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Dream come true Work from home office setup India – office furniture, Lights, pest control and more!

How do I set up work from home office?

 Start building your work from office with the ergonomic chair and if your budget allows then an adjustable table. There are other gears needed, but those are not as important as these two.

Without good chair and table, any home office setup is incomplete.

But another very important thing to decide is the room of your work from home office. Ideally, I would like you set it up in the corner or side rooms with a window. Natural light is always great to have.

home office setup india

How to build the best work from home setup India

How do I set up my first home office? 

If you are wondering, then the following steps will be beneficial for you. I have started with the most important factor which is room selection, and then we will move down to furniture.

Due to the nature of our work, we will sit in the room on the chair or bed for 6-7 hours straight. And in total we would be working for at least 14 hours a day 🙁

It is sad and awful for health. Thus, fewer compromises you make will have less impact on your body.

Room Selection

A damp, small, no window room will make your productivity and work capacity graph will go downwards. Try to pick at least 120 sq feet room with enough windows and openings around you.

You can set a full gaming pc style set up here instead of home office setups. And a big room is good for setting up the best dual monitor setup for home office.

A big room will also allow you to play around with many home office furniture setup ideas.

Furniture selection

Modern home office designs include lots of nice ideas. But high-end home workstation setup in India costs a lot.

For basics, your home office design India should revolve around a large desk and an office chair. For my home office desk India I prefer it to be large, so I can place my both hands on it and write comfortably and use the mouse.

I would like to put a plant too.

I do not like those computer tables, you should also stick with a large desk/table. Drawers can be nice to have.

I would mention some best home office desk in India later.

And for minimalistic set-ups, like using laptop you might just use a bed.

Work Equipment selection

Best home office laptop setup will only need laptop and a laptop stand. Many would not need any other equipment. Apart from technical equipments for home office setup recommendations for other equipments I would like you to get a good headset with mic, a table lamp, LED tube lights.

Depending on the climate you might need air coolers or oil filled room heaters as well.

More on various equipments here

Work from home setup ideas India

work from home setup ideas india

Features of the modern office setup at home India

Ergonomic office designs

Ergonomic office design starts with looking for office chair online India. Home office workstations always needs a good chair with headrest, so you do not get neck, shoulder problems. Also the lumbar support helps with keeping back pain in control.

Space-saving home office designs

Since not all of us have extra rooms, sometimes we have to opt for smart furnitures to save space. But do not settle for a cramped space, this will hinder your workflow and will not be good for your health.

Interior design

Unless you have sense of interior design, then you should speak with any home office designers. They will be able to guide and design the best possible office spaces in India for your house.

Ease of Maintenance

Usually a large desk and a chair is the simplest home office setup and very easy to maintain also. It is easy to clean and upgrade too.

Ease of access

The office should be easily accessible and preferably in the rooms which is not near kitchen or living room. You do not want the smell and sound from those rooms to reach you.


What type of home office furniture India to get?

I know you are wondering what equipment do I need to work from home? I have pondered that question over and over and here is my go-to go list.

No all the equipment, furniture in this list will suit your needs.

You may not need these many but to go for the best home office setup you might need much more. But most of this is based on personal preference as well.

And most of the suggestions here for in regard to the home office setup ideas India are available online, but you can buy them locally as well.

Things you can not ignore while creating the best home office desk setup –

Ergonomic Office chair

Quality of an ergonomic office chair should have a lumbar spine support, head rest, adjustable arm rest and foam made seat cushion. Ergonomic office chairs will save you a lot of bodily pain and treatment later.

Also, you will be able to work longer and with better productivity.

C83 Mid Back Mesh Fabric Office Chair

Work Tables

Work tables have many dimensions to it. I like a large simple table where I would put my see through desktop. And my large monitor should also fit on it. But many do like the smaller ones too, with a separate compartment for the cabinet.

If you need to move around the table, then get tables with wheels. And if you have shortage of space then you can use hideaway desks which are attached on the wall.

And if you are really enthusiastic, then you can install the pc into your table as well.

Your imagination is the limit here.

But you should get a large enough table that suits you. An artist might have a drawing tab, monitor, pen stand, note pad etc on the table. He can not work without them, and he also needs a table lamp.

