Top 5 chair pillow for back pain – Do you need it? Why?

Wondering if you need a chair pillow for back pain? Sometimes even if you get bad lumbar support with ergonomic chairs and then you will need a lumbar pillow.

Do you need a chair pillow for back pain support?

Chair pillows for back pain are commonly found in offices and homes. They are designed to provide comfort to the back, especially to those who sit for long hours at a time.

When sitting for a long time, your back will suffer from aching and stiffness. Chair pillows help to provide comfort and support for your back.

Top 5 chair pillow for back pain

  1. HealthSense Soft-Spot BC 21 cushions for office chairs
  2. Wakefit Memory Foam cushion for back pain
  3. FOVERA Full Backrest Cushion for High-Back Chair
  4. Grin Health Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair and Car
  5. Vissco Smart Ortho pillow for back pain
Chair pillow for back pain

Reviews of 6 chair pillows for back pain

HealthSense Soft-Spot BC 21 cushions for office chairs

Why Should You Buy this?

This cushion has high-quality dense memory foam. This also does not let bacteria grow and is very easy to clean. Healthsense back pillow should be your first choice.

Healthsense chair pillow is one of the best pillows for chairs to relieve back pain. It has straps, a breathable cover and even magnets.

Top Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Wide size suitable for all chairs
  • Comes with 2 covers
  • Adjustable straps
  • Memory foam
  • Breathable 3D ventilated mesh cover.
  • 8 Magnets were installed for blood circulation

Computer chair you can sleep in

  • The ergonomic design will ease your low back pain. Will also reduce fatigue.
  • A breathable cover will help you not get sweat, but you can wrap this pillow in a towel as well.
  • Helps keep away lower back pain.
  • The wide size of the pillow is enough to cover your back and fits on a chair.
  • The adjustable strap will help to fasten the back pillow to the chair, so it does not move.
  • A real value for money product.
  • Works on mesh back office chairs as well.
  • Not sure how the magnet would work.
  • Many do not like the back support as well.

Wakefit Memory Foam cushion for back pain

Why Should You Buy this?

Wakefit is a known brand when it comes to mattresses, and this pillow comes from them.

Thus, you should not worry about memory foam quality.

Wakefit memory foam cushion has a nice fabric on top, and it looks like a car seat. But it will support your office chair.

Top Features:

  • Build with memory foam.
  • Has ergonomic curves.
  • Has a velvet soft feel.
  • Has a strap to make it secure.
  • Can be used on the car seat.

How to clean office chair wheels?

  • This foam seat cover feels very good.
  • The moulded foam will take the shape of your back to give you max comfort.
  • Useful for long hours in your home office.
  • Takes less seat space on the chair.
  • The durable back cushion does not lose shape.
  • The cover is usable.
  • Wrap a towel on the lumbar support, otherwise, the cover might get ruined.

FOVERA Full Backrest Cushion for High-Back Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

This chair pillow for back pain is not super costly, and it does the job very well.

It is not very thick , so it does not take up much space on your chair.

But you will not think that your back support is comprised as well.

Can an office chair explode?

This is a slim profile backrest that can easily be used with chairs.

Top Features:

  • Available in velvet and air mesh outer layer.
  • Machine washable.
  • Ergonomic counter design.
  • Can be used with high back chairs easily.
  • Made with memory foam and common foam material.
  • Has a unique strapping mechanism to fix on chairs. This makes the cushion unmovable.
  • Washable breathable cover.
  • Anti-sweat.
  • Feels soft on the skin.
  • Can be used in the car.
  • A combo of memory foam and soft foam may not work for everyone. Many feel this is not good ergonomic support.

Grin Health Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair and Car

Why Should You Buy this?

This is a nice big sized pillow that can improve your sitting posture, back pain during your work hours and driving a car.

This Grin health lumbar support cushion is a thick model which looks more like a gaming chair support. But this works for office chairs anyway.

Top features:

  • Ergo-Pur foam
  • Fills the gap between your back and support to ensure good support.
  • This lumbar pillow is thick and has a good ergonomic shape for your spine.
  • This pillow supports the entire back and not just the lower back.
  • 100% memory foam
  • Made with only memory foam to ensure 100% comfort all the time.
  • The lumbar pillow is large as to cover your entire back to relieve you of back pain.
  • The support is very thick and does not lose its shape after long usage.
  • Can be used for car seats.
  • Many feel there is a heat issue.

