Gaming chair vs office chair – Ultimate Comparison battle

Selecting a chair for your home office? Then this gaming chair vs office chair comparison will help you out!

Gaming chair vs office chair – Ultimate Comparison battle

This Gaming vs Office chair battle depends on only the ergonomics part. The gaming chair vs office chair ergonomics is what you should care about.

And understand that expensive ergonomic office chairs are the way to go forward for long time work or gaming.

In my opinion, rather than bling and racing stripes, look for ergonomic features like a headrest, lumbar support and foam seat.

Gaming chairs vs office chairs Who Will Win?

Design Aesthetics & Branding

Gaming chairs are designed to enhance their looks. They always shoe their logo upfront.

And gaming chairs often have a sporty look and even have RGB.

Office chairs tend to be designed less for attention, but for a sleek look. They are simple designs of black, silver, grey, and leather. They may have a company logo sometimes. 

But not as eye-catching as a gaming chair’s logo. Office chairs are more into improving postures and maintain a sleek look to suit the office environment.

Why are ergonomic chairs so expensive?

Gaming chair vs office chair Ergonomics and Comfort

Office chairs and gaming chairs are different. It is always important to ensure that the chair is comfortable for the person sitting on it.

Moreover, the chair should fit your ergonomic needs as well. For example, the height of your chair should be easy for you to sit on. And if you have a desk that is too low, then your lower back will ache when you sit in that position for long hours.

Tips: Your feet should always touch the floor and the table height should be at your elbows.

Comfort is a key factor when purchasing a chair — especially if you’re going to be sitting in it for hours.

Ergonomic features in chairs, including back recliners and adjustable height. Therefore, make sure the chair you are about to purchase has all these features. The lumbar support, adjustable chair height and armrest heights are the key factors of an ergonomic chair.

Best Gaming Chair under 10000 in India

Gaming chairs go just that little bit further on comfort, with a fuller range of motion in the backrest recline. They also have a lot of cushions around and all over it.

Therefore, when choosing a gaming chair make sure it has all the standard ergonomic features like lumbar support, headrests, and armrests that you’d find in any office chair.

A standard office chair has a smaller range of motion when it comes to backrest recline, while gaming chairs allow for much more recline. Gaming chairs also tend to have more padding and higher-quality materials than office chairs. 

But office chairs have mesh material, so it offers way more comfortable sitting for a long time.

Bucket seats support the back of legs, while waterfall seats don’t. And most ergonomic chairs have waterfall seats. But I feel that waterfall seats are more comfortable. And bucket seats are for aesthetics and to make gaming feel more immersive. These seat kind of wrap your legs around.

On the other hand, waterfall seats take pressure off the lumbar spine, and thus it is more seen in ergonomic office chairs.

All the best ergonomic chairs under 10k on this list have the waterfall seat design!

Best Chair for Overweight Person

The headrest is fixed, but can be adjusted with gaming chairs. Head cushions are added for comfort. The pillow supports the neck when at a computer for a long time. This neck pillow can be moved up and down.

But in my opinion, adjustable headrests aren’t that useful, as they only move up and down. On the other hand, swivel headrests allow you to move the entire headrest independently, which is super helpful if you want to find a position that’s perfect for you.

gaming chair vs office chair

Ergonomics (adjustability)

Ergonomic chairs have adjustable backrests and armrests. 

As a result, you get a chair that’s personalized to your body shape and size. For example, I have a bad back. So I really need to be able to adjust the backrest of my ergonomic chair. And the best ergonomic chairs in my opinion have at least 3 different settings for the backrest. In general, you’ll find that ergonomic chairs also have higher quality materials than average office chairs. This is partly because ergonomic chairs tend to be more expensive than average office chairs. But it’s also because high-quality materials make for a better overall product. Note that some ergonomic chairs have moveable armrests. Which means you can position them how you want.

Misuraa chair review

And as per as adjustability goes, I feel ergonomic chairs are the way forward than gaming chairs.

But as muscles tire, there are no adjustments that can help. Thus, it is recommended to leave your sitting posture every hour to take a 10-min break.

Armrests can be adjusted on both gaming and office chairs. In high-end gaming, chairs, armrests are 4D adjustable but in general, armrest adjustments are 2 dimensional. In some ergonomic chairs, you will see 3-dimensional arm rest adjustment as well. But more moving parts make the armrest weak, but for the bare minimum, you should be able to adjust the height of the armrest.

Standard office and gaming chairs are equally easy to move around. The castor wheels are present on both the chairs, and strong castor wheels are great with a metal base.

The metal base is also common in both gaming and office chairs. With a strong base, these chairs can hold up people’s weight pretty well.


Accessories and extras

Almost no chair comes with accessories. It includes tools and an assembly manual. It is easy to put together a chair that has ergonomic features which make it more comfortable for a long period of time. Some office chairs have a coat hanger at the back.

For gaming chairs, pillow add-ons are included. This makes the gaming chair comfortable. In some high-end gaming chairs, you also get a leg rest.

