How to clean tower fan with Indian items!

Cleaning a tower fan is easy until you do it once. And there is no shame in looking for how to clean tower fan. Here I will share my tips and thoughts on how to …

Cleaning a tower fan is easy until you do it once. And there is no shame in looking for how to clean tower fan. Here I will share my tips and thoughts on how to clean a tower fan.

  • First tip: Take it outside, do not clean it on your work desk.
  • Second tip: Do not use water or spray water on the tower fan. Use water only for the filter.
  • Third Tip: Do not open the tower fan unless you know what you are doing.
How to clean tower fan

Here is the most basic How to  clean tower fan

Cleaning the Fan’s Exterior

Cleaning the outer shell of the tower fan is very easy. All you have to do is wet a clean cloth with detergent water and rub it down. Use more force on the areas where you spot a mark.

Once that is done, you can dry it by rubbing a clean dried cloth on it.

Vacuuming the Tower fan Interior

After you are done with the outer shell, then you should simply connect your vacuum cleaner and suck out all the dirt from the front of the fan grill. If you do not have a strong vacuum cleaner, then you might want to remove the front grill or air filter first.

How to Clean a tower fan without opening it?

There are various types of fans found in households – air conditioners, ceiling fans, floor fans, and window fans. However, the way to clean each fan is more or less the same.

Fans have certain parts that attract dust and dirt and need to be regularly cleaned for proper functioning.

A stick wrapped with a damp cloth can be inserted into the fan blades to clean them without taking the fan apart.

Cleaning a tower fan without taking it apart is possible in a few different ways. One of the most effective methods is to use the blower on your vacuum cleaner. 

This will clean the fan almost 95%. You can also use an air compressor, though you will need to take caution not to damage any internal components. 

Finally, you can plug in the power cord and clean any residual dust with a cloth.

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What not to do when cleaning a Honeywell tower fan

Do not take the unit apart in order to clean it.

The unit should not be taken apart to clean it because it could cause damage to the unit itself and also void the warranty. It is important to keep the unit clean by using a dry or slightly damp cloth to wipe it down.

But if the Honeywell tower fan is out of warranty, and you know what you are doing, then you can take it apart and clean it.

If you see dust around the fan, clean it with a duster or vacuum cleaner. If blades are bent, they will vibrate when operated and can cause noise. You can try to straighten the blades as well.

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Don’t plug the fan in, near or around water

Unless the tower fan dries completely, then do not turn on the tower fan. Leave it to dry for an hour or more. And once the tower fan dries completely, then you may turn on. Also, while cleaning the tower fan you have to be careful of not to drench the plug with water as well.


How often should you clean your tower fan?

Cleaning your tower fan should happen no more than once a year. Ideally in India you can do it during winter every year. Once done, wrap it under plastic or paper so that no more dust falls on it. And when summer comes you can use the tower fans which should be completely new.


Tools and supplies needed for cleaning a tower fan

1: Two clean clothes; You will need two clean clothes for two purposes. One clean cloth will be used to wet clean the tower fan outer body. And the second one will be used to dry-clean the body.

2: Soap: Any dust detergent powder would do. Be it Surf Excel, Tide or any other you can find. You will hardly need a spoonful of the detergent powder.

3: A bucket: You will require the bucket to mix the detergent with the water and soak one of the clothes in it.

4: Vacuum Cleaner: If you have, you can use a vacuum cleaner even before using any clothes. The vacuum will suck any dry dust that it has on it.

And once that dust is gone, you can wipe the tower fan with clothes.

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How do you clean a tower fan filter?

Mos of the time tower fan filters are removable and can be washed by using water. All you need to do is remove the air filter, hold it under running water, and it should be clean. If you want then you can rub some soap on to it as well. Once the water gets dried then you can put the air filter back on.

Why does the ceiling fan move faster after removing the dust from the blades?

Excessive dust on the ceiling fan blade may slow the fan blade. And once you clean it off, it may get little faster. The extra speed might not be too much but still the ceiling fan might move faster than before.

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Is a tower fan better?

Tower fan is only better if you are using it for a small, closed space. Otherwise, a tower fan is no match for a ceiling or a table fan when it comes to airflow.


As you see, cleaning a tower fan in India has a very easy solution. All you have to do is be careful around the tower fan case. If you are in warranty then do not open it otherwise if you are confident or have knowledge then you can open it to clean it.


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