What is work from home requirements in India?

Work from home requirements in India is different than your degrees. This requirement completely focuses on your home office environment, your computer configuration and internet connectivity.

What is the Work from home requirements in India?

Well, the work from home requirements in India will vary from person to person and job to job. But the most common requirement is a dedicated room or at least a corner for a home office with a good internet connection.

Work from home Difficulties

Work-at-Home Computer Related Requirements

work from home requirements

Computer Specifications

This completely varies from job to job. For example, to do video editing, you will need a powerful GPU along with a strong processor.

These are costly and in general, you probably do not have them at your home.

For typical office executive jobs, you might spend more time on your phone and not on PC. And for this job profile, you will not need a hi-fi configuration as well.

Thus, computer specifications will vary from job profile to job profile.

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Working from home with the laptop?

Working from home with a laptop works the best if you have no other option and a small space to operate from. Most laptops are loaded with the operating system, office software, a webcam, wifi and more.

Get the Internet Speed You Need

There are a few things you can do to improve your internet connection speed. First, try moving closer to your Wi-Fi router—this will help reduce the amount of time it takes for data to travel between your device and the router. 

Additionally, you can check if websites are down by visiting isitdownrightnow.com. If you find that a lot of websites are down, then there might be an issue with your internet service provider.

For general office work, you would need around 20-30 Mbps speed.

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Printer and Scanner

A printer and scanner are two must-have pieces of equipment for anyone who wants to work from home. They allow you to print out documents and scan important papers, making it easy for you to keep everything organised and accessible.

But almost 90% of us will not need it for WFH jobs.


There are a few software requirements that most telecommuting companies have in order for their employees to be able to work from home. 

You will usually need the latest version of Microsoft Windows, antivirus software, Adobe Flash and Acrobat Reader. 

Also, if you will be doing any word processing, you can use Google Docs.

For specific work like designing, you will need software like Photoshop as well.

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Webcams are a built-in feature on laptops, but not computers. The best video conferencing software is Skype, Google Hangouts, or Goober. If your computer does not have a webcam, you will need to purchase one.

But many would just use their smartphone during calls.

Work at home space requirements

Set Up a Functional Workspace

Creating a separate work area is important because it can help you to mentally and emotionally detach yourself from your personal life. 

This can be helpful when you’re working remotely or full time, as it allows you to focus better on your work. 

Having a designated space for work also makes it easier to transition into working mode.

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Use Phone Apps

For communicating tasks, you can use your phone apps. You can simply use Skype, zoom on the phone and keep working on the computer. This works better if you have an old computer.

Minimise Distractions

There are a few things you can do to minimise distractions in the office. One is to invest in noise-cancelling headphones; this will allow you to tune out any unwanted noise. You can also talk to your manager about working evening hours when the office is likely to be quieter.

Plan Extra Social Interactions

Some people love to work in complete solitude and don’t feel the need for social interaction. However, for many people, working in isolation can get lonely after a while and can have a negative impact on their productivity.

Thus if you are one of them then you can opt for meetups or travel with your friends and family.

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These are the basic work from home requirements that should help you out with planning your workspace and computer. However, things will change depending on the job requirement.

But things are getting normal, and you might have to go to the office now. But many companies will not switch to the regular offices now since they can cut cost a lot.

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