Lumbar support: Gaming chair vs Ergonomic Office Chair

Gaming chairs have a lot of lumbar support options. You either get a lumbar slider, or the chair has built-in lumbar support. In general, I feel lumbar sliders are easier to use than a separate piece of lumbar support. With a slider, you don’t need to worry about losing the piece of equipment.

And when you push it forward, it clicks into place. The only downside is that sliders don’t stay in place as well as a rigid piece of lumbar support. 

In ergonomic office chairs, the back support is usually in the form of a curved backrest. Or you get adjustable lumbar support where you can push it in, move up or down. This system gives better control of the lumbar support.

These are designed for the spine and to fit the back. They can be fixed in place or detachable. Sometimes they are curved to shape the bottom of the spine.

Additional specs

Office chairs are pretty much what they say on the box. But gaming chairs are a different beast. Some gaming chairs even have RGB on them! If you like the bling, then you will love them.

For full immersion, some gaming chairs have a vibration mechanism. Some gaming chairs with massage functions. 

An ergonomic chair means business, and they do not have any additional features.

Design & upholstery

Mesh and leather office chairs are two common types. Breathability is the key difference between the two, gaming, and office chair.

Leather chairs typically wear out quickly and lose their cushioning. 

On the other hand, mesh office chairs allow air to flow through them. This makes the chair feel cooler during a long gaming session. Also, mesh office chairs look good on any desk. They can match your existing office décor. I’ve noticed that more and more gaming chairs are using mesh as a cheaper alternative to leather. Which is a shame. Leather looks and feels better. But mesh chairs are better for hot offices and for home offices.

Leather is good for looks, but not durability, but faux leather has even less longevity than real leather.

Gaming chairs come in bright colours. They are much bigger and heavier than a standard office chair. 

Adjustable Armrests

Most gaming chairs have adjustable armrests. This allows you to find the perfect position for your arms. The only downside of adjustable armrests is that they make the chair harder to transport. Also, you need to be careful to not over-adjust them. If you leave them too far back, the chair won’t recline. And if you put them too far forward, it will lean to one side. Recliner Some gaming chairs have a built-in recliner. This is great for kicking back after a tough day at work. Unfortunately, the recliner feature on most gaming chairs is pretty weak.

On the other hand, most executive chairs have good armrests which are 2D adjustable. Meaning, they move up and down. And gaming chairs sometimes offer 3D adjustments as well. But more moving parts make the armrests less durable.


Wings are parts of bucket seats and gaming chairs. They help to sit by enforcing a vertical rather than slouched posture. Ergonomic office chairs rarely have wings on them, and those make gaming chairs more sporty.

Seat Design

Ergonomic chairs have a “waterfall” design. And many office chairs have a sliding seat option as well. This puts less pressure on the spine. And comfort comes from having your feet on the floor. 

Bucket seat design for gaming ergonomic chairs. 

This is much more comfortable than a flat-bottomed chair. But it does make it harder to slide out of the seat. Also, the shape of the bucket seats doesn’t allow your butt to sink into the seat. So it’s not ideal for long term use. 


Headrests allow for periods of rest. They reduce tension in the neck and shoulders. Fixed or adjustable headrests may be tilted in and out. Ergonomic chairs usually have a headrest that tilts up and down. This gives you the ability to angle the headrest up or down.

Most gaming chairs don’t have headrests. And those that do tend to be small. And many gaming chairs have no adjustable headrests. They offer a neck pillow and a high enough backrest that will reach up to your head.

Ergonomic office chairs win out over gaming chairs in terms of headrests.


Gaming chairs are more expensive than office chairs. More features mean a higher price tag on gaming chairs. But most of the time it is branding and sporty looks. On the other hand, a high-end or gaming chair will be beneficial for frequent work and gaming.

A cheaper office chair is good for occasional, short periods of work. 

But it is more comfortable to sit in an ergonomic chair for long periods of time. Cushioning can be found in different densities in an ergonomic chair. Some manufacturers use memory foam. Which moulds to your body.

And good ergonomic chairs are costly due to the R&D and premium materials that goes in into them.

See why ergonomic chairs are more costly.

Are expensive office chairs really worth the money?

It is worth it to pay for a quality office chair. If one spends the money on an expensive office chair, they are more likely to have a better working experience and be less fatigued throughout the day. 

Should I buy an office chair second-hand from OLX?

I personally would not suggest buying a second-hand office chair from OLX unless you have done your personal inspection first. Otherwise, there are lots of scams going on and never ever pay anyone in advance.

The benefits of gaming chairs

The benefits of gaming chairs are that they provide a tailored fit for your preferences, specifically lumbar support. Lumbar pillows can help in some cases but never replace actual lumbar support. Arm-rests and upholstery also play a key role in providing comfort while gaming. Lastly, style is important to consider when purchasing a new chair as it helps reflect what you want from your seat during game playing.

After all you can not find RGB if you buy an ergonomic office chair.

