How to decorate computer table in India

How to decorate computer table India – Ideas for gaming setup, Work From Home desk set up or for Study purposes. Decorate the table as per your needs!

How to decorate Computer Table -20+ ideas for Everyone!

13 ideas to your question on how to decorate computer in India. Right off the bat I would ask you to invest in a table and chair first and the rest of the things will follow.

And once you are done with the desk and the ergonomic chair, then you should consider a table lamp. Do not stress your eyes, man!

Where Should a Study Table Be Placed

Why or How to decorate a computer table

If you are wondering on how to decorate a computer table, then you have come to the right place. You should decorate your computer desk to keep yourself motivated and improve your productivity.

I would like to keep my desk clean and clutter-free. Thus, I tend to use pen stands, colorful table mats, RGB computer cabinets. Quotes as wallpaper and more!

This will help you push through the work from home devil and sure you will survive the tough times.


Whats the best way to decorate your computer table

The best way to decorate a computer table is to start from buying a multi functional desk which can be used for stand up workstation as well.

Then, for a start, start with the easy route. Get a small plant, unique mug, unique pen stands, Manga inspired mouse pad and more!

I would also suggest that you keep the CPU under table. If you are using laptop then get a bigger table to keep a keyboard, mouse to have enough space to keep a colorful notepad besides as well.

How to decorate your computer table in India

In India, you can decorate your home office computer table using goods bought from amazon. You can also try local markets for cheap stuff. You will find low cost yet usable items for your desk always!

With the 13 ideas below, you will be able to decorate your computer table easily. And a decorated computer table solves almost 90% of the problem of how to design a computer room.

Here are the unique table-top decor ideas that you can use to decorate your computer table.

How to decorate computer table India

Computer Desk

There is no best study table, but I personally lie the wooden study tables with no drawers. But you might like the big study tables with drawer. And if you are wondering how to decorate a study table, then buying an amazing study table is the first step. This will stop all of your obsessiveness with decorating a study table.

If you do not like plain wooden tables then you can go for diy computer desk as well. Your local woodworkers will help you with that.

But it is better ot buy legged computer desk locally or online which are ready-made available. You can also get office desk for home which have a set of drawers at the side.

A good study table design can be bought online and should be free delivery fulfilled.



The benefits of having green plants in your home office is that they provide the feeling of being in nature, help with mental health, and have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide.

Keeping plants on the working table of yours will provide the feeling of being in nature. The water they need to stay alive is just a simple pitcher of water, and their maintenance is easy as well. Plants can improve mental health by increasing serotonin and decreasing cortisol levels. They can also help absorb carbon dioxide and reduce toxins in the air.

Having a plant is an easy way to decorate study tables. These are great as glass table decorating idea as well.

Get your Groot

Although I do mean to get a plant, but you can get a plastic/fiber made Groot doll as well. But a real living tree will do wonders. A hint of greenery will soothe the tired eyes and soul. A specious office table is a good candidate to keep a pet plant.


Magnets with quotes or your favorite character is a good low-cost item to decorate your desk. Provided you have a beautiful desk to begin with. Modern, sleek desks are great to decorate a room as well.


Decorative Shelves

Do not keep your stuff in the boring shelves. Those are so old school. Rather, you should get organizers and interesting looking wall shelves like the ones below. This will help you relax and give your workspace a unique look as well. With a study table bookshelf, these wall shelves will look great. I like them to have with wooden study table with CPU under the table.

You can also buy office desk organizer which are good in designs and suits your overall working space style.

coffee mug

Unique Coffee Mug

All who game for long hours or work in front of computer for long enough, loves his tea or coffee. This, ditch your boring cups and mugs and get your self a trendy coffee mug. I have one that has car ears on it, it does look cool and refreshing. You can also buy unique looking mugs to keep flowers or plants as well, if you do not drink any coffee or tea.

Unique Coasters

I recently bought this coaster set from amazon. It is bright, colorful, quotes and looks awesome on my wooden table. Using colorful coasters is definitely a low-cost idea to decorate your work desk.


To decorate a home office space, you can use books as home office decor. Colorful books on nice looking bookshelves will look great. Also, if you have space on your computer desk then the books you are reading can be placed on the table itself. This way you can decorate a computer table as well.

You may also make a bookshelf at the back wall of the computer desk to keep the books. This is a good home office idea for decoration and usability.

Action Figures

Action Figures, Bubble heads are funny, and Marvel models are more funny, don’t you think? A couple of those is enough to brighten your mood and bring back memories of movies or comics. And bright colors do look good with you gaming or watching movies or just working office stuff.

You can also optimize the space for decor if you have a specious office table.

lava lamp


One of the best ways to make your computer desk more functional is by adding a decorative light. Candles are great for this, as they can make you feel relaxed and sometimes even creative. However, if you don’t want to risk setting anything on fire, then an alternative may be a lava lamp or LED light. Candles should be kept away from keyboard, mouse and computer. But you can keep the candle on a nearby window etc.

A lava lamp is an item that you can place on your desk and watch as the goo moves about in an erratic manner. The beauty of this style is that it is not just decoration – it also provides needed lighting for the table-top or keyboard.

LED lights are another option, which allow you to change the color of the light according to what design theme or mood you are trying to achieve. LED lights are more suitable for reading as well.