So his table needs to be large and wide. A typical home trading setup contains more than one display, so the traders also need large tables also. Large workspace is also appreciated by gamers and as a YouTube studio setup at home India.

Laptop Table

A multipurpose laptop table is the best way to go if you are just using a laptop. Multipurpose laptop tables has drawers, phone and cup holders also. They make the perfect table for bed to work with at home.

Light Source

Home office lighting setup should include an open window, table lamps, LED tube lights, LED bulbs. Ample light is always preferable. Especially with people with eyeglasses and for those who work with photography and image editing. Lighting is a must-have.


Home office backgrounds are tricky, but home office video conferencing setups are easy to do. In your home office space you may just use a simple plain wall at the back. This helps with video calls. Do not sit with a window on your background, it will make the camera all dark.

For more creativity, use a green screen around you and make it anything :p

Types of Other accessories for wfh setup India

Table Lamp

Good table lamp helps when your laptop keypads are not backlit. And for the times when you need to limit the light to your corner only. I would suggest getting a LED table lamp where you can adjust the brightness as needed.

LED Light

Since you will be working for long hours, you would not like to pay more electricity bills. And I am sure your employer will not pay for electricity bills either. So put LED bulbs and LED tube lights all over your home office. So you save money and have no shortage on lights.

Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are great if you had to setup your office in a corner of a room. Where you have no AC or ceiling fan coverage. A high speed pedestal fan will take all of your sweat away but will also make some noise.

You might also want to check BLDC pedestal fans for electricity savings..

ANSIO High Speed Pedestal Fan

Ceiling Fan

BLDC ceiling fans will be good for a home office setup in India. These do not make much sound and also consume around 30 watts of power only. A must-have for the hot areas in India.

Check my top recommended ceiling fans here

Best led ceiling fans in India

Air Cooler

Air coolers are great if you are living in a dry yet hot climate. An air cooler can also serve two people with swing option, and larger coolers can cool down a whole room. Making the home office very comfortable during summer.

Symphony Sumo 115 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler

Air Conditioner

If you have the budget then skip all these above and get an AC. Year around, you should have no issues with hot or cold. Your computer will also thank you later.


If you write a lot then a mechanical keyboard makes more sense otherwise any other would do just fine. Check my keyboard here.


If you are not a gamer, any large size mouse would do for long time office work. Large sized because those small mouses are not good enough for me.

For both keyboard and mouse, wireless is preferable if your desk is small and you want less clutter.


Do not fall for gaming headphones. if you are after good sound then get AKG, bayer dynamics etc headphones. If you are not into music industry, then do not buy headphones over 3k INR.


Same goes for speakers, if you are not into music industry then any Bluetooth enabled speakers would do, But if you are also using your workstation for entertainment than you might need something better like edifier r1850db.


Termites, mosquitoes, houseflies and all are bad for a home office and for health. So keep your insect killers handy.

See my top recommended insect killers to keep your home office and entire home safe here.

Power Backup

Depending on where you live you should always have a power source which is reliable. You definitely do not want to stop working during mid summer afternoon. Or freeze while working from Himachal as your oil filled room heater did not turn on due to no electricity.

For these situations you might want to invest in solar power and Good Inverters

What my work from home desk setup India looks like?

I simply sit on my bed and use a large monitor on the bed side. I have decent speakers and I watch movies on the same setup as well.


Where to get the best work from home (WFH) furniture?

Buy online, the setup and buying process of any wfh equipment is easy. But you can also buy from local shops since the delivery for the large furnitures like tables will be quick in this cas

What are the materials available in work from home furniture?

For basic home office furniture setup ideas and stability, the steel and wooden materials will be the best. For rest plastic furnitures will do it.

Why wooden street for office furniture in India?

Any home office desk setup ideas suggestions will include wooden furnitures. But if you can keep the termites away then wooden home office setups look premium and classy.

Why choose between sitting and standing?

Sitting all day for work is a silent killer. Before you know it you will be down with back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain etc. The best home office computer setup should have an adjustable desk which can be used for both sitting and standing options. A change of working position is good for productivity too.

How much space do you need to setup your office?

A whole room for home office sounds great. 100sq feet to 150 sq feet sounds ideal to me. But if not possible, you can settle down in a corner also.

