Computer Chair Under 2000 – Buy Office Chairs Below 2000 at Cheap Price

Can you buy computer chair under 2000? You can, but the question is, will they be of decent quality? You can always buy office chairs at a low price, but can not expect a high …

Can you buy computer chair under 2000?

You can, but the question is, will they be of decent quality?

You can always buy office chairs at a low price, but can not expect a high quality of materials.

And also do not think of getting a gaming chair under 2000 as well. Those chairs aren’t good.

So, how To Buy the Cheapest Chairs for Office?

  • Go to your local chair shop. Chance is that they might have some office chairs price below 2000 but still it would be rate. Especially if you are from a small town and the local shop imports chairs from nearby big town.
  • So the second and obvious option to buy office staff hairs, cheap office chairs under 2000 INR is to visit the big town. In my case, I would travel by train and return by a hired car to my nearest big city. But before going, know the area where you want to set foot it. Know where the chair market is when it starts. Then you should just shop around to see, and you will find basic office chairs at low price at 2000 INR.
  • Go to the office chair shop and ask them to make a cheap chair. If it is not a busy shop, shop with handymen then might make it for you.
  • Your local chair shop will have a collection of office chairs as well for you to chose from. 

I would rather ask you to opt out now, save money and get a comfortable office chair with a budget around 6-8k INR.

How About Buying a Computer Chair Under 2000 Online?

Computer Chair Under 2000


There are literally no chair makers who sell computer chairs under 2000 online. Surely no chair will be ergonomic chairs at this budget either.

But still, I would like to mention some basic computer chairs which are available at a low cost.

In this list below, I have only selected chairs with armrests. If you do not need armrests, then you can look at this chair on amazon!

Top computer chair under 2000

[review] Computer Chair Under 2000

These chairs are cheap and often sold under or at 2000 INR. But if possible, you should save enough money to get something better.

CELLBELL® Desire C104

Why Should You Buy this?

If you just want a budget chair for nominal usage then this Cellbell chair would work for you. For long hours of usages, you should upgrade your budget and your choice.

Best office Chair under 5000 in India

Cellbell Desire C104 is a budget chair randomly sold at 2000 – 3000 INR.

Top Features:

  • Breathable mesh at the back.
  • Dual wheel casters.
  • Hydraulic height adjustment.
  • Long armrest.
  • Metal wheelbase.
  • The backrest tilts up to 120 degrees.
  • Available in many colors.

  • Mesh back is good for warmer regions of India.
  • The metal base at this price point is really great.
  • The seat cushion is great and supports the thighs.
  • The armrest is long and usable for minimal computer usage.
  • The backrest can tilt around 120 degrees and can not be locked.
  • Can support up to 105 kgs.

  • No ergonomic features like lumbar support or adjustable arms.
  • Many complain that the parts are of low-quality material. Which is okay at this price.

Savya Home Delta Office Chair

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a mesh back chair under budget then this cheap office chair will work for you.

Savya delta office chair is a basic home feature with mesh back. This is a great chair for home office users.

Top Features:

  • Mesh back.
  • 135-degree tilt.
  • Tilt adjustment feature.
  • Any position tilt lock feature.
  • Nylon base.
  • 2 inch thick soft PU cushion seat with 10 years of life.
  • 150 kg max user weight.

  • The mesh back is good at passing air through.
  • The tilt adjustment feature and any pace tilt lock are a good features.
  • Max user weight is 150 kgs, so it will fit most of us.
  • Has adjustable seat height feature too.

  • Many do not like the quality of materials used in this office chair.
  • No lumbar support.
  • No head rests.

Best Chair for Overweight Person

Feel Soft Chairs Sigma Mid Back Ergonomic Office

Can office chair explode
Check on Amazon

Why Should You Buy this?

This is one of the best office chairs that is available online at a low price. This model should work decently for home-usage.

Why Office Chairs So Expensive?

Sigma mid-back chair is a breathable chair with a fixed armrest and metal base. This is a great chair on a low budget.

Top Features:

  • The mesh back lets air in.
  • There is a tilt mode but no locking.
  • Height is adjustable with a pneumatic gas lift.
  • 120 kgs of max weight supported.
  • Padded foam seat.

  • Good quality workstation chair in this price range.
  • Many like the comfortable seat.
  • Adjustable seat height works as it should.

  • Fixed lumbar support and no adjustable armrest.


In the real world, you will not be lucky to get good deals on computer chairs under 2k INR. And it is better to buy cheap chairs from local shops so you can repair them if they broke down.

Ideally, save money and go for better models.

Under 2k never expect a boss chair/executive office chair/Leather office chair or similar.

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