How to buy an Office Chair: A Complete Guide to chairs

Buy an office chair that is comfortable and ergonomic for your workspace. Read our guide on how to buy an office chair.

How to buy an Office Chair: See tips from the experience of buying chairs

Here are the simple tips on how to buy an office chair. This guide is based on what I went through while buying my work from the home chair.

And hopefully, you will not go through the same.

First, we will start with a statement, you should always get ergonomic chairs. And what are the top features you should consider while buying an office chair.

How to buy an Office Chair

What Kind of Ergonomic Office Chair is Best?

The best ergonomic office chair combines comfort and support with a well-designed frame to ensure you get the most out of your workday. The best office chair for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

There are many types of office chairs available, each with its own benefits.

Ergonomic chairs are the best chair for people who sit for long periods of time. Office chairs with wheels allow users to move around the desk easily without having to stand up.

Office chairs come in a variety of styles, but the most important feature is comfort. Look for an ergonomic office chair that has height adjustability and deep pan seat adjustment.

Gaming chairs are similar to office chairs, but prioritize style over comfort.

Why Office Chairs So Expensive?

High back Office chair

High back office chairs have a higher backrest that supports both your head and neck.

These chairs are both comfortable and useful. The tall backrest support for your neck, shoulders, & back makes them more supportive than mid-back office chairs. You can easily adjust them to suit you!

High back office chairs are available in a variety of colors and materials.

Prices for high back office chairs vary depending on the model and design.

Discounts are available for purchase during certain times of the year.

High back office chairs are comfortable and provide good support for your spine.

Computer chair you can sleep in

Leather office chair

Leather office chairs offer adjustable height and lumbar support, thereby making them customizable to suit your needs.

The materials used to make an office chair reflect its quality and sturdiness.

Pepperfry houses revolving chairs made using the best quality materials: leather office chairs, fabric office chairs, metal office chairs, and plastic office chairs.

These are generally known as boss chairs. And they do not seem much comfortable to me considering not all of us have AC in our rooms. With AC sitting on leather chairs is not an issue.

What Features Should a Good Ergonomic Office Chair Possess?

A good ergonomic office chair should:

Chair pillow for back pain

– Sturdy.

– Adjustable.

– Adjustable height.

– Adjustable armrests.

– Adjustable lumbar support.

– Ergonomic design.

  • Office chair seat height should be easily adjustable. Otherwise, you will have knee pain.
  • Seat width and depth should be standard but to sit cross-legged you should get chairs with more width.
  • Lower back support is important in an ergonomic chair.
  • The chair should have a comfortable, padded seat.
  • The chair should be able to rotate easily so the user can reach different areas of their desk.
  • The armrests should be adjustable and comfortable. While a basic 2D armrest is good enough there are 4D adjustable armrests as well.
  • A good ergonomic office chair should have a comfortable, supportive seat and back.
  • The chair should be easy to adjust to fit different heights and widths.
  • The arms and neck should be adjustable for proper comfort.
  • The chair should have wheels so you can move it around the work area easily.

How to sit on a chair for long time

Height Adjustable

The chair should be adjustable to fit the height of the table. And your legs should be in 90 degree angle.

And you should adjust the seat back or forth if you have the ability. Also adjust the seat tilt, so it is comfortable to you.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is essential to minimizing strain or compression on the lumbar discs in your spine.

Without a lumbar support your lower back and upper back will have high strain and backpain.

Lumbar support can help improve back pain by supporting the lower back and spine. It is typically used in people who have chronic back pain and do not respond to other treatments.

Lumbar support can be used in combination with other treatments, such as physical therapy or medication if you have back pain already.

There are a variety of lumbar supports on the market, including pillows, corsets, belts, slings, and chairs. You might need them if your chair has bad lumbar support.

It is important to find lumbar support that fits your lifestyle and body type so that you can use it most effectively for your condition.

Along with lumbar support, you should also look for the headrest. A mesh covered cushioned headrest is most ideal.

Get Decent Seat Depth and Width

The office chair should be wide and deep enough to let you sit comfortably.

The seat depth should be enough that you can touch the chair with your back. 

A chair should have a sufficient seat depth and width to accommodate different body types.

A chair with a deep seat will provide more support for the back, while a wider seat will be more comfortable. With a deep seat, you can later put a lumbar pillow too.

With a wide chair seat, you can sit cross-legged too.

It is important to try out different chairs before making a purchase to find the one that is perfect for you.

Choose Mesh or Fabric materials

To be comfortable, a chair should have breathable material and sufficient padding.

Fabric is a good option for chairs because it breathes well and offers padding. Avoid leahter like surface if you are not in an AC room all the time. It is better to choose fabric covered soft foam seats.

Many people do prefer mesh chairs since most of India is a hot and humid country. And fabric and mesh allows air to pass and is easy to spend a lot of time on the chair.

Get a Chair With Armrests

Armrests should be adjustable to make you less likely to slouch.

Foam padded armrests are good if you have elbow pain or want to avoid elbow pain in the future. If you get into thinking mode too often, then you should also get a padded arm rest.

Ideally, a chair should also have an adjustable backrest so that you can move the seat-back forward or backward.

Some armrests also can be fixed in a tilted angle. But more modifications in armrests make them weaker.

It is best to get 2D armrests which can move up and low.

Ideally, you should keep the armrest height the same as the height of the table.

get chairs with caster wheels

Do get ergonomic chairs with caster wheels so you can move on carpets, marbel and cement floors easily.

Swivel chairs are comfortable and easy to move around, making them versatile for years to come. Swivel casters can make it easier to move a chair around by allowing you to rotate the chair in any direction.