How much does it cost to set up a home office?

Starting from scratch, a home office in India would cost around 20k excluding the cost of computer or other electrical equipments. A good table, office chair, headset would cost you that much easily. That is if you only do office work like with spreadsheets, web development etc. For photo and video editing, your computer cost would reach the sky.

How do I setup a home office for two?

Set the desks far apart if you are not working on the same project. This will give you enough space to work on your project with peace. There will be no hindrance by taking office calls, either. Larger, the room with lots of windows, is better. Because both of you will need the natural light and air. And among other things you will need a good quality internet connection, a capable router.

How do you make a home office in a small space?

If you have a window in the small space where you want to make a home office, then it will not look that small. The natural light and wind is also very helping. But if not, then you have to set up good LED lights with light colour scheme for the wall. And you have to manage your computer cables, monitor and CPU space well too. And I would not recommend that you neglect the leg space. You should be able to spread your legs fully and keep your legs on the floor at 90 degrees.

Where should I put my home office?

A room with a window beats all the locations in your home when it comes to build your home office. If you do not have a desk already, then you might want to invest in a good high desk with lots of drawers. This helps with keeping your workroom organized. And also get a decent home office desk chairs.

Is adding a home office a good investment?

Work from home trend is continuously growing for some time now, and you should invest in a place in your home which you can convert into an office. Home workstation setup will not take much space unless you are in the music industry and want to set up a home studio in India. Even a home theatre setup in India takes much more space than a home office set up in India.

How much does a nice desk cost?

A typical computer desks home office in India can cost from 3k to 30k or more. You would rather be happy with a large work table.

How can I work from home without a desk?

An ideal home office setup should have a desk. A desk makes a setup the best home office setup for productivity. But if you do not use a large monitor and use only a small laptop then you can just stack up large books on your bed to make a desk. Or can use portable/foldable laptop tables. These tables are good for portable home office setup. You can set this up in bedroom, balcony etc.

How do I setup a home office in a bedroom?

Setting up a home office in a bedroom could be the ultimate home office setup. With a laptop, this is much easier also. With this set up where you are actually sitting on the bed you can just lie down to take a rest. Otherwise, for a clean home office setup, get a desk and chair and put them near a window with a fan or air cooler.

How do I set up a home office for a budget?

Any cheap home office setup should include a well lit, well ventilated room first. Rest depends on your work equipment. If you need to sit and work for 8 hours or more, ergonomic chairs are the first thing to buy. Pair it with a table and you are good to go. You can use low cost foldable tables also. If you are using a laptop then get a laptop stand/laptop table and use the bed. This is the best cheapest home office setup tips you can get.

Should your home office desk face the wall?

If you are someone who easily gets distracted, then your office desk facing the wall might help you be more productive. For others it might feel like a closed space. I would rather sit beside a window, this will help with keeping the stress down.

How do you create a home office layout?

Interior designers are the best person to give you small home office setup ideas. They can also show you home office setup pictures and you can choose. But this might get very costly, so you can take matters into your own hands and do a minimalist home office setup by yourself. The interior might not match with each other, but you will be able to build a good ergonomic home office setup by your own anyway.

Where can I put a small home office?

A corner of the balcony and a spare room can be turned into a simple home office setup also. A modern home office set up with a laptop and wireless mic, headphones makes less clutter. So if the office is for a single person it will work out just fine.

What is a good size home office?

A simple laptop home office setup can be done on a bed easily. For desk and full-blown setup you will need around 120 sq feet room with windows. You can contact home office designers to do it for you but that would be costly so just build yourself.

How do I setup a home office Set up India without an extra room?

Get corner cleaned up and set up your desk there. If you are working on a laptop, then it will be easier to set up a home office without an extra room. You can add in Google home to the mix to make smart home setup India

Which direction should my desk face?

Many home office ideas India articles would recommend you to face east, but does the direction matter? The Indian state I live in gets the most sun from the South direction. So I would like to sit in a room with windows on the south side. More natural light and outside air will make the ideal home office. And very comfortable also.

Does building a home office add value?

Only if you are working for home. Many programmers actually do prefer working from home more. And the trend is up. This is good for employees since they can save time and money on the transport.

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