10 Signs of a bad office chair that you should know!

You need to find the signs of a bad office chair pretty fast, otherwise, you will get down with back pain and neck pain. Out of all these signs of a bad office chair, the topmost should be a fixed height seat and non-movable arms. More on these later in this blog! Keep scrolling down! …

You need to find the signs of a bad office chair pretty fast, otherwise, you will get down with back pain and neck pain.

Out of all these signs of a bad office chair, the topmost should be a fixed height seat and non-movable arms.

More on these later in this blog!

Keep scrolling down!

Top 10 signs of a bad office chair in India


signs of a bad office chair

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Non adjustable seat height

The no 1 signs of a bad office chair

A non-adjustable seat height poses a lot of problems. For example, with a high table, you can not adjust the chair height as per it. This will tire out your forearms and wrists way quicker. Also, you might need to hunch forward a bit as well. Your legs will not be in the ergonomic 90-degree bent, and it might result in the knee or hip pain.

Non Adjustable Ergonomics

Ergonomics is good chairs are adjustable, be it the lumbar, the arms the seat height etc. Non-adjustable ergonomics means you can not adjust the chair features to suit your body type, thus sitting for long hours will be painful.

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No Back Support

A small backrest is a big no when you are looking for or using an office chair. This will hurt your upper back while sitting for long hours.

Less Foam or Padded seat

If the seat is not padded enough, then you will feel the metal under it to your butt, and it will hurt you. Also, less foam or less padded seats do not do well in the long run. They quickly thin out and hurt. Also, the padded armrests are a plus and are a sign of a good chair.

NO Swivel

No Swivel would be pretty rare to find in office chairs. But there are many visitors chairs which will have no swivel feature. This takes a toll on the lower back and hurts in the long run. This is a sign of a bad office chair as well.

Less Warranty

Most of the time you will get 1-year warranty but if you can then buy chairs that have at least 3 years of warranty. Also, check beforehand how their customer service replied. How fast and accurately they reply.

Low Weight Capacity

Ideally, the chair should be durable enough to hold your weight. Most chairs in India have a weight capacity of 90 kgs – 125 kgs. These are enough for most people, if you are heavier then look for custom chairs. If you see the offered max load capacity of the chair is very low then skip it. This is one of the signs of a bad office chair.

Smooth Caster Wheels

Caster wheels are what keeps the chair moving. Stuck castor wheels can even trip you. You should look for big and 50-60mm caster wheels. Anything less and looks too flimsy should not be used and should be avoided.

Fixed Armrests

Fixed armrests are as bad as no armrests. The armrests should allow you to rest your arms at 90-degree angle and should be at the same level as the table.

Damaged Upholstery 

The PU or mesh-like cover on the chair back, seat and armrest are needed for a comfortable sitting. Otherwise, long working hours will be painful.

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Bad Office Chair Side Effects

Back, Neck Pain & Leg Pain: 

A bad office chair causes back, neck and leg pain. The main cause of this is the lack of lumbar support. When you sit in an improper office chair, your entire weight is put on your spine.

This causes muscle strain and spasms. Over time, this can lead to severe back and spinal problems.

Also, when you sit in a bad office chair for long periods, your hips and legs start to get cramps. Over the long run, it can be dangerous and may lead to serious issues.

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Bad Office chair forces a bad posture

Bad office chairs without ergonomic features will make you sit in weird positions and this will slowly injure your spine and neck. And not to mention all the pain that you will have.

Computer screen below or high eye level

If the ergonomic chair can not be adjusted as per your height, then you will be looking up or looking down on the monitor. This strains the eye faster and brings you neck pain. 

Poor blood circulation: When you sit in a bad office chair for long periods, your blood circulation is restricted. This means that your skin will appear pale and unhealthy.

Reduced Productivity

Sitting in a bad office chair for long periods will cause muscle fatigue, and this affects your concentration. This will slow down your reaction time and also your short term memory. 

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How often should an office chair be replaced?  

A good office chair should last for at least 10 years or more. In India, if you are buying a chair with a warranty of 3 years, you can expect it to last more than 5 years problem-free.

How do you know when you need a new chair?  

The first sign that you need a new chair is the seat will be damaged. There will be no more strong foam seat, it will be a damped down seat. The handlebars might not be that adjusted any more. The lumbar pillow might be damaged and causing you back pain. These are the most common signs that you need a new chair.

What makes a bad office chair?   

No, or bad lumbar support, non-adjustable arm set, and thin foam seats make a bad office chair. Also, the chair base is better if made of aluminium. Weak plastic made base is bad for office chairs as well.

Should I get a new office chair?  

A cracked, torn, or otherwise damaged chair is unsafe. It puts your body in an unstable position which can lead to back problems, other injuries, and even death. Replace your chair if it’s showing these kinds of signs. If you are having these problems, then you should get a new office chair.

How often should you change your chair? 

If you are sitting in the chair for at least 8-10 hours a day then you might need to change the office chair after 5-7 years at least. If the usages are low then the chair foam seat might last even longer. 

What is the lifespan of an office chair?   

The average lifespan of an ergonomic chair in India would last for around 8-10 years. Depending on the usages, it can last more or less. If the location of the chair is in an office where multiple people sit on it every day then the overall lifespan will be much shorter.

Can my office chair cause leg pain? 

Not sitting properly, and a badly designed office chairs can cause leg pain. It might be obstructing the blood flow and that might cause some swelling and pain. I have sat using bad form and on bad office chairs for long enough to know this.

How to buy an Office Chair?

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