but some life forms like cockroaches do bring some harm to our life. Most of the time they  carry germs and can spread those on our furniture, foods etc. I know if you are looking for the best cockroach killer in India then you have suffered enough at …

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