The benefits of office chairs

– Most office chairs are comfortable for short periods of light work, but not ergonomic enough to provide a healthy sitting position and productivity. But if it is an ergonomic office chair, then those are good for long hours of office work,

– Ergonomic office chairs are good for libraries, home offices and for corporate offices.

The best ergonomic option for productivity is a pricey synchro-tilt task chair with an adjustable headrest.

Gaming chairs and office chairs have seat height adjustments that are BIFMA (Business & Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association) certified.

These are comfortable options that will provide relief to your body during long periods of sitting or standing in front of a desk.

– These office chairs might also improve productivity.

Features any good chair should have

A gaming chair or office chair should have some minimum of features. The most important feature is that it is ergonomically designed and comfortable for many hours at a time. It must also come with an adjustable backrest, lumbar support, and seat depth.

A gaming chair is designed for quick sitting and standing, while an office chair offers more comfort. 

But both can provide relief from sitting for long periods of time. 

Executive office chair vs gaming chair

The difference between an executive office chair and a gaming chair is that the latter has additional features such as added comfort, luxury, and style.

Executive chairs are for those who want to sit in a more traditional manner with arms on the armrests instead of reclining into a “chair” like position.

On the other hand, the reclining features on Gaming Chairs are really great, they can go even to 180 degrees.

Gaming chairs offer something different than an office chair: they’re meant to be used while playing games like console games or PC games where you need extra support. This means the back and headrest are adjustable. Executive office chair vs gaming chair

The executive office chair is sometimes better for executives who need to be in a big office. The gaming chair allows you to connect your phone or laptop to the headrest so that when you are playing games, the sound will play through the speakers in the headrest. They both have vibration if you want to combine gaming and luxury.


Why are gaming chairs bad?

Gaming chairs are usually bad because they have poor lumbar support. In order for a gaming chair to be good, it needs to have the right kind of lumbar support. Some chairs come with pillows, but those are only adjustable with height. And the headrests of gaming chairs are not that adjustable either.

What makes a gaming chair different?

A gaming chair is designed to be used with video games and ergonomic office chairs are designed for professional work spaces. Both of these furniture items come in ergonomic designs that provide sitting comfort and add efficiency to workspace setup. The two types of furniture also differ in their intended use, which makes them different from one another.
The best gaming chair is the most comfortable and has all of the features you need to enjoy your time playing video games. If you are looking for a racing-style office chair, then an ergonomic office chair offers dynamic seating that will stimulate compensatory movements in order to prevent any form of injury. Or just use a gaming chair with racing stripes.
An expensive high-end ergonomic desk with its adjustable backrest, armrests, tilt mechanism can provide comfort for hours on end without causing any fatigue or discomfort whatsoever.

Are gaming chairs good for non gamers?

Gaming chairs are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Many of them have adjustable lumbar support, built-in pillows, and multi-adjustable armrests so that the user can find their own personal fit. 
As long as you don’t spend all day glued to your screen, a gaming chair should be fine for anyone to use. In fact, many people use their gaming chair while watching TV. 
Office chairs tend to come without features such as these, but they’re more appropriate for office use.

Is it better to get an office chair or a gaming chair?

Get office chairs for long durations of office work and for gaming use the same ergonomic chair as well. I don’t see the need of getting a gaming chair in India. Those are bulky and to get good quality you will have to spend a lot.
The decision of which chair to get, an office chair or a gaming chair, is often difficult for people to make. Some chairs are great for both, and some blend the two uses. The outcome ultimately depends on what’s right for you. It’s about finding that perfect balance between functionality and design in order to find your personal ideal seat!

What is the difference between a gaming chair and a normal chair?

The difference between a gaming chair and a normal office chair is that the former has features like adjustable height, lumbar support, armrests. The consumer needs and tastes develop as well as the requirement for these features.

Do gaming chairs cause bad posture?

A gaming chair is typically designed for use in a computer game. They are often made of foam and PU leather. The lumbar support and adjustable armrest make them ideal for gamers that enjoy playing online games.
An office chair is used to sit while performing other tasks such as typing or working on your PC or laptop. There are many styles and types of office chairs available, with the most popular being swivel and armrest-equipped models.

Conclusion: The difference between a gaming chair vs office chair?

When it comes to gaming chairs vs office chairs, the differences are clear. They differ in design and offer different features. If you want a striking, comfy, and racing-style chair that will fit into your game room, then an Green Soul chair is the correct choice.

If you want ultimate comfort at home or your workstation needs some serious adjustments, then take a look at the high-quality ergonomic office chairs that are designed with your needs in mind.

Ultimately, the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair is in their design. High-quality ergonomic office chairs are designed with knowledge of what you need for your home or work setup: like non-slip pads to prevent falls, adjustable lumbar supports to help ease lower back pain, and adjustable armrests that make it easy to reach all parts of the screen while working on an elevated surface.

For me, even for gaming, I will pick an ergonomic mesh chair.

Ref: Ergonomics Chair research

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