Casters add stability and ease of movement when you need to move a heavy or cumbersome object. Choose casters that are appropriate for the type of flooring you will be using.

All office chairs come with tilting feature. In some chair models you can use the tilt tension lock that can lock the angle. This is prominent in most gaming chairs but useful for work from home as well.

Is Office Chair Good for Gaming

How to buy office chair – top criteria to check for!

The most important criteria to check when buying a new office chair is comfort. The most comfortable office chair will be the one that your body can best adapt to.

Always check the product description to learn how to adjust a chair for maximum comfort.

Choose a chair that fits your needs and is designed keeping in mind the trending décor styles.

It is also important to consider features such as height adjustment, lumbar support, and armrests.

Finally, it is essential to make sure the chair has a warranty in case anything goes wrong with it down the line.

Decide on your budget (and consider second-hand)

There are a wide range of different chairs available, from cheap to expensive.

Executive chairs can cost more than 10,000 INR on the lower end.

A budget-conscious person should spend around 8000 INR on an office chair.

Buying secondhand office chairs can save you money. But buy those chairs in the local market and you will be able to save money. Like I did here.

You may not receive a long manufacturer guarantee, but the chair is still likely to be in good condition.

Buying from an established retailer is safer than buying secondhand as well. If you are buying online check for the service area of the seller.

why are ergonomic chairs so expensive

Type of chair

There are many different types of chairs, and your workspace might dictate some requirements.

Some of the best office chairs also have luxury features, like built-in heating pads.

Bear in mind the type of finish, fabric vs leather, and whether or not breathability is important to you. The design and features of a chair are important factors to consider when purchasing one.

Chairs come in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles. Some chairs have built-in features that make them easier to use or more comfortable to sit in. Like ergonomic chairs with lumbar support, adjustable arm rest and seat height.

The type of chair you choose will depend on your needs and preferences as an individual.

But for home office a mesh adjustable ergonomic chair is useful.

Seat Chacha Ace Mid Back Office chair

Are ergonomic considerations important?

Ergonomic considerations are important when purchasing an office chair.

There are a variety of different adjustments that can be made to a chair, including the height of the seat, tilt of the backrest, and tension on the recline.

Some chairs also have technologies that adjust automatically according to how you’re sitting.

Ergonomic considerations are important when designing a chair or desk. They have all the features that you will need for your long work hours.

Adjusting the height, tilt, and position of a chair can help to improve comfort and productivity. Properly fitting office furniture can reduce stress and improve worker morale.

Don’t forget lumbar support

You will need some kind of lumbar support mechanism to support your back. So that you will not get back pain from the long office hours. And the lumbar support should be adjustable.


There are few known brands in India that sell quality office chairs. Some of them are Transteel, Featherlite, Greensoul, etc. But do note that some of their models might be made in china. You may also find those chair models or similar in the local market at cheap prices.

best chair for lower back pain india


The more features the ergonomic chair has, the more costly it will be. But basic ergonomic chairs with lumbar support, adjustable seat, arm rest and headrest should start from the budget of 8k INR online. Depending on the brand and make the prices can be as high as 30k INR or more.

Primary Material

Primary Material: breathable mesh, fabric, leather, teak wood.

The material should be comfortable to sit on and avoid a seat that is too soft or hard. For home office usages, metal base, nylon body and mesh back is the best combo.

Arm Type

There are many different types of office chairs, with different features and prices.

Consider the type of chair you need and your working space.

Choose a chair with a good quality fabric or leather, and consider adding luxury features like heating pads.

The arm type is important to consider when designing a user interface.

Whether you are using a mouse or touchscreen, the shape of your arms affects how comfortable it is to use the device.

If you are using a mouse, have your hands at least shoulder-width apart when gripping the mouse so that your fingers do not touch the desk while you use it.

Use an ergonomic design for computer users who spend long periods of time sitting in front of a computer screen.

Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Best Office chair


Basic ergonomic chairs have around 20 inches seat width and 20 inches seat depth. This is enough for all the usages of the office. But if you wish you can look for larger chairs as well. One is Greensoul Monster chairs, although those are gaming chairs. But these chairs have a fabric cover so these can be used for office usages as well.

Chair For Studying Long Hours India

Get chairs with decent seat depth

The office chair should be wide and deep enough to let you sit comfortably.

The seat is the place where you sit, and there are two essential features related to the seat of the chair that is adjustable height and adjustable angle.

MBTC Xcelo Mesh Office Chair

The armrest for shoulder positioning is also important, as it can allow for proper arm placement while working on a computer or using a mouse

Ergonomic chairs have a reclining feature that allows the user to relax their head.

The headrest is designed to support the head and neck, and reduce tension on the upper back.

Ergonomic chairs should have a seat depth and width that allow for comfortable use by most people.

Try out chairs if possible

Taking the time to try out chairs in a physical store is beneficial.

If you are purchasing a chair online, many offer 30-day money-back guarantees.

Most people recommend trying out chairs before buying them.

There are a lot of different types of chairs to choose from, and it can be helpful to try out different models in a store before making a purchase.

It is also important to note that not all chairs are designed for use at home – some may be better suited for offices or other public spaces where they will be used regularly.

Try out chairs if possible in order to find a comfortable position.

If you are unable to find a comfortable position in a chair, try sitting on the edge of the seat instead.

Make sure that your back is straight and that your head, neck, and shoulders are relaxed.


No matter what you do, do not compromise with lumbar support and height adjustment of seat and armrest. With these adjustable features, your work from home tenure should be enjoyable.

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