Apart from lamps you can use LED strips behind the monitor and table to get some ambience effect as well.

Family Photos

I would keep a family photo on the table or a picture of a loved one. This will give good feeling amidst of your work. And this will also decorate the computer table as well. A small computer table with a family photo is a great decor option.

If possible, you can use your entire Indian family photo too.


A Mirror

Apart from a photo frame you can put a mirror and apart from checking your face, a mirror will allow you to take a look back also.

You can also place mirrors on the walls, this makes the room look much bigger. And overall makes the home office room bigger and brighter!


Mechanical Keyboards

Typing on a mechanical keyboard can be more satisfying than typing on a regular keyboard. The tactile feedback you get from it makes you feel closer to the work and can lead to a higher productivity rate. Professional gamers swear by these keyboards too but for office work, they are not as necessary.

A mechanical keyboard is an excellent upgrade for those who spend most of their time at their desk and use words as their primary tool of trade. The type of switch that you choose should depend on what kind of typing and gaming activities you plan to use the keyboard for. For example, Cherry MX Blue switches are best if you want a smooth typing experience with some resistance, while Cherry MX Red switches are best if you want faster actuation with less resistance.

I would stay away from RGB mechanical keyboards, since those LEDs do not last. I personally use TVS Gold pro.


RGB Mouse and Mouse Pad

RGB mouse and RGB mouse pad looks good on a computer desk and works well if you want to decorate your desk. You can buy these cheap online.

You can get some good table mat ideas on online stores as well, I like the anime versions. These are great as table-top ideas.

What are some cheap ways you can decorate your office?

Following are some cheap ideas for decorate and design of your home office. And I wish that you keep it simple and to the point.

Unique Furniture

When shopping for your home office, you should start with the obvious furniture. A trendy air cooler, BLDC fan with lights, RGB decoration etc. will make a difference. You can also opt for unconventional mirror, weird shaped chair and tables.

Initially the cost might seem high, but in the long run you do not need to use many smaller items around the home office or computer desk. Thus, the room and work table will be less clutter, more functional and modern.

Standing Desks

When you are looking for weird and functional furniture then you should look for standing desks. Here you can adjust the desk height easily and even work while standing.

This helps your body to copy with the damage done by sitting all day and looks cool too.

Buy from Chor Markets!

There are always a chor market in every city. And in that market you will get copy items and low cost yet unique imported items as well. These are low cost and does look great when used as a home decor. So buy cheap and decorate your home office or computer desk if you are on a budget.

Hidden Wall tables

If you have a small space, then do it like the Japanese do. They keep the beds hidden and only get it out at night, thus save a lot of floor space. The chair can be hidden too, but it might not be an ergonomic chair then!


Plants are a very cheap and beautiful way to decorate your office room. Most of us are living in tiny apartments and a touch of green is highly needed to push start our mind.

Dolls, Lamps

Bubble heads, small dolls of marvel characters and various lamps are a great way to decorate your office room. These are the cheapest yet trendiest ideas. And even if you do not like the dolls, then you can use lamps to bring your darkness to an end. If you are wondering “How can I make my plain desk look better?” Then this a cheap option to start experimenting.


Posters are another low-cost item that can make your computer room beautiful. These are colorful and lively thus gives the room a much more friendly vibe.

How to decorate a computer room?

Use a good computer chair and beautiful yet functional computer desk first to decorate a computer room. Once that is done, only then move with posters, lamps, RGB blings.

And make sure to have one open window to outdoors, preferably besides your chair.

How to design a desk in India?

Designing your own desk is a challenging but fulfilling task. You can choose the height, color, shape, material and size of your desk as per your preferences. After that, you can also select all kinds of drawers and shelves for storing all the things that are important to you.

For material, I would choose tall legs and wooden top. That saves some trees and also the look is modern and sleek.

And If you are not a master craftsman or know wood working, then I would pass the design to someone who knows what they are doing!

And It’s important to think about how the items on your desk will be used before you buy them. Is there enough room for a printer?

Is an extra monitor or laptop needed?

Do you want to use a wide mouse pad and some large keyboard. Want a headphone hanger perhaps?

It’s important to decide what kind of chair suits you best before making a purchase. Once these decisions are made, it’s time to move on to designing your perfect workstation!

A home office is not just about having a desk and chair in one place: It’s about creating a space where both you and your work can thrive.


What if you don’t have the space to set up a regular office?

You can set up the home office in a cabinet or use folding tables and chairs. If you use a laptop, then it is more easy to do so. Just a folding table, a chair and a window, perfect for a small home office.

The entire setup can also be in a wall shelve and with a folding table. There are many unique ideas floating around in social media to be implemented for home office design.

How can I make my desk more aesthetic?

You can make your desk more aesthetically pleasing by adding a piece of artwork, some flowers, or other decorations.

You might also consider adding a plant to your workspace. Plants can reduce stress and provide oxygen to the air.


How can I personalize my desk at work?

There are plenty of ways to personalize your office desk to make it a more comfortable and inviting place to work.

You can place a photo, creative drawing’s beautiful pen stands and other small items that may fit in your office space at work.

What should I look for in a computer table?

Adjustable height, durable make, steel legs, wooden top. These are the top features that you should look in a computer table. Other than this, you can look for a drawer also.

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