Vissco Smart Ortho pillow for back pain

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want a sober-looking pillow for a car seat and chair seat then you can get this one.

This is a strong lumbar pillow that would not lose its shape.

Vissco is a good brand and this orthopaedic pillow for back pain, will help you with sitting in a correct posture and heal your back.

Top features:

  • Has premium quality memory foam in it.
  • Orthopaedically designed.
  • Can main the natural curve of your spine.
  • Durable material.
  • Skin-friendly outer layer.
  • Decent colours.
  • Strong pillow design to support your back.
  • The outer layer is washable and it feels nice.
  • The cover is skin-friendly.
  • Vissco ergonomic pillow has a good shape that reflects our spine.
  • Many feel it is too hard.

Where do you put lumbar support pillow?

If you are using a wooden chair or using an office chair, get a lumbar pillow that is tall and wide to fit the chair. Then you can simply push the pillow to the back of the chair. Use the straps to the chair back, so it does not move.

But if you move a lot while sitting on the chair then you should better consider ergonomic chairs.

Are chair cushions worth it?

There are a variety of chair cushions available in different shapes and sizes to fit different chairs.

They can also come with different features, such as straps to keep them in place, or covers that can be removed for washing. Chair cushions can help with back pain and promote proper posture.

They are also available in a range of colours for matching your interiors.

How do you put a lumbar pillow on a chair?

Tie up the straps of the lumbar pillow to the chair. And be sure to push the lumbar pillow down to the seat of the chair. Then the back support will not move and will give you the best results.

A lumbar pillow, also known as a backrest or support cushion, is an inexpensive and effective way to improve your posture and comfort when sitting.

They are available at a variety of prices and can be found at most office supply stores.

A lumbar pillow should cover as wide an area as possible to provide the most support.

It is important that the pillow is not too large, as it will not be able to conform to the shape of a chair with large gaps between the seat and the backrest.

Good lumbar support cannot correct other health issues associated with sitting in one place for long periods of time, but it can help alleviate some of the discomforts.

Where should lumbar support go on chair?

The lumbar on chairs should be placed near the lower back of the chair. You can also tie it up a little higher if your lumbar pillow has straps. It is better to have a large foam-based lumbar pillow so that you can simply place it on a chair and forget about tieing up.

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Buying Guide for the chair pillow for back pain

Density of the backrest cushion for chair

The density of the backrest should be thick enough. It should not be slim at all. This chair pillow for back pain should be thick and dense. The dense foam should be the one that will support your low back. So pick a thick foam-based cushion for your chair, so you do not suffer low back pain.

Price for the chair support for back pain

Price is a big factor when choosing a back cushion for a chair. Too pricey back cushion for back pain? You better get an ergonomic chair instead. Get a good one so you do not have us a pillow for the chair. Ideally in India, the price of chair support pillows ranges between 799 to 2k INR.

The proper curve for back support chair cushion

Many manufacturers lack ortho support, and they make the curve worse. And it automatically gives you back pain rather than helping it.

The proper curve is the most important feature that you should consider while selecting a back chair pillow.

This curve looks like S and this is the natural shape that our spine is. This way the proper curve gives support to your lower back and for this reason, the curve is very important.

Memory foam cushions for office chairs only

Memory foam seat cushion is also a top requirement for office chairs. Even if it is a car back support for lower back pain, you should consider a memory foam cushion. The memory foam cushion is pricier, but it will take the shape of your spine and will provide more comfort.

Air circulation for chair cushion for back support

You will definitely need breathable memory foam seat cushions. We live in a summary focused country, and no breathability will make you sweaty and uncomfortable. Bad material will make you very hot.

Adjustable straps on back pain cushion for office chair

Many cushions do not come with straps, but I would urge you to get large sized cushions that support straps. With adjustable straps, you can tight them to the chair so that they do not move.


If you are not using a good ergonomic chair, then you will need a lumbar pillow for back pain support. It is better to invest in an office chair and get a lumbar pillow. Low back pain is a very bad thing to have, and it will hamper your daily life.

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